[58], Galactus consumes Beta Ray Bill's Korbinite home world with the aid of new herald Stardust. [89], An injured Galactus crash lands on Asgard, apparently seeking asylum from the cause of his universe's destruction: the Black Winter (Fimbulwinter). Galactus sandte seinen Herold Norrin Radd, den sogenannten Silver Surver, durch das Universum, damit dieser für ihn geeignete Planeten fand, von denen er sich ernähren konnte. ", Appearing in "What If Wolverine! To prepare for the arrival, the drones send telepathic broadcasts of "fear", then use envoys (similar to the Silver Surfer), who introduce a flesh-eating virus into planets. And while now is not the time for Marvel to even explain how the Black Panther transition will occur or even speculate about how that will happen, we do know that Black Panther 2 already has a confirmed release date. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet, "Exception to the rule #1: 'The Last Galactus Story'", "Questions & Answers With Writer Louise Simonson: Part 1: In The Beginning...", https://www.cbr.com/king-thanos-god-of-thunder-silver-surfer, "Galactus, and Surfer and Skrulls – Oh My! "Fantastic Four" #587 (March 2011). After an appearance in Fantastic Four #583–587 (Nov. 2010 – March 2011), the character returned to Earth in Silver Surfer (vol. [4][5][10][11][12] Kirby did not intend Galactus to reappear, to preserve the character's awe-inspiring presence. In a separate entry, Sutton also described the arrival of a new Marvel hero, and it will happen in a familiar way. Was the Worst There Was At What He Does? ", Synopsis for "What If the Fantastic Four Was Led By Keith Richards Instead of Reed Richards? [70] When Galactus discovers these heroes now live on a planet called Nu-Earth, he destroys it and its inhabitants in retribution. Galactus was originally the explorer Galan of the planet Taa, which existed in the prime pre-Big Bang universe. Galactus hatte seinen ersten Auftritt in dem Comic Fantastic Four #48 im März 1966 und wurde von Stan Lee und Jack Kirby geschaffen. As Galan's universe came to an end, Galan merged with the "Sentience of the Universe" to become Galactus, an entity that wielded such cosmic power as to require devouring entire planets to sustain his existence. Galactus is the overall main antagonist of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Phases 4-5. Agents of Shield (voice only; mentioned), Loki, Ms. Marvel (mentioned), What If..? This led to the introduction of Galactus in Fantastic Four #48–50 (Mar. 2012) and FF #16 (Mar. Instead of killing him he became bonded with the Sentience of the Universe. He decieded to slowly eliminate the entire universe by eating it's population and gaining it's energy, becoming more and more powerful. Galactus is the overall main antagonist of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Phases 4-5. [74], After an encounter with the High Evolutionary,[75] Galactus invades Asgard, home of the Norse Gods, seeking an Asgardian artifact to sate his hunger and spare future civilizations. [13][14] After a flashback appearance in Silver Surfer #1 (Aug. 1968), the character returned to Earth in Thor #160–162 (Jan. – Mar. Galan, ein Weltraumforscher, entdeckte eine Strahlenpest, die ganz Taa bedrohte. After destroying several Celestials, Logos forcibly transforms Galactus back into the Devourer of Worlds.

[73] While the Hulk and his allies (the God Squad, Alpha Flight, and several Avengers) fight Amatsu-Mikaboshi's forces, Hulk ally Amadeus Cho and Galactus develop a machine which will move Earth to a safe location in a sealed-off continuum, only to adapt the plan by trapping Amatsu-Mikaboshi in that dimension instead. Suddenly, a bright purple light is scene in the sky, and it starts sucking up the entire planet. As centuries went by, Galactus collected many different heralds, such as the Silver Surfer and Nova. There’s no telling who the Black Panther mantle will go to next, but T’Challa will sadly not be part of the next Avengers lineup that will take on a new generation of villains. Writer-penciller John Byrne and inker Terry Austin produced "The Last Galactus Story" as a serial in the anthology comic-magazine Epic Illustrated #26–34 (October 1984 – February 1986). Galactus no longer cared for anyone, or anything, and he hated the newly formed universe. Galactus's origin is re-examined in Fantastic Four #520–523 (Oct. 2004 – April 2005), in which the character is temporarily reverted to his mortal form. Marvel. Whenever he's not writing about gadgets he miserably fails to stay away from them, although he desperately tries. Having been named a Protector of the Universe by Eon and further empowered with the Quantum Bands, the Keeper possesses sufficient power to constantly supply Galactus with energy, ending his need to consume worlds. Galactus, Devourer of Worlds, The Devourer, The Hunger That Does Not Cease, Eater of Worlds, The Destoryer of Worlds The Silver Surfer will enter the MCU as a villain initially. Pieces of the planet are seen being sucked up into this bright light, while the citizens are seen trying to escape the destruction, but they could not escape. "Of all the creatures in this pointless universe, there is none like me. He resides in a space station that is the size of a solar system. Author Andy Lanning said that he and co-writer Dan Abnett were "treating Galactus like a force of nature; an inevitable, planetary catastrophe that there is no reasoning with, no bargaining with and no escaping. [51] Tyrant eventually returns[52] and Morg sacrifices himself to stop the entity by using the Ultimate Nullifier. Galactus merely exists to correct the imbalances between life and death. [43] Galactus destroys the Skrull homeworld, and discusses his role in the universe with fellow cosmic entity Death. Der zukünftige Galaktus und sein Raumschiff wurden gleichzeitig mit den Verkörperungen von Ewigkeit und Tod neu erschaffen, obwohl er Milliarden von Jahren träge trieb, während neues Leben begann, das Universum zu bevölkern. "[96] Although not an abstract, non-corporeal entity,[97] his true form cannot be perceived by most beings;[98] each species sees Galactus in a form they can comprehend, similar to their race or a deity of their religion.

[63] Seeking a final confrontation with Aegis and Tenebrous, Galactus sends the Silver Surfer to locate them.

Galan, however, does not die: after bonding with the Sentience of the Universe, he changes and gestates for billions of years in an egg made of the debris of his ship that the current universe formed after the Big B… A starving Galactus dies and adopts the form of a star.

The newest scoops on Marvel villains come our way via Mickey Sutton, who has leaked details about Marvel’s plans in the past. - Planet Devourer Whether you’re into the Marvel Cinematic Universe or not, there’s no question that the world lost a great actor this week. Much like his original comic book counterpart, Galactus was originally known as Galan, and he was born before the current universe formed. [125] Other characters have also filled the role intermittently. Galactus locates the hero Anti-Man outside the multiverse and, after transforming him into a Herald of Life, sends him to recruit the recently disbanded Ultimates to help discover the identity of Eternity's captor, who is later revealed to be the First Firmament, the first iteration of the cosmos. in 1978.

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