Place the balls into a lightly greased desired cake tins. Her recipe starts out with making the tangzhong, also called as roux. The taste of course will be slightly more aromatic than traditional bread with some creamy milky flavour.

Hi Kenneth will giv it a try later today . I made the mistake to separate the dough into 800g and 400g as I didn’t want to overfill the pullman bread pan(13″ x 4″ × 4″) like my first loaf(1.6kg) but this was a mistake. It looks like kneading are not smooth yet. GARDENIA. For some reason, the mixture thickened in around ten seconds and I was close to burning it. Yum! Other recipes, they half the volume and succeed.

Oh, the creaminess, purity, and luscious tastiness of the fresh milk can be so satisfying, especially when you drink it straight from a tall glass or from the pack itself. But if you want to use tangzhong, you can refer to this post: If you don’t have an oven thermometer, one way of testing is after about 45 minutes (which is a reasonable timing for this size of loaf), take out the loaf from the loaf tin and try to use your finger to knock the bottom of the loaf. Shop for Milk Toast Bread Ads Immediately . Free shipping and returns on "Milk Toast Bread Online Wholesale" for you purchase it today !.Find more Good Sale and More Promotion for Milk Toast Bread Reviews This is certainly Milk Toast Bread Sale Brand New for the favorite.Here you will find reasonable product details. The tanzhong’s purpose is to be able to put in much liquid to the dough without making it too sticky. It is still soft and i put it in the air tight container. I used plain flour both times. Then, I poured it into my dry ingredients. Actually, for this bread, tangzhong is not necessary at all because it is loaded with cream and milk that make it moist and soft.

Enriched White Bread 600g. Stir until well combined. Get 50% OFF your first order with Trade at and use my code ‘emmy’. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! SUNSHINE Soft White Bread 400g. Yes, the bread indeed is softer than traditional bun. Should be reduce the baking time for individual smaller buns. It truly was an AHA! I covered it additionally with a tea towel and placed it on a warm area to proof. Upload of new picture and a video on shaping these soft buns. Again, if the top layer has signs of getting burnt, lower the temperature slightly. Some even claimed to use the milk imported from Hokkaido to achieve that effect of softness. I made sure to coat the entire exterior of the dough before I covered the dough with cling wrap. It is no difference with other bread recipes but the cream and milk have the effect of enhancing the fragrance and texture of the bread. Proof the active dry yeast in 1 cup water, and combine with tangzhong and flour, kneading until it just forms into a ball. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. “All sorrows are less with bread.” -Miguel de Cervantes Saaved. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Milk powder cannot be replaced by fresh milk but fresh milk can be replaced by milk powder and water.

Thanks for sharing this recipe. Thanks, Kenneth. The above video was uploaded on the second day.

Maybe a custard bun? It has been in my to do list to prepare the bread for quite a while and yesterday, after my two bakes (Gingerbread Man and Choux Pastry), I have decided to do my 3rd bake  of the day for my family’s breakfast today. I usually buy it from the store.. but it should be fresh cream used for whipping. Remembering I had dough hook attachments to my electric hand mixer, I figured that I can do it too. It was still as soft the following day and even the day after! Hi, I am a vegetarian.

Since I have always underutilize my chiffon cake tin, I therefor decided to use the tin for proofing and baking the bread. In last year, Singapore bakery have a new item called Hokkaido Dome.

Since I can’t find a recipe for this bread, I have decided to replicate this bread today based on this recipe. I decided to call it a day and just get on with the rest of the process. I just to try one as soon as it cooled a little bit so I would not burn my hands. I used my hand mixer with dough hook attachments to mix the dough until there’s not much dry flour left. A strong yeast smell permeates the air. SUNSHINE Hi Fibre Low Sugar White Bread 400g. You May Also Like .

Especially fresh, homemade bread. Cover with wet towel of clingy wrap and let it proof until it double in size. Put sugar, melted butter and eggs in a bowl. In this case, continue baking until when you inserted again the oven thermometer, the thermometer shows at least 90 degrees Celsius. Whisk until well combined. My favorite thing is homemade bread right out of the oven while it is still warm!

Increase the size of dough or lower the oven temp further? With only water as the hydrating ingredient, the bread could turn out to be tough the following day. ;D Thank you Kenneth!

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