Absolutely right, yeah - there's a few that you won't find, things like Sky3 you won't find on Freesat, but you will find on Freeview, so you have to be a little bit careful. Then we have another service, which unfortunately is also called Freesat. I'm being very family orientated, I'm trying to get children's TV. So you get yourself a BT Broadband account, then you sign up to BT Vision, but you don't go for the subscription option, you go for the pay-to-view option. They'll probably be around about £100. We think it's worth it just for things like Dave and Virgin1, especially if you're a Trekkie fan. The initial cost is lower if you get a subscription from BT or TalkTalk though, as the YouView box is typically included with no upfront cost. The only thing I would mention with these free-to-view satellites is there are a couple of services that you can't actually get completely free using free-to-view. In Show 44 of the FrequencyCast Tech podcast, our team looked at the various ways to watch TV without paying a subscription to Sky or Virgin. If you're with someone like Sky, let's say you've got all of the six mixed channels, movies channel, sports channel and HD, you're running up to about £50/£60/£70 a month for Sky. You must log in or register to reply here. Careful, careful - it's a family show, remember? The box itself isn't cheap and a YouView+ box can cost up to £100 more than the cheaper recording-free model. Account settings option (registered mobile number and customer id) was showing blank.

Sure, ad-blocking software does a great job at blocking ads, but it also blocks useful features of our website. OK, so Freeview - this is the cheapest way to get digital TV, one-off fee, set top box, it plugs into your TV aerial - you knew that, yeah? You need to create a free account and have an.

But the core function of receiving and recording Freeview programmes with some catch-up and Smart functions is always there. Available 24-7. Which would let you have eight satellite receivers or four Sky Plus type receivers. It's a pretty good service, and it is growing in popularity, the numbers are showing that a lot of people are very interested in Vision. The way it works is, you basically have to get yourself a satellite dish, and then you have to get yourself a special Freesat set top box decoder.

There was a report out last month saying that people would rather keep their TV service than go on holiday next year, because of the financial situation, so TV is very important to people, but people are paying a heck of a lot of money for their service. We are going back to Freesat, the reason I wanted to park Freesat was because there are actually three different ways of getting free-to-view satellite TV. That's quite pricey, considering your television licence is only about £120, isn't it? Now u have put me in confusion. But if you're into your DIY, doing a satellite installation yourself isn't too difficult. There you go, so this is what's called a quad LNB, so it has a maximum of four outputs. So the way Sky Freesat works is it's a one-off payment of £147, which is actually round about the same price as Freesat, a tiny bit more expensive, but then of course you are getting slightly more channels; it's a one-off fee, as I say, £147, including installation and the set top box, and what they will actually give you as well is a few free months of some of Sky's pay channels. It's not like Sky boxes where you need to pay Sky in order to record on them. Now they are offering over 105 channels, that includes BBC3, E4, ITV2, 3, 4, the BBC channels, BBC News, CNN, Zone Reality, True Movies, Film4 and More4 - 105 channels, obviously better than the Freeview line up; however there are some channels that aren't on Freesat but are on Freeview, which makes it a bit more complicated. So if you find you've already got yourself a single satellite dish with a single output and a single piece of wire running to your box, and you decide you want to go out and buy either Sky Plus, or you want to get yourself a Humax Foxsat PVR, or something that's got two built-in tuners, you do need to get a second wire, run through the hole in your wall to an LNB that has two or more outputs on it. Digital TV costs a heck of a lot of money. - can you say that in English? JavaScript is disabled. And what we'll also do is we'll get Mr Web Guy to stick up a picture on our show notes, so people can see what we mean. Signing in will help us to help you more efficiently, Haven't found what you're looking for? So people are getting on for paying something up to £800 - £900 a year for the privilege of having Sky. Listen to FrequencyCast Show 44 - Free TV Explored. Well, it was a little bit of a giveaway, oh yeah - it's sky's the limit. We don't send spam and you can unsubscribe at any time. What - slightly over there, only a bit higher, yeah? After one year if we pay 999 for xstream content and with out recharging dth plans might be that time also box will work. Ooh, isn't that nice? So what we're going to focus on in this Focus is subscription-free TV services. The EE TV box is a Netgem N8500 set-top box (STB), measuring 210 x 210 x 45mm. You can get yourself a high definition box from about £150, and you can get the BBC and ITV HD services on Freesat, which is quite good. What if I cancel my Passes? It's one of the only few ways you can get TV without a monthly subscription. Yeah, just to the left a bit, and just down, absolutely. So when we talked about the programmes available to Sky Freesat, they're actually available anyway, they're just up there - those services are available, they're what's called "free to view", so you don't need a subscription card, you don't need anything complicated or anything like that, they're actually up there and available for you just to get for free. Carl, can you just describe that for me? Now, we have to be very careful with the names here - Freesat is actually a joint venture between the BBC and ITV. If you want, you could optionally get ESPN, which is a subscription service, so we're not going to talk about it, but you can, but more importantly, if you want to rent a movie, or you want to rent an old TV show, something like that, you don't have to subscribe to that service to get it, you can just pay as you go, so 79p will get you a TV show, £1.79 will get you a movie, they're sort of the low end prices, you'd pay more for the higher quality, but that is a way of getting extra content over and above Freeview without paying a subscription.

However, they don't offer channels like Dave and Virgin1, which is a little bit of a shame. Even at that time apps were working.

The apps run on user's own internet (& on user's own subscription like Prime & Netflix) & the DTH channels run on the monthly subscription...I don't know why many people even became confused that, if they don't recharge, the OTT contents will also not work...OTT contents have nothing to do with the DTH pack subscription & run independently...After 1 year, Xstream apps may not work as the subscription has been given free for the first year only...They may extend it later or they may decide to not charge for Xstream subscription too...Time will tell... Maybe this can help.. I want to mention BT Vision, first of all. Mmm, thank you very much, PVR. It's just got four sockets, for multiple outputs really, just four of them. I have dvr lying idle and wanted to purchase fire stick. It's an LNB with multiple outputs. It's worth mentioning, Freeview, by the end of this year, will be starting to offer some HD channels, there could be up to five HD channels, ultimately by 2012, but if you're thinking about buying a Freeview box, you may just want to hold on for another couple of months, and consider getting yourself a Freeview HD box. - we don't need to talk about this too much, but you get yourself a Freeview box, it plugs into the SCART socket on your telly, plugs into your TV aerial, and there you go. ... Equipment: You own the router (and Apple 4K TV box, if applicable) 14 days after activation of your broadband service.

Yeah, we're going to help you save a little bit of cash. For the best site experience please disable your AdBlocker. Installation is £80, and the boxes start from £50.

Discover more about TV on EE including how to set up and use Apple TV 4K with inclusive BT Sport or how to set up and use other TV services from EE. OK, it's Focus time, or more accurately, financial focus time.

Now they sit there, they point at the curve of the dish, and actually deal with getting the signal from the satellites via the dish, down your bit of wire into the back of your box. If it's Sky you are thinking of getting rid of, you could just replace the Sky box with a freesat box (or freesat + for PVR features) , straight swap using the current dish (so no aerial needed), or use the Sky box without a Sky subscription to get FTA/FTV channels. So that's the fine print you've got to look through, then just make sure you're buying what you want?

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