Or you can download the digital version on Comixology or Marvel.com. supes ain't blitzing loki and certainly not beating thor, Correction Classic Loki used to have abilties such as soul manipulation, transmutation, TP, TK, draining, time manipulation etc, heck he used to be able to fly. This arc for the comic book continues to show Danvers in her new role as a villain. and has like one feat in which she does some chain reaction or something to blast a planet ( chain reaction not a single powerful blast to destroy a planet and it was still pis ). Clark fought two kryptonians weaker than himself, Simple and them being military isn't a skill feat, Jor-El was a renowned scientist not a fighter and he beat up a kryptonian general. And she is on a mission to kill the Avengers. She can dish out somendamage but nothing Strange cant and hasnt countered. So even with your own logic, Clark has what... a day worth of experience over the other Kryptonians? The only reason Superman isn't a blur to the viewers is because the director's film it that way (but they add mach cones as an indication.) But it has yet to show why or how she turned. I’ll be using feats that I believe are significant. In short, he'll be able to land many more hits than his opponents, and will not need to fight them all at once due to the distance he would create. You mean being super strong and super fast? Check out the synopsis to Captain Marvel #12: You can pick up a physical copy of Captain Marvel #12, as well as any back issues, at your local comic book shop. Non-Binary Capitan wasn't that impressive. Does Superman have some other feats besides those 2 scenes where he fought the JL and Steppenwolf? Clark had no real reason to considering Bruce was still absolutely no threat to Clark before the gas. She is not on Dr Stranges level and sure as hell not on Thor’s level. So you can't even propose something he should've done, huh? In the twelfth issue of this new volume, she has succeeded in killing another old teammate.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Either can beat Thor. She's extremely fast (I doubt Strange can react in time) and possibly has enough raw power to break free from Mirror Dimension (Thanos did it with Power Stone but she's likely supposed to be able to hold her own against Thanos with stones). She punched rogue from earth into outer space. He stomps. It's not close. Four on one and with good teamwork, Marvel's guys likely will be too much imo. Marvel has allready stated that CM is The most powerfull Avenger. He must still have some animosity from Civil War II. What should he have done there exactly? @geraldthesloth:Ha Ha yea - I'm not sure how long they were on though, but I do remember watching a few episodes though. Unless Carol can speedblitz, Strange wins. This is … That wasn't Binary, it was just Captain Marvels base powers.

In the fight after, he couldn't barely get a hit out on Doomsday. Most other abilities require prep. Thor (MCU) VS Captain Marvel (MCU) | BATTLE ARENA - YouTube It’s funny because Carol has yet to blitz anyone. Dceu superman isn't beating the 4 of them at once. All of his punches send people flying, he just tends to chase after them because there's usually only one enemy. because that makes no sense. because I haven't been keeping up with it. I think he eventually dumps her in the Mirror Dimension. If you are talking about Carol Danvers , Thor would knock her out even without stormbreaker or Odin/Thor force. edit: Obviously Strange would mop the floor with Carol at the start of her solo, if that's what the thread is asking. I have no idea where people are getting FTL idea however. I am thinking Captain Marvel though. I agree that he definitely has the speed advantage. Binary is on a cosmic level of power, but not a Power Cosmic user. Carol. Even if Clark had disabled the suit, Bruce could still hit him with gas and stomp his silly momentarily. @johndeyvido: He didn't care to fight batman but was throwing him through buildings? © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Like Thor, Captain Marvel can use her energy abilities to enhance her physical blows. Great job on the use of Prime! Someone is making Ms.Marvel look bad.looks above. Thanos has a chance though lesser then Thor or hela. They had the advantage of experience, skill and speed. If the worst comes to the worst he BFRs her into the Sun or the mirror dimension. "Stay down. Still Thor ID say given her speed reflexes and Binary who is a beast doesn't utilize her abilities that well. vs. Post Jl supes. Just watched it last night, and someone needs to stop people from putting captain marvel against every powerhouse. Your what we would call a fanboy.Thor would whip her...bad... Thor wins. Her and Strange have completely different power sets. If they're weaker than he is, then they're not two versions of him, are they? Poll Thor & Loki vs Superman & Captain Marvel (Shazam) (24 votes) Loki & Thor 54% . ecsnclr. Marvel will win due to the Wisdom of Solomon component of his powers. Because statues can’t back you up. The DC Comics Batman property has been on everyone’s minds lately. Based on? Clark countered with his ability of flight and superior striking power. Prove that he flew while "being in the presence of his axe".... Whatever that means.

