Gurus formed the axis of the ancient educational system and ancient society, and have enriched various fields of learning and culture by their creative thinking. How not to put yourself, but your client first. Famous for his 'Implicate and Explicite Order', quantum physicist David Bohm combines a knowledge of current day physics with a spiritual vision of the... Ken Wilber writes on psychology, philosophy, mysticism, ecology, and spiritual evolution. Katinka Hesselink, Relating to a Spiritual Teacher: Building a Healthy Relationship, Quotes by Blavatsky, the Mahatmas and W.Q. Characters of the Mahabharata: Glossary of Names (A to H), Characters of the Mahabharata: Glossary of Names (P to Y), The Hindu Ramnavami Festival: the Birthday of Lord Rama, Profile of the Hindu Poet Goswami Tulsidas, The Life of the Hindu Saint and Poet Sant Surdas, Quotations About God From Sri Ramakrishna, Shri Adi Shankaracharya the First Shankara, Valmiki Was a Great Sage and Author of The Ramayana, M.A., English Literature, University of North Bengal.

Ancient scriptures and literary works make many references to gurus as well as their disciples. Judge. Synonyms for religious teacher include maharishi, evangelist, mahatma, prophet, sage, spiritual leader, guru, master, mentor and mystic.

According to Deval Smriti, there can be eleven kinds of gurus, and according to Nama Chintamani, ten. Controversies and ponderings on the relationship between gurus (spiritual teachers) and their students. An introduction into the philosophy of John Hick a noted religious philosopher using quotes. Quotes from books by J.J. van der Leeuw on truth, illusion, consciousness and the meaning of life.

Check out some biographies of inspiring women and men. A real spiritual teacher will confront you with things you did not know about yourself, or did not want to know. A real spiritual teacher will be REAL - that is: authentic. Gurdjieff articles and wisdom quotes - Fourth Way, Robert Frager articles and quotes - Sufism, You're Not Going Crazy...You're Just Waking Up! Jiddu Krishnamurti, world teacher A student can have a broad knowledge of spiritual principles, and yet can still not have truly recognized those principles as being inherent in his or her own being.

Quotes on the value of love and tolerance in the TS and the Point Loma Society. Spiritual teachers fall into several subcategories: Shaykhs or Sufi teachers, Gurus (including Hindu Gurus, Sant Mat Gurus, and Sikh Gurus), Buddhist teachers, including Tibetan Lamas (which is really simply the Tibetan word for Guru), and Mahasiddhas, who may be claimed by both Buddhist and Hindu traditions.. Gradually, the institution of Gurukula, or in-forest-hermitage became a system in which where disciples learned at the feet of guru for long years. This theme has been commented on at various places on this website and from various spiritual perspectives. Mundak Upanishad says that to realize the supreme godhead holding samidha grass in his hands, one should surrender himself before the guru who knows the secrets of Vedas. Treating the statue as his guru, with great devotion Ekalavya he taught himself the art of archery, soon exceeding the skills of even the guru himself. Also tributes to Leadbeater and critical material on his life and work.

He has written many books, mainly on the spiritual path in Sufism and Islam. A real spiritual teacher doesn't just preach - he or she also practices.

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