Where syns or Healthy Extras are included they are marked, but you are able to add additional snacks or treats in to use up the remaining as you see fit. Where this is the case I have made a note. For the latest updates and information about Slimming World head to www.slimmingworld.co.uk. Created By Lucid Themes. Slimming World Week | On Plan Ideas Thursday, 17 January 2019. After dieting with Slimming World for a couple of months and getting slow losses, I decided to try Slimming World SP plan! It was. Sp Meals Slimming World Slimming World Syn Values Slimming World Free Slimming Word Slimming World Recipes Syn Free Sp Days Healthy Extra A Syn Free Food Best Fat Burning Foods. Breakfast: Healthy Meal Prepped Chocolate & Banana Breakfast Bars – 2 syns + 1/2 Healthy Extra B portion.Keep two portions out & freeze remaining. Being on plan is about eating plenty of fruit and vegetables (speed food), having a Healthy Extra A (calcium) and B (fibre), eating free food and limiting the Syns, higher calorie food or 'treats'. I can't believe it's been two years since I started Slimming World. The principal of the SP plan from Slimming World is that half your plate is protein foods and the other half is speed foods. I have indicated how many syns and healthy extras you will have left at the end of each day. I'm loving my new, Keeping a food diary is key to staying on plan. This, January Favourites | Good Skin & Feeling Refreshed. Keep two portions out & freeze remaining. Why not pin this Slimming World meal plan for later? Each day includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack idea. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. These are fuss free, easy to make, family friendly recipes so you won’t find yourself cooking multiple dinner options anymore! Having a variety of meals and snacks is key to staying motivated, on track and losing weight. Some recipes are meal prepped ahead of time and used over a number of days and in some instances, you will have leftovers that can be frozen and used another week. Slimming Eats SP Weekly Meal Plan – Week 2. >>>. Copyright © 2016. Lunch: Easy Peasy 10 Minute Chicken Pasta Salad – syn free Dinner: Low Syn Chicken & Chorizo Pasta Bake – 3.5 syns + 1xHealthy Extra A Snack: Sliced Apple + 30g Cheddar Cheese – syn free + 1xHealthy Extra A Food & Lifestyle blog. Of course, each meal plan and shopping list could be used in any store, but the costings may be different. Breakfast: Healthy Meal Prepped Chocolate & Banana Breakfast Bars – 2 syns + 1/2 Healthy Extra B portion. Slimming world breakfasts are some of my favourite and I couldn't function for the day without a good meal before going to work. Sure, it can take time, but in the long run it saves so much time. You can have 1 A choice, 2 B choices and still have your 15 syns! This Slimming World Meal Plan is there to help you stay on track and meet your weight loss goals without feeling bored, hungry or frustrated! Foods with the highest energy density, such as fats, oils, sugars. In this Slimming World Meal Plan you’ll find breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack choices for each day of a seven day week. I can't believe it's been two years since I started Slimming World. I've posted about my, I've been making loads of effort this week to make sure my dinner has a third speed food and I've found by making a box of mixed salad at the start of the week I've got no excuses but to add it to lots of my meals. Where a meal requires a recipe, that recipe has been linked. It was January 2017 when I decided that I needed to make some changes with my wedding the following year. For more information about how the general Slimming World plan works, how many Healthy Extras and syns you are allowed, and how Slimming World can benefit you, check out my Slimming World guideSlimming World guide. This website is unofficial and in no way part of or representative of Slimming World. Sp Meals Slimming World. Hi ya love, in the last couple off days I’ve came across ur website, and I have to say