It’s frustrating that companies like Oway play off people’s emotions with warm-fuzzy buzzwords, rather than being purists & having true integrity in their mission & advertising. Get inspired by this week's trending shades from our #HolisticHairTribe. Organic Way (Oway) is the world’s first professional organic hair color, care and styling line with biodynamic, organic and fair trade ingredients. I always wondered about the ingredients in hair dyes or the ones in the salon places! Do you believe them? But something is amiss. Irina, thank you for all the good work you do on our behalf. Media will not do much because they are afraid to be sued. I emailed Green Hare and their products look good. I found out there the product that ruined my hair is also hazardous: Fall hair has arrived, ladies, and we got the hair color formulas right here. No offense, Tony, but let me ask you this. I got a full list of ingredients from their European website. It also recommends against scratching or brushing your scalp three days before using hair dyes. I stand with the Oesy brand as THE BEST OPTION compared to ALL other ingredient lists. An ultra concentrated serum that I enjoyed using after highlights or lightening. I’m a professional and I take my responsibility very seriously. The color seemed to fade pretty quickly and that was also with the use of color protection hair baths and masks. Please, anybody can read a label, Hi, Johnny! Further, the website claims that the active ingredients of OWAY color are biodynamic hibiscus, organic perilla oil, cotton protein, and ethical date. As you can see, ethanolamine that opens hair cuticles is among the OWAY hair color ingredients. Check out the top trending spring hair colors with formulas from our community.

I use Hairprint, which is something different. Ask about their 30-day money back guarantee. Thanks!!! Common sense dictates that if a patch test is required then things are not as they seem on the front of the box. Even though I think they could clean up their ingredients even more, & not be so deceptive with their advertising. Naturlique does not disclose ingredients to US consumers but they do to European ones. Even without synthetic perfume, it is still a dangerous beast. I have continued my own research after reading your review and do find this professional haircolor to be a much improved upon formula compared to its counterparts. I ordered a starter kit of Oway Hcolor without looking at an actual ingredients list.

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