The “We Are Here” organization supports existing non-profits working on the ground around the world like OxFam, Girls Rising, The Trayvon Martin Foundation, Partners in Health, Equal Justice Foundation among others. -Deborah Lipstadt, Author “Denying the Holocaust”. The We Are Here Foundation is a 501 C3 environmental advocacy group. Ruling year info. We are guided by the words of Hillel, During the summer when the ministry kindergarten is closed, we also open the space up to children aged 4 and 5. Hateful, anti-Semitic stereotypes in the press. They are convening meetings at the White House, speaking at the United Nations, in Forbes 30 under 30, founding the next million dollar companies and spearheading global revolutions. We also lend out English language graded readers to help support our students’ study. Of the in-the-moment activities that give people an opportunity to forget their problems for a while, and of social events which help more isolated people to connect and spend time with others. 1,500 schoolrooms built educating 200,000 children; 30,000 women-led businesses launched; 1 million people received clean water; In Kenya, launched WE College Over the years, we’ve been honored to host renowned civil rights leaders, activists, thinkers, experts, educators, and young people at WE Day events around the world sharing their life experiences and campaigns for anti-racism, diversity and inclusion. Equality. Here,  people can come and help themselves to tea, play board games or table tennis, go online on the computers, use the dictionaries and other reference books or simply hang out somewhere less confining than their living containers. In such difficult and uncertain living conditions, and with oftentimes men dominating the communal areas, it is important that women have access to a space to relax and socialise away from chores, children, husbands and cramped family life. If I am not for others, what am I? For some, the books in our library gives access to a familiar and loved past time, and for others it is something new. This space is not only valued by the children, who enjoy the gentle rhythm, exploration and interaction of a space which is a constant in an uncertain environment, but also by the parents, who are able to have a break, get on with chores or attend English class. We are principled, not political. Claim your profile for free. And, since then, we have defended American values like dignity. The deadline to apply is November 30, 2020, 11:59pm EST. Our Founder and Benefactor, Alicia Keys, provided the funds it takes to run the organization so that every dollar you donate is plugged directly into our work, fortifying and strengthening the work of our partners. WE ARE FAMILY FOUNDATION (WAFF) is a non-profit organization that’s dedicated to the vision of a global family by creating and supporting programs that promote cultural diversity while nurturing and mentoring the vision, talents, and ideas of young people who are positively changing the world.

We are extremely grateful for the honest feedback and ideas received from our stakeholders and so many more people. As well as this we run regular conversation classes at the centre and often put on ‘tea and talk’ events, as a chance for students of all levels to come together and have fun, build confidence and practice their English outside of lesson time. WE Charity Co-Founders, Our five-pillar, sustainable international development model. All rights reserved. On the Internet. In 1913, the founders of ADL understood this truth. The fallout from the Canada Student Service Grant has placed us, as a charity, in the middle of political battles and misinformation that we are ill-equipped to fight. WE engages 5.5 million youth in service-learning. We are here to reboot our world by using culture to create change.

WE is a movement with 25+ years of empowering youth across America through service-learning, and uplifting communities out of poverty around the world through a proven, sustainable international development model. WE Charity was founded 25 years ago in Canada with the dual mission of inspiring children at home to make a difference through service, and helping children around the world to escape extreme poverty. And if not now, when?” We use cookies on this site to enhance your user experience. Black Lives Matter. Others are looking to continue studies started and worked hard for back home, and know that improving their English is often a key step to accessing further education or employment opportunities. To stop the defamation of the Jewish people and secure justice and fair treatment to all. We will defend Israel’s right to exist, calling out those who delegitimize and demonize her. Why We Work to Identify the Most Effective Charities. This is a heartbreaking decision. Our Jewish values inform our work and the change we seek in the world.

On Saturday’s and Sundays, when the schools are closed and most other organisations are offsite, we open up our Child Friendly Space to children of all ages to come and play. We also use this space to hold community meetings and to host workshops. Our work in Haiti Bulgaria: Lumos was asked to provide expertise and technical support to help implement Bulgaria’s national strategy. Our Founder, Alicia Keys, like almost 80% of women incarcerated in the US, is a mother.When the atrocities committed against incarcerated women and their families every single day were brought to light in Senator Cory Booker and U.S. The financial math for the charity’s future is clear. Contact Us: In the meantime, there is a formal process underway to bring forth a series of tangible recommendations. Sign up with your email address to receive the latest news and updates from We Are Family Foundation. We fought for us all. That's why we're here. "While we honor those who here gave their last full measure of devotion all of us hope and pray that the time will come when we no longer need to dedicate memorials to men who died in battle- - - that we will dedicate memorials to those who live in peace - - - to all nations and all men" Frank G. Moss United States Senator-Utah Ground Breaking-7 December 1971 Free resources including pandemic-related trauma. In this context, we will soon provide an update with further action and a specific timeframe for fulfilling these commitments. We will expose bigotry for what it is, whether it’s cloaked in political rhetoric, academic theories or calls for boycotts. About Operation We Are Here - Operation We are Here was formed with three distinct goals in mind: to create an awareness of the challenges of families/loved ones of military personnel, to offer practical suggestions to churches, communities and individuals on how to support and encourage the military home front, and to provide a comprehensive list of resources for families/loved ones of military … We’re asking for your support to provide urgent medical care and supplies to health care workers and families.

Nea Kavala refugee camp is located near Polykastro, a small town 20 km away from the Macedonian border, and it is here that We Are Here started its activity, back in May 2016, just after the borders closed leaving many stranded in Greece. We are the foremost expert in the study of extremism. Tax ID/EIN: 13-1818723

While no new school, health or water projects will be possible, the endowment will ensure the continued operation of WE Charity global projects currently in place. We're working hard to prepare them. Not words; actions.

Is this your nonprofit? Today, ADL continues to fight all forms of hate with the same vigor and passion. In 1913, our founders understood that America would only be safe for its Jews if it was safe for all its people. .
Without decisive action WE Charity’s ongoing costs to operate in Canada would exceed revenue and consume savings that are essential to establish the endowment fund.

In the public square. ME to WE Executive Director, Russ McLeod, WE Charity Board of Directors Chairs, Dr. Jacqueline Sanderline and Greg Rogers. Justice.

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