In short, he'll be able to land many more hits than his opponents, and will not need to fight them all at once due to the distance he would create.

Superman & Shazam 46% . In the latest issue, she just killed another member of her former alma mater. Marvel and Thor are his only issues considering he'd quickly make it an air to air fight. ", "Clark fought two kryptonians weaker than himself". While Prime's physical powers change, his thought process does not so Marvel can out-think him, no matter how strong he is.

Yet they were still stomping him until he used his advantage of flight.

Marvel will win due to the Wisdom of Solomon component of his powers. They were not as experienced as Clark and we're clearly weaker.

Supes would blitz Loki then doggy pile Thor. It’s easy for a magic user to overcome physicals. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. lmao no. He hasn’t used abilities like mind control, he’s shape shifting is limited etc. Unchipped Carol should be fast enough to kill Strange before being BFR'd. Utilizes her gravity manipulation in battle etc....She may be Binary all the time which why she hasn't showcased many showings.But the few she have are more than enough. It is to kill every last member of her former team, the Avengers. She can also blast him like she did against Yon Rogg at the end. In this section, we’ll discuss in detail who would win in a fight between these two. and they have all have the durability to take his punches. Strange quite easily. Even if you want to argue it from that angle, you'd still be wrong. Most other abilities require prep. But not only did she kill him, she chopped off his head. Supes didn't fight intelligently against batman, the JL and DD. Marvel may win a minority but gives him a fight. Every one of his punches is going to create much distance in which Superman would attack a different member. How do you not see these two statements are in direct conflict with each other? What part of their fight made it seem as though they weren't in control of their powers? All the Marvel High tiers (Thor, Strange, Hulk, Vision, and Wanda) would still beat her IMHO. In what way exactly? But her combat speed isnt all that great. So he could throw him through buildings but can't be bothered to just disabled his batsuit, that's stupidity. http://www.youtube.com/watch#!v=4fSj4b_vhss, http://www.youtube.com/watch#!v=aX3oKyDilXA. A reason that has nothing to do with Larson or the MCU. Clark would still only really have to worry about 2 persons at a time given the flight and Thor still loses a lot of his prowess in the air.

Strange is a straight white male, he has no chance. When the God of Thunder discovers who is under the mask of this latest villain, he holds no bar. What are you talking about? There’s a difference.

Also she fought Zenith in battle who tried to overload her(Major back fire. Who do you think Superman is most likely to go after first in this situation? Shes definitely hypersonic and I'd wager she will be FTL in a little over a month when endgame comes out. Thor doesn't need to hold on to his weapon or throw it and hold on he can fly by just being in the presence of his axe. Strange is a powerhouse, can warp reality, BFR, manipulate mind and soul. @punyaamrit: I’ll even give you a hint ragnarok. Since his introduction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor has been promoted as the strongest superhero in the series.Scarlet Witch has been a contender, but she was never a leading protagonist like Thor. The smart thing to do against batman was just disabled his armor which he didn't. In this situation the starting distance would be 10 feet and since Superman is the fastest one here in reaction/combat speed, he will be able to make the first move and choose who to blitz first. Wow, I remember reading Prime way back when I was a kid... Saying that, Captain M stomps.

They were not as experienced as Clark and we're clearly weaker. And so, without his hammer, Captain Marvel was able to kill Thor. I'm not saying Superman would ignore a lightning blast from Thor, but his lightning cloak would surely be tanked. He clearly wasn't serious about fighting Batman, but here you are arguing that he'd do things when he obviously didn't care to. She's still quite below Thor in power, even without Odinforce. I just can't picture your scenario where he would punch them away one after the other.

One of the enemies does not possess a ranged weapon (Thanos). Cap's energy beam is the thing that may hit him, but he can surely take a few of them. Well i used to follow Captain Marvel till he died that was a sad day for me ... #9 Edited By Lantern Prime. This is mostly due to Brie Larson’s portrayal of the character (or some fans being mad at the comments she made before the film came out). © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. I mean , being able to contend against Thanos w/3 gem is a thing Carol wouldn't be able to replicate. Durability: Tie.

@punyaamrit: Loki: agent of Asgard and Loki (2019) but you should also read war of realms and the end of the second Thor run which was Thor (1998). People have hated on Captain Marvel for some time now. MOS Supes had almost every advantage over the kryptonians he fought as they were new to having powers. She has donned a new, black costume. Superman and Captain Marvel are the winners, are you talking about loki's series (if any) from 2020? But I’ll give you an opportunity for you to research why before I explain.

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