Short dog names are more easily recognised by dogs. Pick male dog names with one or two syllables. You’ll be using it outside of your home in places like at the vet, dog park, or groomer’s office, so it is always wise not to go with something that could be considered offensive to other people. A would-be thief or intruder is much less likely to mess with a dog named “Chopper,” as it’s not a smart idea to find out if he is aptly named. Another way to go is to pick a name which relates to the toughness of the dog. You’d be surprised jut how many owners don’t do so and end up regretting it. Any of the tough male dog names below are an excellent match for a guard dog breed or intimidating pet, even if he really is a sweetheart. As long as they are fed and watered, along with the occasional walk, all is right with the world, right? It could be for a vacation, an emergency, for work, or for studies. Names related to technology, math, science, astronomy, institutions of higher learning, or anything complex are all options. Albino. Physical features and habits can also be a fun way to find names. Since names with two or three syllables seem to be the easiest types of names for dogs to latch onto. While naming your dog seems like it would be quite simple, most owners actually have a hard time with it. Most small male dog names come from objects, words, foods, and animals that make us think of tiny things. Many owners choose names from their favorite hobbies, foods, drinks, sports, songs, movies, and books. By following a few tips however, you can help your dog to stay as relaxed as possible. Brutus. I am not your dog’s veterinarian, though. Armin. Some names are perfect because they just sound so nerdy. Avoid dog names that sound similar to cues or commands. Have fun with it! If your four-legged friend is a total wimp it could work too. (With a few exceptions, all the human names listed below have two syllables.) China. And you are looking two-syllable names for your dog. Linus – One of the unique and unusual puppy names for boys who are extremely sweet and royal. These types of name are usually ideal for catch dogs or hunting dogs which are tenacious on game. For example I have a friend who found his dog as a puppy abandoned behind a 7-11 and he named it, “Seven,” which is not only unique but has a special meaning tied to it. Traveling to another country with your pet can be hectic and scary if you don't know all the rules and regulations that cover transporting a pet. In fact many people end up naming their dog several times before deciding on one final name. And of course, treats and a ton of praise always help a pup to learn his or her name much faster, and come running when they hear it. Titan. Other names come from movies, many of them horror films, and a few are the names of monsters. Some are the names of real geniuses known for their intellect or contribution to the arts while others are the names of movie and TV characters who have an extremely high IQ. But first, a few tips to make sure you start out right. It doesn’t happen too often, but sometimes you’ll need to transport your dog long distances, and this will generally involve air travel. Dragon. Please consult your vet for pet medical advice. It might be hard to believe, but it’s true. Your dog will inevitably think it has done something wrong when its human counterpart is at fault. Valet. Owning a pet is one of the most rewarding relationships you can have, but that doesn’t mean things are always easy. Whether a bird dog, catch dog, retriever, hound, or terrier, every good hunting dog’s name is important. Rambo. These vintage boy names were popular before Instagram and cell phones—and even drive-thrus and microwave ovens. There’s just something so ridiculously cute about ’em! Coming up with names for your big boy based on his size can be really entertaining. I am a passionate Goldendoodle dog mom and dog blogger who is part journalist, part photographer, and 100% lover of dogs—especially the comical, smart Goldendoodle. This will also help you to determine if you like the name you have chosen. Pavlov. This is actually one one simplest ways to name any dog. (Bonus: If you must choose a long and elaborate boy puppy name, you could always consider shortening it to a fun sounding nickname.) Picking one from your own interests makes sure you will! We hope that this giant list of human names for your adorable boy dog has inspired you! I had a friend growing up whose name was, “Alex,” and so was his dog’s. If you’re going to be using your dog’s name all the time why not pick something you know you love already? Luckily there are many smart dog names to pick from so you can easily find just the right fit for your brainy pet. Tail wags and take care! Let's start an amazing ride. Of... Grooming your pooch is the perfect opportunity to enjoy some bonding while also caring for it's health. keep sharing best dog names. But there are also a few practical tips you should consider when choosing names for male dogs: Pick male dog names with one or two syllables. Some pint-sized dogs just have large personalities, so naming them a big dog name like one in the above section is sometimes deserving or is a funny way to go that will always get a few laughs. Cool dog names that easily roll off the tongue, and that your pup will instantly recognize. If you go with a longer one, you’ll not only get tired of saying it constantly but most likely end up having to shorten it anyway. Grandpa names. Best Strong Male Dog Names / Tough Male Dog Names. Two Syllable Dog Names. There are some names that are always popular, and for good reason. Try our other name lists: 101 Old-Fashioned Dog Names for Girl Puppy Cuteness. Anyway, here are the toughest of the tough male dog names. Rico. Amstel. Before Start. If you don’t, you still have plenty of options, many of which are listed below. Also, see how your dog responds to it over the next couple of days. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Simple Ways To Keep Your Pet Relaxed At The Vet, Don’t Make These Mistakes With Your New Puppy, Pet Panache: The Latest Styles For You And Your Dog, 5 Tips To Help Make Sure Your Pooch Enjoys Grooming, The Top 6 Tips To Prepare Your Dog For Hunting Season, Dogs at Work and Play: How Dogs Provide Therapy and Make Good Pets, 6 Ways To Help Dogs Cope With Separation Anxiety, Flying Pooches: Preparing Your Dog for Air Travel, 5 Ways Your Life Will Change After Getting A Dog, Pet Owners: Keep Your Home Clean and Allergy Free, How To Keep Your Dog Entertained While You’re At Work. Classic names. Dogs are simple creatures, aren’t they? There are many fun ways to come up with names for your new puppy or older adopted dog whose name you would like to change. Most small male dog names come from objects, words, foods, and animals that make us think of tiny things. Experts suggest you stick to names with two syllable names such as Molly and Coco so your dog can differentiate between its name and a typical command (sit, stand, stay etc). Find the best pet name by browsing our list of two syllable dog names. Topaz. Finn – One of the cool dog names for males. Remember, you’ll be saying your dog’s name many times every day and for many years to come. Some names are easier for dogs to get than others. Things to Consider When Choosing Dog Names for Boys. The top names are the best place to begin because if you like one, there’s no reason to look any further. Draco. © 2019 Jenise Carl Communications, LLC. Most have stood the test of time because they are appealing, easy on the ears, and just seem to fit the personality of so many dogs. You can use the personality of your dog, its size and shape, its color, and more, to help you think of or choose a good name. You’re much better off choosing a name that you personally like than one you don’t. Regardless of whether your dog is more of an evil genius (as many pooches seem to be), a quick learner, or you just want him to sound smart, these intelligent dog names will help you out. Forrest. Just like “Tiger,” or “Tigger,” could work for a brindle colored one. Let’s dive into our massive list of 200 one syllable dog names! Does the name fit your dog’s personality? Just take your time, follow the tips above and have some fun. If you decide to go with a long dog name for your male dog, think about what the short version of this male dog name will be. Still, by choosing a one or two syllable name, it will be easier for your puppy to learn and remember his name. Pick one or two syllable names. Similarly, We need to find a unique and wonderful name for our cute dog. It might be a particularly good idea to choose one these if your dog is scary looking but a little “too nice,” to strangers. And of course any names that  sounds a little, or very “country” for that matter, can make for excellent and often times funny male hunting dog names. Zulu. There are other animals, new people, and of course shots and examinations. Not sure how it’s going to change your life? However, when adding a furry family member to your household there are few mistakes you won't want to make. Vets are amazing professionals. Because he is also a member of our family after all. In fact, according to the latest survey from, retro or classic dog names were up 17% in 2018.

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