Aside from multivitamins, cold medicines and prenatal vitamins with high amounts of copper, zinc, chromium, calcium, or iron, could all be causing the metallic taste. Wear a mask until instructed to take it off. A blocked nose is … A 2014 study puiblished in Chemosensory Perception found thats smokers have a tougher time recognizing certain flavors, especially bitter ones. Depending on the diagnosis, the doctor may prescribe treatment for the metallic taste itself or for an underlying cause of the issue. Your kidneys filter out waste and excess water from your blood. Learn why this strange sensory change is happening…, The sigmoid vein, also called the vena sigmoideus, refers to one group of sigmoid veins. Late-stage kidney disease, also called kidney failure, can cause: Kidney failure can be life-threatening. A 2003 review stated that this can be due to the “dysfunction of small nerve fibers.”. It causes a bitter metallic taste in your mouth that can last up to a month. Any changes to these nerves can create permanent alterations in our perception," says Dr. Ford. Anaphylaxis can be life threatening. Other symptoms can vary based on the type of infection, but may include: COVID-19 is an illness caused by a strand of coronavirus discovered in late 2019. Other conditions that can sometimes cause a metallic taste: pregnancy, indigestion, cancer treatment, antibiotics, and gum disease. What to Do When Your Vagina Itches Like Crazy, 5 Reasons Your Smoothie Doesn't Taste Good (And How to Save It). Scientists have found that closing the nasal passage may reduce the metallic taste from iron, but not from other minerals. Because smell and taste are so closely linked, sinus issues can impair a person’s sense of taste or cause a metallic taste in the mouth. Get regular dental checkups, brush your teeth twice per day, and floss daily. Sjogren’s syndrome is a type of sicca syndrome. Why trust us? The cause is often not serious and may simply be allergies or a side effect of medication. A metallic taste in the mouth can sometimes be a symptom of Guillain-Barre syndrome. If you have serious symptoms like difficulty breathing, call 911 but tell the dispatcher you believe you may have COVID-19. Also, people with this condition sometimes report a constant metallic taste in their mouth and in food and water. We include products we think are useful for our readers. Infections also commonly cause tiredness while your body fights off the virus or bacteria. Another possible cause of metallic taste is an infection. It involves various neurological functions. As if you need another reason to quit smoking, lighting up distorts your sense of taste. In some people, it originates from the left or right hepatic…, The ascending colon (or right colon) is the beginning part of the colon. COVID-19 can cause a wide range of flu-like symptoms 2 to 14 days after exposure. A persistent metallic taste in your mouth is called parageusia. Examples include many antibiotics and some antihistamines.In the majority of these cases, the condition is only temporary and resolves once the medication is discontinued. They can vary in the way they mess with your taste. Making changes to diet or lifestyle habits may help remove the metallic taste. It may also exacerbate other conditions that may be the cause. In 2020, researchers described a person with this syndrome whose only symptom in the early stages was dysgeusia.

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