2. Sagara (सगर).—a. The twenty-seven kings [viz., Sāgara] after Mahāsammata were his descendants. If you want to know the exact meaning, history, etymology or English translation of this term then check out the descriptions on this page. II, 279. We venture to think that it is Bāhuka who is holding the hand of his second wife to forbid her from doing some nasty act to the child.

I, 246; Sn. In consequence of his leading a debauched life, Bāhuka lost his kingdom.

3) Sāgara (सागर):—an author. Garuda instructed the king to perform their funeral ceremonies with the waters of Ganga, to be brought from heaven for that purpose; this was finally accomplished by the devotion of Bhagirat'Ha, the great-grandson of Asamanja, who having led the river to the sea, denominated it Sagara, in honour of his ancestor. Discover the meaning of sagara in the context of Purana from relevant books on Exotic India. [He was a son of Bāhu and was called Sagara because he was born together with gara or poison given to his mother by the other wife of his father. The number “seven”. If you want to know the exact meaning, history, etymology or English translation of this term then check out the descriptions on this page. ...] m. ‘provided with moisture’, the atmosphere, air, [Ṛg-veda; Taittirīya-saṃhitā; Kāṭhaka] (cf. Note: sāgara is defined in the “Indian epigraphical glossary” as it can be found on ancient inscriptions commonly written in Sanskrit, Prakrit or Dravidian languages. The term occurs 133 times in the Rigveda, referring to oceans (real, mythical or figurative) or large bodies of water as well as to large Soma vessels, e.g. has sāgara, m., as a different high number.). Sāgara (सागर).—(1) (see also Upasāgara, and compare Sāgaranā- garājaparipṛcchā), name of a nāga king, often mentioned in close association with Anavatapta 2; lives in the ocean, compare samudramadhyāt sāgaranāgarājabhavanāt Saddharmapuṇḍarīka 261.3: Mahāvyutpatti 3238 = Tibetan rgya mtsho, ocean; Saddharmapuṇḍarīka 4.11; 263.3, 14, etc.

Gorr. One of them was named Asamañjasa. Another term, as mentioned above, is "sagara" (सअगर), which likewise is also found in modern Indo-Aryan languages and languages influenced by Sanskrit as an alternative for "samudra", some even having it more common to use than the latter term, including Balinese, Sundanese, and Javanese (in the form of "segara"). ; Lalitavistara 204.9; 219.9 (misprinted māgara); 270.6; 435.14; Suvarṇabhāsottamasūtra 85.5; 91.19; 158.14; 162.8; Kāraṇḍavvūha 68.5; Laṅkāvatāra-sūtra 2.3; 4.8; (Ārya-)Mañjuśrīmūlakalpa 18.12; 452.17, 21; in nearly all these identifiable by association with Anavatapta, or with the ocean; (2) name of another nāga king, mentioned later in the same list: Mahāvyutpatti 3264; here Tibetan dug can, poisonous, which sug- gests sa-gara; this word exists in Sanskrit as an adj. Sagara (सगर) is an example of a name based on an Epic or Purana mentioned in the Gupta inscriptions. Madhya 2.8 sindhu-pataye—unto the king of the province of Sindhu SB 5.13.24 He died there, both his wives being pregnant at that time. It whas after several thousands of years that Bhagīratha (q. v.) succeeded in bringing down to the Pātāla the celestial river Ganges to water and purify their ashes and thus to convey their souls to heaven.]. The story is given in the Ghata Jataka. [gareṇa viṣeṇa sahitaḥ] Poisonous, having poison, -raḥ Name of a king of the Solar race. ...] Name of a king of the solar race, sovereign of Ayodhyā (son of Bāhu; he is said to have been called Sa-gara, as born together with a poison given to his mother by the other wife of his father; he was father of Asamañja by Keśinī and of sixty thousand sons by Su-mati; the latter were turned into a heap of ashes by the sage Kapila [see bhagīratha], and their funeral ceremonies could only be performed by the waters of Gaṅgā to be brought from heaven for the purpose of purifying their remains ; this was finally accomplished by the devotion of Bhagīratha, who having led the river to the sea, called it Sāgara in honour of his ancestor: Sagara is described as having subdued the Śakas, Yavanas, and other barbarous tribes; [plural] ‘the sons of Sagara’), [Mahābhārata; Rāmāyaṇa] etc. Their primary canon of literature is divided in two broad categories: The Kangyur, which consists of Buddha’s words, and the Tengyur, which includes commentaries from various sources. "Samudram" redirects here. Closeley related to Sanskrit, both languages are used interchangeably between religions. (-raḥ) 1. Sāgara (सागर).— (cf. Closely related to Shaktism, Shaiva literature includes a range of scriptures, including Tantras, while the root of this tradition may be traced back to the ancient Vedas. [12], Some scholars like B.R. From Akkadian tâmtu meaning "sea". gṝ). [8] The Rigveda also describes the Vedic Sarasvati River as a river that flows to the ocean[9] and "is pure in her course from the mountains to the sea".

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