Eat with us. Lexington Stockyard 375 Lisle Industrial Ave Lexington, KY 40511 (859) 255-7701. Educational opportunities will provide a unique learning experience based on its location in the Blue Grass Regional Stockyards Marketplace. Interested in learning more?

2017-2018 The Y.A.R.D.S. From a fast, hot lunch to a white table cloth dinner, stop by for a great meal. << /Length 4200 /Filter /FlateDecode >> stream   Follow us on Twitter. %PDF-1.3 Blue Grass StockyardsRegional Marketplace4561 Iron Works PikeLexington, KY 40511, P:  (859) 255-7701E: © 2020 DVAuction, Inc., All rights reserved, except where otherwise noted.

Bluegrass Stockyards located in Lexington, Stanford, Campbellsville, Mt. It can hold up to 50 people "theater" style or 30 people in a traditional classroom setting.

Purpose: The Yards is an education center focusing on the science and practices of the beef industry.

Beef Producers: From BQA to meeting space, producers will have the chance to use this space. They create their lots on-the-fly during the sale. endobj Click Here for a Bluegrass Bidding Application, All times in (GMT-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada), DVAuction Family of Websites:  

Industry Partners: This will be a great space to work and educate the industry as well. FEEDER CATTLE STEERS - Medium and Large 1-2 (Per Cwt / Actual Wt) Head Wt Range Avg Wt Price Range Avg Price 2 240-245 243 147.50-156.00 151.71 5 315-328 323 172.50-177.50 175.55 Fancy

r&w���T��?0U?a�ri�~����&���OΡ"U?��y�>яe����.��ۺ�Z?4]?>(^.�S�㻔:��n����–X�A��S��ٞ�X   Friend us on Facebook | Pre-K – College Students: Educational Programs will be available for all age groups.

The Bluegrass Stockyards Regional Marketplace offers two different venues for both farmers and foodies! Funding for The Yards will come from multiple sources including the Kentucky Cattlemen’s Foundation, Kentucky Beef Council and platinum sponsor, Farm Credit Mid-America. The second largest string was 148 steers (394#) from Ogallala, Nebraska at $211.00 (VIEW REPORT), MEATBOARD: Boxed Beef Choice: $226.50 (+3.66); Pork Carcass: $83.08 (-0.06)); Chicken Breast: $85.28 (+1.58) (Thu pm), Boxed Beef PM: Choice: $226.50 (+3.66); Select: $208.24 (-0.22); Ch/Se Spread: $18.26 (+3.88); Total Loads: 90 compared to 147 on Wednesday, CME LIVESTOCK: Live Cattle: $111.975 (-0.425); Feeder Cattle: $140.075 (-0.525); Hogs: $65.80 (+1.00); Milk: $18.43 (-0.49), CME GRAINS: Corn: $4.0825 (-9.00); Soybeans: $11.37 (-6.25); Wheat: $5.8825 (-9.75), STOCK UPDATE: Dow 30: 29,080.17 (-317.46); Nasdaq: 11,709.59 (-76.84); S&P 500: 3,537.01 (-35.65), Coffeyville Livestock (Coffeyville, KS) reports 131 Steers (784 lbs) @ $139.00 (11/12 3:45 PM CST), Belle Fourche Livestock Market (Belle Fourche, SD) reports 100 Steers (499 lbs) @ $174.50 (11/12 3:33 PM CST), company-wide terms and conditions still apply. Stanford Stockyard 277 Cordier Lane Stanford, KY 40484 x��][s۸~ߙ����tl��H�����d�M���4}�Z��F�������� ��$ �v���b���x�w@z���(�!%��8�D2SXj�(�gt���\#��ŭ��e�*�2��Ј��̥7/�2��O�S��)^��x=B�o"k���e�7� �4zg- �8֊��Q4Z �zrW|�����zs�]^�F�^�ѿ��/�j�-^|�NJ�k���9V*��������'t�ޗ��z���1zW,nKD�(�r�\�˧:G׫u1E�W_^��.r�!T��%܈�R׻��p���[f�cN�l1��,�"�� �FRrt�a�]�-S��چ)��_�T��~^����m٥���2����%\�g�/�C>�%p=$��/o!�]���{�t�{�V���53•@)fL@��br]nw��HřKp��s�D@i�Y�,��,X�CH[�]�N���]������Dv��˜+0���un�CФ-_'dC��1�Θp0�1k�Q����;�Z��xDrl 1 0 obj Website designed byAdvantage Agri-Marketing Services. [/PDF /Text /ImageB /ImageC /ImageI] General Public & Consumers: With a location right off I-75, conditions are perfect for beef education and Kentucky Agriculture. Terms and Conditions ����}��Ǵ4��W��U�a��ǃc��Ű~h�~|М�����w�̬~�n�8�#觅����'c�e,U?0T�����][��a��ǃ��Xη��֏M׏�v]0U?\]�ܩ|���ͨ8��4&����a����ņ�Sc%�LJ����'N?5h�~Z��?H������^���Ҡ~j�t����lX?03�R��'�0׃�qX����D&�χ��@���29����0]�?�N�8�#����;�3��Z��I7KMd�r�H��Kg`-��`X�P����%�4e�g�

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