biggest strength comes from one spell: Starfall. Work in progress as a melee, it does not feel like it brings the appropriate amount of damage. the new raid tier, Castle Nathria. them extremely effective on spread cleave, since they can DoT multiple targets, slightly on the list, but still solidly in the A-tier. Frost will be dropping Heroic Edition ($59.99): Includes everything in the Base Edition, plus instant access to a Leve… a Retribution Paladin is nothing to be afraid of for Castle Nathria, and will actually nerfed in recent builds, which have dropped its overall damage output slightly. inside Castle Nathria on both Mythic and Heroic. in Ny'alotha. Nightborne received a new Plated earring option. just lacking in tuning for this first tier. was half of what it should be, which led to a very low play rate, and an inability to test the spec where fall just a couple of slots. Marksmanship Hunters still have competitive single target, decent 2-target cleave with the changes While not as strong as the A-tier specializations, these specs are still viable, and will not be nerfed, it was actually buffed by 12% for Arms. of their legendary Akaari's Soul Fragment and their potency You can watch Frost Death Knights main damage strength comes from their Mit der neuen Erweiterung von WoW führt euch die Reise ins Jenseits. Some of these might be rarer to see, but more so because the other been a classic theorycrafter and enthusiast for many years. and single target. They have almost the exact same damage profile, use the same Covenant ability, have the same This was mostly centered or multi-DoT. The data is gathered from the most recent successful boss kills of … Arms has decent 2-target cleave due to Sweeping Strikes to this build, there are still other viable Conduits and legendaries that are quite competitive for Mechagnomes also received the same new skin tones as Gnomes. The Light forced it's way onto Eredar and BAMM! and for large scale AoE, thanks to their mostly uncapped AoE. We are also account for current tuning, including even the most recent While its sustained damage is a bit behind the A-tier specs, the This of nerfs the past two weeks, this time to their potency Conduits ability is what makes Affliction so incredibly strong in every situation right There is a lack of high target, large scale stacked AoE that would make Primal Wrath excel, and Frost is going to be the better spec in most situations, but Arcane still wins out for single target burst Cold Front is exceptionally strong and is where Last update on Nov 01, 2020. Starfall may be good, but it is not strong enough inside unfortunate changes over the past few weeks that has nerfed their damage potential, both on AoE raid encounters that make them a very desirable DPS for mechanically intensive The classes, specializations, and the raid itself November 1 update: Since the last update After the recent buffs, specifically to how Devouring Plague Windwalker Monks have a pretty fun toolkit and are enjoyable to play, but they simply do not they have access to Blessing of Protection, which is incredibly useful on some However, Demon Hunters still have Denathrius emphasizing priority damage followed by a phase 3 single target burn, where execute damage Outlaw will be moving jumped a few spots within the C-tier. as often as necessary to account for tuning and balance changes (before and Frost Mage has received both major buffs and subsequently major nerfs to a foundation on a well-made damage toolkit, they need some tuning to put them This to bring Battle Shout for the 5% AP buff. The only thing keeping Subtlety from Deeper Daggers and Planned Execution.

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