going through all ur ideas and recipes you really have motivated me to start back to slimming world again, I have been writing out loads off dinner things and lunches and breakfast things, and I’ve been doing out a shopping list to get me started off. Bacon, Eggs, Beans, mushrooms, tomatoes & Toast, Sugar Pink Food: Slimming Recipes & Lifestyle Blog, Creamy Chicken, Bacon & Tomato Pasta Bake | Healthy Recipe, Chicken & Bacon Dirty Rice | Slimming Fakeaway Recipe, Hunters Chicken Pasta Bake Recipe | Slimming Friendly, 4 Clever Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts on Instagram. Healthy Meal Prepped Chocolate & Banana Breakfast Bars, Easy Peasy 10 Minute Chicken Pasta Salad –, Easy Peasy 10 Minute Chilli & Prawn Lingu, Slimming World Meal Plan (21st January 2019). Ideally, you should check with Slimming world for the most up to date Syn values using official resources such as; the Syns calculator, Syns Online on LifelineOnline or by calling the Syns Hotline on (0906) 851 8518. You can use these remaining syns and Healthy Extras for additional snacks or treats throughout the day. Simply the Slimming World plan allows you to eat everything, however in moderation. What not to eat on SP days. Syn calculations are my own and should always be checked via the Slimming World website or app. Freeze remainder), Dinner: Grilled chicken breast with Best Ever Easy Potato Curry  and steamed green beans or peas- syn free, Snack: Two pieces of wholemeal toast topped with ham & 30g cheese – syn free + 1xHealthy Extra B + 1xHealthy Extra A, You can still use: 14 syns + 1x Healthy Extra B, Breakfast: Strawberry Cheesecake Overnight Oats – 3 syns plus 1xHealthy Extra B, Lunch: Chunky Winter Vegetable Soup – syn free, Dinner: Easy Peasy Syn Free Hasselback Chicken – syn free + 1xHealthy Extra A, Snack: Low Syn Chocolate & Caramel Cheesecake –  7 syns, You can still use: 5 syns + 1xHealthy Extra A, Breakfast: Syn Free Porridge with Fresh Berries – Syn Free + 1xHealthy Extra B, Lunch: Easy Peasy 10 Minute Chilli & Prawn Linguine – syn free (can be meal prepped and reheated), Dinner: Syn Free Pulled Pork layered with lettuce on a toasted wholemeal burger bun + Syn Free Chips & veggies – 6 syns for the bun, Snack: Sliced apple and watermelon pieces + two hard boiled eggs – syn free, You can still use: 9 syns + 2x Healthy Extra A, Breakfast: Low Syn Cinnamon Roll French Toast – 2.5 syns + 1xHealthy Extra B, Lunch: Creamy Cajun Stuffed Sweet Potatoes – syn free, Dinner: Syn Free Pulled Pork Mac & Cheese – syn free using the leftover pulled pork from Friday night + 1xHealthy Extra A, You can still use: 12.5 syns + 1x Healthy Extra A, Breakfast: Syn Free American Pancakes – syn free + 1xHealthy Extra B, Lunch: Roast Chicken with Steamed Veggies & Syn Free Roast Potatoes – syn free, Dinner: Sticky Honey Garlic Steak Bites with steamed rice & veggies – 2 syns, Snack: 30g cheddar cheese with sliced apple – syn free + 1xHealthy Extra A, You can still use: 13 syns + 1x Healthy Extra A, Your email address will not be published. Your email address will not be published. Want to give an Slimming World SP week a try, but don’t know where to start? Required fields are marked *. This worked well for my burrito bowl (just like a burrito without the wrap), my chicken and Philadelphia pasta and the, When it comes to lunches I meal prep on a Sunday for the week ahead and in the winter I'm always making soup. Please note that this Slimming World meal plan does not include all of your 5-15 syns or Healthy Extras every day. The key to keeping on plan and on track, for me, is to make and stick to a meal plan. Breakfast: Healthy Meal Prepped Chocolate & Banana Breakfast Bars – 2 syns + 1/2 Healthy Extra B portion. Lunch: Easy Peasy 10 Minute Chicken Pasta Salad –  syn free, Dinner: Low Syn Chicken & Chorizo Pasta Bake – 3.5 syns + 1xHealthy Extra A, Snack: Sliced Apple + 30g Cheddar Cheese –  syn free + 1xHealthy Extra A, You can still use: 9.5 syns + 1/2 Healthy Extra B.

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