This Southern food isn't even popular in every part of the... 2. donuts and burgers but I think most people will agree that the mix of the two Ham biscuits are delicious!!! It's finally here, a Japanese sex gum for men. We can agree that Cheese Whiz is a weird American food. To all chefs who try to make this Wisconsin-originated “soup” a thing, please stop. It's chocolate! Some people say they’re tasty but it sounds like an odd mix, And there aren’t too many things one can do to make a cactus edible. Glad to hear, Danial. Even though it’s far from Rattlesnake. While New Mexico and Texas may not agree about who actually created the Frito pie, we should at least acknowledge that the person who did was a genius. Yes, your eyes aren’t deceiving you; people in Arizona actually eat cactuses.

According to the Houston Press, this simple common American breakfast is weird to foreigners. Hi Katie, thanks for the comment. Mozzarella isn't meant the be processed and shredded, it's meant to be eaten fresh.

Grits. And don’t get me wrong; bacon and chocolate are two of my favorite However, for some reason, people in the southern states love boiled peanuts. So yeah, no list of the worst American food can be complete without mentioning this Georgian ‘delicacy’. Here are 33 "normal" customs and habits in the U.S. that weird out the rest of the world. The concept of sliced bread is apparently lost on foreigners because they detest the stuff. It's a hard baked good that was meant to be dipped into a warm beverage, like tea. So why don't Americans take them?? And yes, this comes down to one’s eating habits, but look closely and you’ll find some weird things at the average Vegas all-you-can-eat buffet. legacy. The best part is it can be eaten on a stick! And adding a ton of different flavors to their coffee. butter, jelly, banana, and bacon would have been an insult to the great Presley’s Not exactly sure what that tastes like, but it is true that Cheez Whiz is not your average slice of cheese. You gotta admire the thirst and the dedication but Americans' love of big portions is a tad weird. Scrapple, aka Pork Mush. Southerners definitely have different taste buds and Jell-O Salad. But don’t let the name fool you; Skyline Chilli or Cincinnati Chilli isn’t something you want to try. Sweet, unfortunately, is not the flavor most foreigners get from eating this candy. that if alive would ‘taste you back’, this is actually one of the tastier Most people can't afford a diamond encrusted platinum grill. The taste probably isn’t terrible but sorry Nebraska, you can’t convince anyone that this is a dessert dish no matter how hard you try. Not gonna lie, sweet potato casserole is delicious, but the concept of combining any vegetable with a melted candy is just very weird.

Others feel cheated out of the quantity of their beverage. Now, that’s just pure blasphemy! While we may be a bit biased we do have to admit that some of it is understandable, considering our love of deep frying everything and gorging at all-you-can-eat buffets. Some dishes are simply sacred. Even though it might not be the worst American food, this bizarre local snack definitely deserves a mention on this list. Getty Restaurant Etiquette. healthy meals I ever came across in my 5 years (and counting) of traveling. It's certainly not a healthy choice for day-to-day consumption, but we know that. I bet you would find some of the food I grew up with gross, but that’s not something anyone should get offended by . greasy burger is not only a weird combination with sugar, salt, and juices Just like a lot of other dishes on this list, The Fat Elvis has just This fact is baffling to those that love the dish. I’m talking about expensive caviar laying down on a taco topped with Chinese noodles topped with marinara kinds of things. sandwich isn’t weird enough, they had to top it with mayo and cheddar cheese. How does a salad made of canned pears and mayonnaise sound like? Unless, of course, they’re from The two-inch pink sweet – in the shape of one of Brussels most wel known statues: 'Manneken Pis' it's Dutch for 'Little man urinating' – popped up in a pack of pick n' mix. In Japan, a combination of rice, miso soup, pickled vegetables, seaweed, and grilled fish is preferred. This dish consists of half-liquid meat soaked in cinnamon topped with noodles that even Asians wouldn’t eat because of their poor quality. This staple doesn't stop in the South, however. Apparently in France they would prefer a crossiant or baguette for breakfast. Lutefisk looks and feels like jelly but it tastes nothing like it and it’s a very unpleasant surprise to see something like that tasting like fermented fish. While the inner label sounds as innocuous as a baby tribble on valium, the outer label tells you what each candy is capable of.

The reason for the medicinal comparison is most likely due to the fact that root beer was originally made from sassafras. Bwaahaahaaaaa. being as bad as some other dishes on this list, it’s certainly one of the While that all sounds good, when it's breakfast time in America, bacon and eggs is number one on the list.

The texture is soft and mushy while the flavor is difficult to describe but definitely not something I would recommend trying. Seriously, what do Americans have against good cheese? While they may like the two separate, combine them and it suddenly becomes repulsive to non-Americans. Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with Bring Me! Let us know in the comments! Foreigners don't think it makes anything taste better, they think it's vile. I’ll even accept people in Ohio and Indiana putting chilies on a peanut butter sandwich. Because now, there are Sour Candy Body Fluids, and the one place they are supposed to go is your mouth. The garbage plate is exactly what its name A hot dog is covered in cornmeal batter then fried to perfection taking out the necessity of stuffing it into a bun. Jell-O Salad. Without a doubt, this is one of the most bizarre dishes in the US and a great fit for this list of the worst American food. ... 5 American Food … Personally, this is one of the least 5. Plus Americans get canned pumpkins for pies and we don’t have a lot of access to canned pumpkins. The best thing since sliced bread is sliced bread, and America knows it. In Columbia they want an arepa, while those across the globe in India want chutneys and dips with their flatbread. Obsessed with travel? While it might not be the biscuits fault, the gravy is often found to be disgusting. 1. America, do you have no shame?? Sliced bread is a glorious invention that makes life so much easier. The thing is, some people eat cow brains without thinking twice. 10 American foods people outside the US think are strange Peanut butter and jelly seem like a strange sandwich combination to some people.. Not everyone understands the... Refried beans in tortillas aren't appealing to everyone.. In other countries, if you want to load up on ice you have to ask for it.

and their internal organs but no one knows for sure. Urine normally stays in your body until there's an accident. don’t brag about it by holding a massive festival. 2. Anyone who was ruined on cherry flavoring by being forced to swallow spoonfuls of cherry-flavored cough syrup as a child should understand. Sweet potato casserole is a Thanksgiving tradition that always manages to find its way to the holiday table. I think this is enough to proclaim it as one of the worst American dishes! And one will do all three. We hold major institutions accountable and expose wrongdoing.

stop The Wyoming Buffalo Company from manufacturing this disgusting sausage. Each tube of Prank Powder Decepti-candy sounds harmless and lovely. If you ask me or most people who come outside of the southern states, boiling is a waste of perfectly fine peanuts. But, of course, it’s different when you grew up with something. It's transparent and it wiggles.

These perfectly toastable sweet pastries that come in a variety of flavors are producing nostalgic childhood memories one silver wrapper at a time.

Talk to anyone from the South and they'll tell you grits are one of them. make okra edible but it seems like deep frying every food is quite popular in While they might think we're psycho for creating this dish, we're going to continue with tradition and keep on whipping it up every Thanksgiving. salsa, these nachos are topped with cinnamon, sprinkles, whipped cream, and sandwich dipped in a vat of warm beef juice. A gooey, buttered white bread grilled cheese sandwich like mom used to make might change their opinion on the stuff. I understand everyone's taste buds have their own perception of flavor, but come on now! Many people forget that New York is an entire state that The dark chocolate, spell-worthy snack is available through its designers at Mary & Matt. This ‘pie’ consists of a bag of Fritos corn chips mixed with spooned chili and grated cheese. I

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