Just... "no"? Platinum blond Dirty blond (formerly) Suddenly, Belle runs in to warn them about Emma's plans to use the baby to snuff out all light magic, and before they can fight back, Emma appears, flinging Dr. Whale against the wall and knocking him out, before teleporting both herself and Zelena away. Even Emma refuses to believe Regina, who causes a building tremor out of frustration and then magically dissipates away. He d├ębuts in the third episode of the first season. Which was why it was sad when it ran out of ideas and lost its magic in the later seasons.Ok, there was a three-episode dip between "The Doctor" and "Queen of Hearts", with "Tallahassee", "Child of the Moon" and "Into the Deep" (particularly "Tallahassee"), but they still had enough to make them decent episodes in my opinion. Relevant Pages Current Enemies AppearancePortrayed By David Anders First appearance Snow Falls Latest appearance Kansas Latest mention Shattered Sight GALLERY I wanted my name to stand for life.Dr. He points it towards his brother's neck but his brother, wanting this to happen, re-aims the gun at his forehead.

Relevant Pages Show Information Dr. Whale's license plate says "THE DOCTOR".

Posted in arms, written by me and sealed on the third of March.

The group relocates to a private room to come to a decision and agree that they must save Greg's life and deal with the consequences of his arrival later. See "Family"

Dr. Whale confirms to Emma that they are trying to detoxify her body of the drugs. After the surgery is successful, he notifies Emma that Greg is now awake and ready to talk about the accident. Biographical Information

After briefly checking the baby boy, Dr. Whale places him in David's arms and he passes the infant to an ecstatic Mary Margaret. Use the HTML below. After being treated at the hospital and preserving his bloodied arm in a cooler, Dr. Whale demands Mr. Gold's help in reattaching the arm and begrudgingly admits that he needs magic. Land Without Color Character After watching Alphonse ridicule Viktor once more, he follows his brother out into the night and offers him their mother's watch, to which Viktor promptly disagrees, stating he had another way. :

Victor Frankenstein

Gerhardt Frankenstein is a minor character on Once Upon a Time, as well as the resurrected brother of Viktor Frankenstein. Victor excitedly instructs Igor to bring the equipment back so they can search for a body to experiment on.

I can't bring back dead loved ones, anyway, if that's what you're after. Soldier (formerly)

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