To find the best foundation for your skin tone, you need to determine your skin tone and skin undertone.

Simply take a photo or copy-paste ingredients from the web. Filter out popular allergens. The result?

Hungry for more? The app also has a “skin tone” feature which is perfect for coloring up a pale face or adding a bit of blush to dull cheeks. (This part is key! Get alerts about ingredients of animal origin. Cheryl Burke Claims 'DWTS' Scoring Is Inconsistent, 14 Ways to Get Horny Again After the Election :'), DIY Wall Decor Ideas to Transform Your Apartment, How to Volunteer For the Georgia Senate Runoff, All I Care About Are Queen Elizabeth's Corgis, Thx, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

Then it’s time to try our Skin Advisor, the AI beauty expert giving you a skin care routine right for your skin’s specific needs.

Do you have sensitive skin? We are on the mission to bring the AI revolution to the beauty industry - the industry that is currently under the influence of pseudoscience, intransparency and misinformation. Knowing these two things is useful, especially when confronted with a wide array of foundation shades, not to mention an overwhelming list of brands. Easily customize your ingredient alerts. The numbers, or "scores," you receive represent your skin's health compared with YouCam's database of other people's faces.

Enter: skin-analysis tools like the new Skin Diary feature on the YouCam Makeup app.

Take a picture of ingredient lists to easily get information about your product and about each ingredient. agreed that the products recommended were right to them *, *94% of 35 women who experienced Skin Advisor agree that “The products are right for me”, US Olay study, 2015.

Are you vegan? YouCam Makeup, free to download on the App Store and Google Play.

Now, I know what your first thought toward apps like this might be (because it was my first thought too): Is this an app solely made to shame me and my dark circles? A quick Google image search is often the go-to for people when they notice a rash cropping up on their skin. Deep learning algorithm

! Skin Bliss is an app to analyze cosmetic products and learn about ingredients.

Become a member, Get alerts about ingredients of animal origin. skin tone analyzer app Promo !!! Analyze ingredients from all possible sites with just a one mouse click. And yes, the idea of a phone pointing out every spot on your face can certainly be a turnoff, but when you use it to track your skin's health compared with a week or a month ago, the concept is intriguing — especially if you're a skin-care junkie like me. To achieve this, we are developing proprietary algorithms that can offer unbiased and transparent personalized skincare advice and product recommendations by understanding the complex relations between formulations and their applicability to skin concerns. SUPPORTED DEVICES. Finally, get a personalised beauty routine calculated to address your skin’s specific needs.

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