Look at more "RAW" formats like RED - over 600Mbit/s is indeed quite possible, as is for high speed camera captures which is where large storage is desirable. Also I think you were probably unlucky and got a DOA or marginal drive, the sudden drop in write speed is consistent with a failed drive. In our test we saw, as expected, the SMR drives took much longer for a traditional full backup, averaging 30MB/s. Turn write caching on in the Microserver BIOS and you should see much better performance – it’s probably much quicker for you to do it and try it for yourself! Cleversafe is excited to once again partner with Seagate to deliver to our customers what is truly an innovative storage solution. What needs to be remembered is that the drive has a *certain* level of sequential performance, but once you start having I/O across the drive (i.e. Bought 3 hard disks. In this system we installed 8 Archive HDDs without RAID and addressed them individually inside Windows Server 2012 R2. All are rebooted when I reboot them or when the power fails entirely. Given the low cost/TB, the drives do very well here if the backup admin can get a little creative. In our single-drive synthetic tests measuring burst speeds, the Archive HDD ran close to its cousin, the Seagate Enterprise 6TB, in 2MB sequential transfer. With the low cost of the Archive drives, we’re seeing gadget blogs and others recommending them for NAS environments. Just like I learnt the hard way to no rely on other peoples experiences. If you have time, it’s well worth watching this conference talk at Usenix Fast 15 by Abutalib Aghayev and Peter Desnoyers of Northeastern University where an unidentified, but presumed to be Seagate, SMR drive is tested and reverse engineered for its characteristics. This is because the 8Tb drive consists of six platters, which is pretty much the absolute limit for air-filled drives. In stock on November 19, 2020. The drive comes with impressive burst results but lower sustained write results, which are to be expected in this class SMR drives. Don't laugh, some software and hardware has atrocious buffering. Normally hard disks are packaged in boxes of 20 by the manufacturer and sealed with their factory seal. These were the full backups taking place once a week. I WIN!!. Offline edits can tolerate some delay, having worked losslessly at 4k myself, that’s not an issue because offline editing doesn’t really care so much for real time. The write performance numbers were, unsurprisingly, far below the results of the other drives. Rotation Speed: 7200RPM. But what about the caveats? copying over to one of the 8TBs as main storage (I can only hold one project in editing at a time on my 512 GIG Sammy, while I usually have several other projects at different stages of production in storage).

Suffice it to say, no SMART errors were thrown throughout a month of testing on both units. The three year warranty and enterprise-and-consumer targeting of the drive inspires some level of confidence, as the regular desktop drives get just two-years. In the first 4K profile test, which measures MB/s, the Seagate Archive recorded 0.30MB/s and 10.52MB/s for reads and writes respectively. If there is a power failure, that file you are copying would show up as a 0 byte file, so you delete the file and recopy the file again. Our last test is the 128k benchmark, which is a large block sequential test that shows the highest sequential transfer speed. The drive comes with impressive burst results but lower sustained write results, which are to be expected in this class of SMR drives. Another approach, which is only starting to gain traction, is that of Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR). These profiles have been developed to make it easier to compare to our past benchmarks as well as widely-published values such as max 4K read and write speed and 8K 70/30, which is commonly used for enterprise drives. In our max latency tests (CIFS), the Seagate Archive posted peak read and write readings of 3,712.8ms and 2,179.8ms, respectively. Seagate IronWolf 8TB NAS Internal Hard Drive HDD – 3.5 Inch SATA 6Gb/s 7200 RPM 256MB Cache for RAID Network Attached Storage – Frustration Free Packaging (ST8000VN004) (ST8000VNZ04/N004) 4.7 out of 5 stars 5,001. Hard disk sentinel still says the drive is at 100% even after all the time it's been on.

Dahsha SATA Optical Bay 2nd Hard Drive Caddy, Universal for 9.5mm CD/DVD Drive Slot... SellZone Upgraded Version SATA Optical UltraBay 2nd Hard Drive Caddy for SSD or HDD... E - Royal Shop USB 3.0-2.5 22pin Sata to USB Hard Drive HDD Adapter Laptop Converte... NISUN Optical Bay 2nd Hard Drive Caddy, 9.5 mm CD/DVD Drive Slot for SSD and HDD. Last year I got a 3TB drive after reading about how great it was and I already had many of the 2TB drives some of which worked very well. The Archive posted 4K throughput read results of 514 IOPS (CIFS), 2,067 IOPS (iSCSI), and average read latencies of 497.07ms (CIFS) and 123.84ms (iSCSI). Unlike our burst testing process, our single enterprise hard drive benchmark process preconditions each drive into steady-state with the same workload the device will be tested with under a heavy load of 16 threads with an outstanding queue of 16 per thread, and then tested in set intervals in multiple thread/queue depth profiles to show performance under light and heavy constant usage. Code: ST8000VN004. Unable to add item to Wish List. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 21 June 2017.

