04 Signal words Simple Present  I usually _____ (get up) at six o'clock. Yanone Kaffeesatz Why _____ (they leave) work so late on Fridays? It is very easy to form and uses base form of the verb. 03 Simple Present to be answers PDF, 04 Simple Present signal words  PDF Tom (rare/rarely) gets up early on Sundays. 02 Simple Present to be to be worksheet PDF - What do you like? Check my answers Sacramento Giving instructions, directions or demonstrations – “Open the box on the table, Peter _____ (not like) buying food in supermarkets. Elementary and intermediate level. Henry enjoys playing golf (in/at) the afternoon. px, Please allow access to the microphone How many stickers have you got?. For example. px, Please allow access to the microphone Love Ya Like A Sister What do you want to do? What is the time?. 60 28 It shows how the past is connected to the present/now. (know), She ________ as an Accountant in a private firm. Choose the correct time expression used with the present simple tense. Ribeye Marrow 8 6       After ‘when’ or ‘if’ to form a time clause (also called the ‘General or Zero Conditional) – “I like to ski when it snows.”  “When it snows, I like to ski.” Note the comma in the second example. Patrick Hand The question word (what, ...) always comes first! 09 Write questions exercise 10 Simple Present Word order  PDF. Email my answers to my teacher, Font: 11 Simple Present negatives mixed exercises 12 Simple Present negatives  PDF13 Pacifico Main content: Present simple questions Other contents: Wh questions, question words Add to my workbooks (172) Download file pdf Embed in my website or blog Add to Google Classroom Add to Microsoft Teams Share through Whatsapp: Link to this worksheet: Copy: Braun Finish!! Look at the top of your web browser. Adverbs of frequency are placed directly before the main verb. 08 Write questions exercise Free interactive exercises to practice online or download as pdf to print. Simple present worksheet - English online exercises. Amatic SC (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); That's the way how to form Questions. Reported speech, 07 Simple Present do or does  PDF Rancho Present Simple worksheets and online activities. The question word (what, ...) always comes first!. 22 Covered By Your Grace 10 Rock Salt Pinyon Script Level: Beginning to Elementary (CEFR A1) Time: Approx. - Where does Carol live? Oswald Kalam 36 13 Fredoka One Black Ops One 80 Oswald The ‘present’ is now. Neucha Boogaloo Coming Soon Unkempt Present simple questions - Exercise 2 - do, does, forms of to be, can. - What do they like for breakfast? If the subject is you, we, they or any plural form, only base form is used. A ‘verb’ is an action word. Questions simple present - worksheets. Close. Simple past tense (Question Word) + do/does + subject + verb? Live worksheets > English > I _____ (take) a shower before I leave for work. Satisfy VT323 Answers will vary. Finally, 'at' is used with specific times during the day. Open Sans Mountains of Christmas Jennifer doesn't catch the bus (in/at) 8 in the morning.    Size: If the subject is he, she or it, there is addition of ‘s’ or ‘es’ with base form. 32 Indie Flower 12 Neucha Rancho For example, 1.1       General – “Chinese people eat a lot of rice.”, 1.2       Permanent – “I am a teacher.”  “He is a father.”, 1.3       Mathematical/scientific – “One plus one equals two.”  “Water freezes at 0c.”, 1.4       Habitual – “I drink coffee every day.”, 1.5       Recurring – “It snows every winter.”, 1.6       Eternal/Unvarying – “The Bible says ‘You must not kill’.”, 1.7       Mental state – “I think she is very kind.”, 2       03 Signal words Simple Present Gurmukhi Going-to-future Just Me Again Down Here (work). Where are the children?. Our parents (occasion/occasionally) catch a train to the city. 60 Bubblegum Sans Look at the top of your web browser. 05 Simple Present signal words  'to be' PDF Cherry Cream Soda Future perfect Does Carol play the guitar? Does an elephant eat nuts? Russo One Active and passive voice Gurmukhi Simple Present negatives Boogaloo 70 Conjugate the verb in parentheses using the form indicated. Subject + do not / does not + base form + rest of the sentence. If clauses - conditionals Orbitron Arial Kranky Ubuntu Annie Use Your Telescope 80 Questions with am - is -are - can - must - have got. 12 Simple present negative sentences. Present Simple Worksheet 1 . Black Ops One 05 Simple Present signal words PDF Creepster 50 Are they happy?. 50 Dancing Script signal words PDF 8 Coming Soon Present simple questions - Exercise 1 - do, does, forms of to be, can, Present simple questions - Exercise 2 - do, does, forms of to be, can, Present simple questions - Exercise 3 - do, does, forms of to be, Present simple questions - Exercise 4 - do, does, forms of to be, Present simple questions - Exercise 5 - do, does, forms of to be, Present simple questions - Exercise 6 - do or does, Present simple questions - multiple choice exercise - do or does, CONTACT / Privacy Policy / Cookie Policy / SITEMAP, © Copyright 2020 Herwig Rothländer - All Rights Reserved, Present simple questions - multiple choice exercise. 11 Simple Present negatives  PDF12 02 Simple present long form The ‘tense’ is the time of the action. Present simple questions - Exercise 4 - do, does, forms of to be. Shadows Into Light Two 24 Special Elite Present Perfect Dancing Script Present Simple Questions. - What does an elephant eat? Cherry Cream Soda Present Simple worksheets and online activities. Susan often _____ (drive) to the beach when the weather is nice. Baloo Paaji 06 Simple present questions Present simple: worksheets pdf, handouts and free printable exercises online. 09 Simple Present questions to be PDF worksheet Questions with verbs - do, does Gochi Hand Lobster In the case of questions, use the indicated subject as well. Sharon doesn't go to be before 11 pm (in/at) night. worksheet Baloo Paaji Chewy 18 07 Simple Present do or does PDF 07 Simple Present questions PDF worksheet 08 Simple Present questions do or does 08 Simple Present questions PDF 09 Simple Present questions to be PDF worksheet 09 Simple Present questions answers PDF 10 Simple Present word order worksheet 10 Simple Present Word order PDF 06 Simple Present One page worksheet with eight questions. 40 She doesn't use a computer (at/in) night. Present simple - questions and short answers Grade/level: beginners by MJ_Misa Next Share on Facebook. 9 Satisfy Present Tense is one of the forms of verb tenses. Just Me Again Down Here 36 24 70 Days of the week are often used with 's' to indicate that someone does something regularly on a specific day of the week. For example, He eats apples daily. Kranky Mary answers her e-mail on (Friday/Fridays). Rock Salt Do you like ice cream? 32 English as a Second Language (ESL) > Present simple questions > Present SImple Questions, What do you want to do?

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