Orange cake is always a good idea with a cuppa and this Michel Roux Jr.’s almond and orange cake is a delicious, easy cake that is perfect for dessert. Place sugar into a saucepan over medium heat until sugar has melted and reached a golden colour. hello, i’ll try it. Hi Selvi, (too high is also not good, as it will become very ‘breadlike’) KP Kwan, Thank You.. during MCO the cake recipe was very useful for newbies.. Hi, I’m curious to know what does it means by the: total liquid (80% to 120% of flour). If this happens, check when the cake is nearly cooked, say ten minutes before the baking is completed. To serve, spread Mascarpone Cream in a round on each serving plate and top with an Orange Cake. Do you increase/decrease the baking time according to the size of the cake? Self-raising flour contains baking powder, so you need to omit the baking powder in the recipe. KP Kwan. Once the sugar is partially mixed with the butter, turn to high speed all the way as it yields a better result. Orange… I do not have the scientific answer for that, but the crack never happens once I change to the square from round cake tins. Pour the mixture into the cake tin and bake in the preheated oven for 45 mins or until cooked. I am glad that it turned out well. I hope this information is helpful. I suggest you look for an eggless recipe that is proven, rather than making changes form this recipe. Also, if I make a chocolate cake or marble cake, I will use less than 80% sugar because the chocolate is sweet by nature.

Hi Caroline, Just the way i like it. If you were to add dried fruit (eg raisins) to this recipe, would there be any adjutments to the quantities of other ingredients? Hi, this is KP Kwan. Leave to cool.

It may only take one minute or less depends on the volume of your batter and the size of the mixing attachments. I hope to pay a visit to your cafe when overseas leisure travel is allowed. You may add 10% additional orange juice (or milk). Hi Ang, So most likely is the temperature, duration, and position in the oven. This simple recipe is packed with an irresistible flavor and guaranteed a full indulgence of the taste buds. But I realized there isn’t any vanilla essence added into this recipe. Hi KP I am using an iPad but still can’t see your recipe. What happens if the cake gets stuck to the bottom of the cake tin after baking? Thanks, Hi Krystle, I finally settle the amount of sugar at 80%, as most of my customers prefer a less sweet version.

Let it rest at room temperature for at least five to ten minutes.
Add the salt, baking powder and flour. Stay Safe. Prolonged mixing creates gluten. Hi KP Kwan, , Hi EL, Hi Gowri, If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. I’m going to try making it. I’m using cake flour as per your instruction. It is a no-frills recipe, emphasize on the technique, the formulation. . Okok, will test out with more orange zest and see. Spray 6 mini bundt tins with cooking spray.
Thanks for your kind words and happy to hear that it was a success. The recipe is for one eight-inch square cake. Place the remaining orange piece (one-third of the original orange) into food processor and pulse till roughly chopped. Mix the butter and sugar until there are no visible changes to the degree of fluffiness. I’ve tried your recipe today following all the useful tips. KP Kwan, Hi kp, I think it may be an issue for the mobile phone but should be fine on IPad and desktop. Thank u in advance. Another possibility is the flour you used. I am happy to see you in this comment area, as you have read through my recipe. Can you share what i have done wrong? The standard amount of baking powder is between 1% of and 4% of the flour.

There is no harm to do so. (Sugar is the tenderer for cake). You need to mix the sugar and butter longer to get a similar fluffy result.

Try to put at a lower rack so that the surface of the cake is further from the top element. Set aside to cool. I will look into the social sharing button. This delicious cake is great served with ice cream or lashing of double cream for dessert or serve on it’s own the next day with a cuppa. (5-10 degrees Celcius lower). Cut the unsalted butter into large pieces. if sugar recipe is 200g, I would use only 100g. The almonds add a nutty bite to this cake which works wonders with the moist sponge. Pour the first portion into the cream and mix until there are no noticeable strands of eggs. KP Kwan. Mixing is the most critical step which I will elaborate in details. By the time I get the rest of the ingredients ready, the butter has already fully softened. Are you able to please remove the social media icons from the right side of your website as these make it hard and a bit annoying to read through your instructions. 2. Unfortunately, those oven indicators are not that accurate. So far i had never manage to get a nice smooth surface. Isit becos its too runny? Glad to know that the orange cake article is useful to you. This way I can control the amount salt easily in various recipes. (You will find many crack top pound cake on the internet). It is my pleasure to share.

KP Kwan.

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