No ratings or reviews yet No ratings or reviews yet. This issue mostly affects server-grade motherboards which disable write caching to avoid data loss during unexpected power removal. They were installed in a new HP Microserver N54L, although it only has SATA II ports.

If the tracks are properly laid down in alignment, there should be no issue. In the main NAS (in a diferent building) where the disks run 24/7 I use disks specifically designed for the purpose. The main reason I wouldn’t recommend working with real-time video with the drive is the same reason as I wouldn’t recommend using the drive in a RAID array – it’s I/O consistency. A storage device that could only be written sequentially would not be easily accommodated by current operating systems, and so, this drive is specially structured and contains its own system to manage the shingle bands. Sustained write performance in this case is a weakness that we see throughout the rest of our tests. This is the case even on new drives. Hi Lui, (A guy that’s owned a pile of hard drives, and has been generally lucky with most of them, regardless of the brand.). The drive comes with impressive burst results but lower sustained write results, which are to be expected in this class SMR drives. Traditional disk benchmarks don’t seem to play that well with the SMR drives because of the persistent cache and DRAM cache interfering with the test. I wouldn’t recommend external drive applications either, partly due to sector translation issues possibly arising, and unexpected powerdowns may cause data corruption. The data rarely changes (if ever) and write operations are few, and mostly large sequential writes in nature. Given your advice I will endeavour to use the 8TBs as raw camera footage / project backup and final archiving. The other issue comes down to the fact of compression. I have an 8TB Seagate SMR archive drive, and the first 15~20GB contiguous sequential write goes very nicely at anything between 150~120MB/sec, but then it falls apart, rapidly, down to 1~30MB/sec. – Gough For more comparisons, please see this article where WD and Seagate 4TB PMR drives are tested. Our max latency readings during out file-level CIFS test showed the Seagate Archive with read and write activity at 1285.35ms at 2T/2Q and 12,456.2 at 16T/16Q. In throughput, the Seagate Archive posted 10 IOPS at 2 Threads 2 Queue, which remained virtually unchanged with a 16 Threads 16 Queue IOPS of 10 as well. Fortunately there’s some good work being done by Seagate with drivers to specifically treat SMR drives differently in order to sidestep some of the worst issues ( https://github.com/Seagate/SMR_FS-EXT4 ). Firstly, the drive is imported from USA, therefore you have to provide KYC documents. As it turned out, my HP Microserver’s BIOS defaults to Write Cache OFF which causes these issues. The drive leverages an on-drive cache (roughly 20GB) to handle inbound writes, in addition to internal systems for meta data tables and background processes like garbage collection, not unlike an SSD. Seagate Archive HDDs are drive managed SMR meaning they can be used with any OS. Please make sure that you've entered a valid question. Now I’ve read your article, I’m wondering what the most reliable way to implement this storage might be.

Seagate IronWolf 8TB Internal Hard Disk HDD. On the rear of the drive, there are power and SATA connectors. Further to that, the amount of seeking required to work with the drive during write and playback might increase the wear on the drive depending on how sectors are allocated. Seagate won’t accept drives packaged so poorly for RMA, so why are they shipping them out like that? More drives also equals more power usage, so there are real benefits for data-nuts like myself. In the 4K tests, the drive had performance of 138 IOPS in throughput, an average latency of 1,839.62ms, a max latency of 5,088ms, and a standard deviation of 499.25ms. The Seagate Archive HDD 8TB is a high capacity, energy efficient, and lower cost hard drive for active archive purposes. RAID controllers will kick drives out of an array even if the SMART says it is good, if the drive takes longer to respond to commands than it should. I know for a fact I have a higher than normal peak/off-peak switching signal where I am (measured 17-18v RMS when it should be 6v, I did complain to the power company but they just keep pushing me around), but over 20+ computers, none of them suffer any issues with signalling that cause any instability. My bench doesn’t show a fast phase, as the drive was just “written” to and then had the partition removed, so was probably still busy reconciling the SMR bands when the benchmark was started.

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