That has to be it. THANKS BIJU MATHEWMELBOURNE. 1,500 miles.

The post The Vintagent Classics: The Hard Ride first appeared on The Jessie.

FOR SALE on eBay in Henderson, Nev. 1,889 miles. FOR SALE on CraigsList in Cathlamet, Wash. 259 miles.

FOR SALE on CraigsList in Montrose, Pa. 3,000 miles. FOR SALE on CraigsList in Bozeman, Mont. Hi David I don't think it's a ignition key in the battery box. If you choose not to agree to the use of cookies all features of the site may not operate as intended. Explore colours, specification, Reviews and more about Continental GT. $3,000.

$14,980. Hi David,I am Biju Mathew from Australia .I have purchased a a Royal Enfield from India intended to import to Australia . FOR SALE on Hemmings in Colchester, Vt. With Avon fairing.

Thomas Jakobsson, of Sweden, wrote: "I wonder if someone can help me identify my supposedly 1966 Royal Enfield. The narrow teardrop tank is donned with a classic badge … $4,500. FOR SALE on CraigsList in Incline Village, Nev. $2,750. Text or phone 970-481-6355, or email, Apparently things are going well for the Redditch Local History Museum.

Hitchcocks muffler and header, Royal Enfield side pannier carriers and top rack, Royal Enfield army bags, aftermarket seat. CLICK HERE to see still more ads for Royal Enfields and Indians for sale in the United States. that was introduced in 1915 in response to the need for a bigger engine for

G2 engine crank weight is 14.5kg and b1 engine crank is 13kg.major difference is b1 bullet has very smooth gearbox and g2 has smoother engine but b1 bullet due to lighter crank can easily accelerate and g2 engine struggles to accelerate but thump and feel is way more better than b1. FOR SALE on CraigsList in Terrebonne, Ore. 660 miles. Same number is on chasi as well.

Jessie, thank you for the correction! Sometimes the way the numbers are applied to the motorcycle can provide valuable clues.

Basically, you should send the information above to Graham Scarth, chairman of the Royal Enfield Owners Club UK at Graham has made a study of these numbers and likely will be able to help you. Sprung pillion seat and disk brake are common modifications from India.

$4,900. Numbers at top left (facing forward) of frame, often hard to read. My bike has Frame number: G2/50910 E1/12910. 477 miles. Help identifying one mystery motorcycle came recently from the chairman of the Royal Enfield Owners Club. We use our own cookies for the use of the site, personalize content and ads and to perform analyses of our traffic.

The result is a chassis that's nimble and precise. lead additive? Royal Enfield.

Find all Royal Enfield Motorcycle models including Interceptor, Continental GT, Himalayan, Thunderbird, Classic and Bullet. All best. $3,000.

FOR SALE on CraigsList in Floresville, Texas. Royal Enfield Continental GT is the lightest, fastest, most powerful Motorcyle with 650 cc engine, get test ride and feel experience.

You can take the cover off to inspect your battery just by turning the key. Devil's in the Details. Could you pls advice its history .This helps me to import it to Australia as an enthusiast motor bike recovery scheme as classic ROYAL ENFIELD . $3,300.
© 2020. $6,000. $8,750. It has got an Engine Number G2 70256 along with a number EI 32256. Biju, you can read an explanation of how to date your motorcycle in my blog post at this link. $5,000.

i recently purchase a dismantled incomplete bike & i unable to identify which model this bike is , even no number on engine case, but in registered document in the year 1968 , states model as Ex army , Chassis number : g/2 18310 & engine number g 13347 . Still the email address for getting the enfield bullet is valid since you have mentioned this address on 2016 and it is before 3 years. FOR SALE on CraigsList in Temecula, Calif. $7,000. Vintagent. Classic Looks, Modern Tech: The 2020 Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Contents Model Overview Specifications Features Photos Videos Links The Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 is one of Royal Enfield's recently re-introduced models; a classic-looking twin with an old-school Originally available in 2 colours - Granite or Snow - and later in 2018, Sleet Grey was added.

Hi Guys, I am owner of a G2 bike it is registered as Army disposal in 1980, and the first owner claims that it is 1962 manufactured.Further the chassis number is clearly visible but the G2 serial number on the engine is missing. It would be helpful to him if you would attach to your email photos of the bike and especially of the numbers. Thanks in Advance. Every part on the Interceptor 650 is crafted to bring the rider a distinct timeless appeal of the 60's design. use as ... FOR SALE on eBay in Phoenixville, Pa. 8,426 miles. 1949 was a significant year for Royal Enfield, as it saw the introduction of the 350cc G2 Bullet, with full rear suspension (when most other marques at best only featured compromise plunger springing), to go with their 1946-on telescopic forks; as well as an all-alloy top end for an engine which had been reconfigured to now put Redditch’s characteristic oil compartment in the crankcase behind the cylinder. Will it be a problem at the time of FC inspection?

Pre-war Royal Enfield Bullets The 1948 G2 Bullet and Tony Wilson-Jones Trials and competition Bullets The 350cc Royal Enfield Bullet engine The Enfield Albion gearbox The 500cc JS Bullet and the casquette Full width brake hubs & cylinder head work Magneto ignitions and alternator electrics Coil ignition, 17-inch wheels, 6-inch brakes I will share the photos also through whatsApp my number is 7753032148, FOR SALE in Fort Collins, Colo. 500 miles. Model Engine Years Notes Royal Enfield Model CO 350 350 cc ohv single 1946–1947 A rigid … You might remember the motorcycle.

Hi David, Good Morning. $5,500. I have both original seats (passenger and rider). FOR SALE on CraigsList in Rohnert Park, Calif. $7,500. Answered by Abhishek on 07-08-2019. If you want to learn more about cookies and opt-out, click the button Privacy and Cookie Policy. We also share information about your use of our site with analytics partners who may combine it with other information that you’ve provided to them or that they’ve collected from your use of their services. 35 miles. Here's a big Duggie. As far as I can tell one of the 4hp (600cc) models please tell me which model this bike is, thank you. He does this at no cost to you. | Images shown here may differ from the actual product. FOR SALE on CraigsList in San Pedro, Calif. 3,240 miles. FOR SALE on CraigsList in Brookline, Mass.

He came home for love and peace and found another kind of war. Full details on having your Bullet identified, for free, by Graham Scarth, chairman of the Royal Enfield Owners Club UK are in my post at this link. The email is (note that his address ends in zero-one, not oh-one). 21” wheel at the front, 17” wheel at the back but very easy to recognise as it looks like no other Royal Enfield. Engine number: G2/50910 20620 E1/12910."

The Indian model bullets have a key lock for the battery cover. what kind of petrol does it need? If the address is changed can you please share the new email id for contacting the chairman? FOR SALE on CraigsList in Cheyenne, Wyo. Thomas has a much modified Royal Enfield.

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