addison wesley, A Leadership Development Instrument for Students: Updated, Student Leadership: A Phenomenological Exploration of Postsecondary Experiences, A Constructivist Case Study Examining the Leadership Development of Undergraduate Students in Campus Recreational Sports, Student Leadership Process Development: An Assessment of Contributing College Resources, Key Events and Lessons for Managers in a Diverse Workforce: A Report on Research and Findings, Developmental Outcomes of College Students' Involvement in Leadership Activities, Assessing the Developmental Components of Managerial Jobs, Expanding Our Understanding of Student Leadership Development: A Study Exploring Gender and Ethnic Identity. The results show that there are important differences in the types of experiences and lessons learned reported by African American managers and white managers.

Its numerous examples are especially valuable." Institutions have strengthened their capacity to foster faculty-student interaction, student-student interaction, and student engagement in community service. Education Research Complete, EBSCOhost (accessed November 3, 2014).

The use of survival analysis to study the shelf life of foods is quite a novel technique in which the key concept is to focus the shelf life estimation on consumer rejection. The model was tested with data produced in a microwave oven equipped with vacuum apparatus, using non-linear regression analysis. Exposition is quite discursive, and the mathematical level, except in Chapters 12 and 14, is very elementary.

is (a) to describe the forms of autobiographical memory and contrast them with other forms of memory; (b) to give a theoretical account of autobiographical memory in terms of the self; (c) to argue for the importance of phenomenal reports in the study of autobiographical memory; (d) to examine some of the experimental findings on autobiographical memory in the context of this analysis; (e) to give a detailed account of personal memory, one of the important forms of autobiographical memory; and (f) to outline a partially reconstructive view of personal memory (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2012 APA, all rights reserved), Examined how 3 women's colleges accomplished their goals of women's education and how they influenced their students, particularly on issues of leadership.
Design/methodology/approach Journal of Leadership Education Spring 2014 52 Remembering Apple CEO Steve Jobs as a “Transformational Leader”: Implications for Pedagogy Marlane C. Steinwart Assistant Professor Department of Communication Valparaiso University Jennifer A. Ziegler Associate Professor Valparaiso University Author Note Marlane C. Steinwart and Jennifer A. Ziegler, Department of Communication, … Chicago, Ill: B2 Books, 2011. eBook Collection (EBSCOhost), EBSCOhost (accessed November 3, 2014). This study was based on a census sample of juniors and seniors at a private liberal arts institution with an approximate enrollment of 1,800 students located in the Midwest United States. Specific methods of developing the leadership identity and capacity of individual volunteers and for developing shared leadership within volunteer groups are offered. Higher Education in Transition: A History of American Colleges and Universities, 1636-1968. People also remembered Jobs as an innovator, which is not typically associated with transformational leadership but which does reflect the discourse of the consumer el ectronics industries upon which he had an impact. Seven broad themes: organizing, planning, and delegating; balancing academic, personal and professional roles; mentor/role model and motivating others; problem solving and decision making; communication skills; working with others/diversity; and giving and receiving feedback emerged from the analysis. Remembering Apple CEO Steve Jobs as a Transformational Leader Implications for from ECONOMICS 051 at Taras Shevchenko University These atypical findings, in the context of prior studies, may be due to conceptual and methodological attributes of this study that sought to alleviate the deficiencies in previous research noted by Wenglinsky, namely, the use of path analytic procedures to examine the indirect and direct effects of institutional expenditure patterns and distinguishing among different types of expenditure categories. In the early 1990s Astin (1993) successfully linked leadership development to involvement, defined as the investment of psychosocial and physical energy in the collegiate environment. Our results suggest that creativity is not appropriately taught or rewarded in some engineering curricula, and those engineering students who view themselves as highly creative are less likely to graduate in engineering. Additional studies have explored the influence of particular types of involvement (e.g., community service, positional roles, organizational membership, and participation in formal programs) on various measures of leadership. Korean Journal of Environmental Agriculture.

Journal of College Student Development 47.3 (2006) 343-350 Three interrelated themes, people, action, and organization emerged from the ground of positive experience.
With his pioneering ideas and well-developed leadership approach, Steve Jobs has returned to … Steve Jobs, co-founder and CEO of Apple, CEO of Pixar, driving force behind the popularization of the Mac, of iTunes and iPods, of Apple Retail, of the iPhone and iPad, and of Apple itself, passed away on October 5, 2011. Steinwart, Marlane C., and Jennifer A. Ziegler. High eye contact, close proximity, and smiling also communicated less emotional arousal and greater composure, while high eye contact and close proximity alone conveyed greater dominance and control. SAT math, high school rank, and Conscientiousness were predictors of persistence and achievement. The first study asked students to share how they think they would like to learn about leadership. At this point, he was known a little in public and many people doubted him for this post. Hierarchical regression models explained between 31% and 40% of the variance in students’ reported capacities across the eight outcomes. These findings complement the growing number of leadership models that specifically target college students, including the relational leadership model (Komives, Lucas, & McMahon, 1998), the social change model (Higher Education Research Institute [HERI], 1996), the leadership challenge/Student Leadership Practices Inventory (Posner, 2004; Posner & Brodsky, 1992), and the leadership identity development model (Komives, Owen, Longerbeam, Mainella, & Osteen, 2004; Komives, Owen, Longerbeam, Mainella, & Osteen, 2005). The complementarities and tensions among traditions generate a theoretical metadiscourse that intersects with and potentially, informs the ongoing practical metadiscourse in society In a tentative schedule of the field, rhetorical, semiotic, phenomenological, cybernetic, sociopsychological, sociocultural, and critical traditions of communication theory are distinguished by characteristic ways of defining communication and problems of communication, metadiscoursive vocabularies, and metadiscoursive commonplaces that they appeal to and challenge. The argumentation of a practical discipline, like ordinary practical reflection, moves to and fro along the Theory-Practice continuum but in more methodical steps informed by systematic methodological reflection on the reflective process itself. As one of the most creative minds of the 20th and 21st century, he forever changed how we communicate with one another and the scope of how we use technology today. A consumer panel evaluated the overall acceptability of the pears on a 9-point hedonic scale.

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