That makes her my step grandmother. . The two shared a laugh over Violet's overly complicated notes, and Violet told Henry to keep gong.

"Hey," he began. Zelena's both my adopted half aunt, and my step great great aunt, so I just call her my aunt. Woodlands killings: Man gets death for murder of wife, four-year-old daughter, Mom’s Weird Trick Raises Her Credit 193 Points, Strata commercial units for sale at Peninsula Plaza and Sim Lim Square, The Crown: Which royal palaces are in season four?

Once Upon a Time isn’t just a story about fairy tale characters — it’s a story about one big, sometimes happy, sometimes conflicted, sometimes treacherous family. Watch clips and full episodes of OUAT for free on Yahoo View. Now, Maurice and Collette welcome a daughter, Belle. Introduction The inspiration for creating this social network came with the final season of the show Once Upon a Time, an ABC drama featuring fairytale characters who are magically cursed into modern day America., an ABC drama featuring fairytale characters who … Good luck! Milah left with a pirate named Killian Jones, who's also my soon to be step father. Popular Quizzes Today. She had a child with Robin, who's name is Robin, and she's my adopted half cousin, and I'm not even going to try and figure out how many steps, greats, and halves she might be. "No, I flunked the assignment because at that time, I knew next-to-NOTHING about my routes and where it was I came from until you knocked on my door 28 years later. So all that's left is Killian. "Rumple and Milah. Directed by Dean White. Everything and everyone settled into some form of a routine: Henry went to school, Snow went to teaching, David maintaining his and Snow's farm, Emma and Hook policed the town, Gold managed the pawn shop, balancing that with being a family man while Belle managed the library.

Everyone knew Henry had one of those fantastical family trees but now they had an idea JUST how fantastical it actually was. Please zoom in to see more clearly. This quiz will test your knowledge on the characters relations to each other. Season 7 will focus on Lana Parrilla’s Regina, Robert Carlyle’s Rumplestiltskin, Colin O’Donoghue’s Captain Hook, and two new characters played by Andrew J.

And then. AN: I'm back again with another Once Upon A Time fanfic. "Okay," he agreed. But we'll get into that later," he paused for breath, and saw that Violet wasn't having too much trouble with the notes yet. In the Once Upon A Time universe, almost everyone is related.

Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Friendship - Henry Mills, Violet - … Rate 5 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 2 stars Rate 1 star . Freckles (Nicole), Evil Panda (Gaby) and Dani attempt the Once Upon a Time family tree. "Who are Neal's parents?" Uncle Gideon also just showed up in town as an adult, and he's trying to kill my mom. The teacher was amazed at how far I was able to stretch back my lineage", Henry stated. That doesn't really matter, because they never married, but he could've been by adopted step dad, which would have been pretty cool.

I asked Grandpa and Killian, but they didn't know who Milah's parents were, so I guess there's no way to find out.". "Rumple later married Belle French, who's now Belle Gold.

", "Emma," Henry responded. So that makes King George my adopted Great Grandfather, I think. Well, I guess Regina too, since she's my Grandma's step mom. Which family tree should we use?". Killian's dad was a pirate named Brennan, who sold him and his brother Liam to another pirate at a young age. The Once Upon A Time franchise is owned and operated by ABC Studios and Kitsis/Horowitz, Inc. "Tonight's homework assignment: Assemble your family tree and present it to the class tomorrow. She also befriended Belle. He knew his smarts when fighting fairy tale villains would not come in handy when facing the perils of schoolwork. The ties between the characters run deep. This quiz will test your knowledge on the characters relations to each other. Jennifer Morrison is not returning for Season 7, and with her departure, this tree is going to lose a lot of branches. That will be all for today", Henry's teacher stated before slamming the textbook shut as if it was finalized. Have a wonderful day! This time around, it's the dreaded family tree assignment you get. .

Mrs. Jones was, however, unamused at the joke. His family's a little less complicated," Henry decided. I'm pretty sure Hook himself did one if he went to school, even I had to do one in school", she stated. Both were tied to Emma and Belle. "Well, out of all the family trees I heard today, you, Henry Mills, yours takes the cake.

Robert and Ruth gave birth to two sons, Prince Charming and James. "Good. Instantly, his face turned sober, and he felt guilty. "I think if you had handed this in back when you were in school you would have received an A+" he stated. ‘The Big Bang Theory’: Star Mayim Bialik on Shamy’s Season Finale Shocker. "I passed the assignment. "Kid, you're telling me you have no clue who his parents are? James is raised by King George. Once Upon a Time ' s first season received generally favorable reviews from critics who praised its cast, visuals, and twists on fairy tales, though some criticized its uneven tone. Colbert Responds to Trump’s Attack, Asks President to Resign, Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny accidentally listed to appear in court in Stoke-on-Trent, Mickey and Minnie Mouse in the dock as IT error sees cartoon characters appear on court listings. Henry took a look, it was almost completely filled in. "Right. The paper was blank. He and his wife had another son, who they also named Liam. "If you're stuck on a family tree, start with your parents and work backwards", she said, trying to be helpful. Set some time during season six. Perhaps they would have chosen Violet's family tree after all. Henry tries to explain his family tree, and confusion ensues. Emma asks him if he did the family tree assignment in school and Hook states nope because he never went to school, saying he never got the chance but I felt it took away from Henry's POV. A/N Hope everyone enjoyed! Class dismissed", she said as if it was final which in this case, it was. He also went by Neal Cassidy. I'll have to tell Grandma sometime. Snow's parents were Queen Eva and King Leopold. Killian's my soon to be step father, since him and my mom are engaged. A+ for you right off the bat. Hint: You were kidnapped by 2 of his goons." "I was thinking about maybe turning in two family tree assignments and just calling it a day. Not likely: Dorothy Gale or anyone from Oz, now that Zelena/the Wicked Witch is off the canvas. "All right, Henry, you're up", she stated. They also have a son named Neal, who's my uncle, even though he's not even a year old. Follow/Fav Once Upon a Family Tree. The family tree we’ve made is just the start of it! The family tree we’ve made is just the start of it! I'm sorry. Henry and Violet are working on a family tree project. Probable: Peter Pan. . Henry gulped, straightened his tie, grabbed his paper and stepped up to face the class.

TV Shows Once Upon a Time. It's not that Henry didn't enjoy homework per se, considering it's the only thing to keep the kid occupied. So that means I had a step uncle named Liam, and I have a step half uncle named Liam.

Your notes are the kind of natural reaction anyone would have to hearing my family tree. Hand in your family trees on my desk on your way out. Snow White marries Prince Charming and bares him 2 children: Emma and Neal. How complicated could this be? Possible: Ariel. "I think family reunions at your house must be miserable," Violet joked, and the young couple shared another laugh. Set after the Season Finale. Not only is Morrison leaving, so are Ginnifer Goodwin (Snow White), Josh Dallas (Prince Charming), Jared Gilmore (Henry), Emilie de Ravin (Belle), and Rebecca Mader (Zelena).

Anyone who religiously tunes into ABC on Sundays at 8 p.m. knows that the Once Upon A Time family tree is crazy. Can you name the Once Upon A Time Family Tree? Because he was adopted into Regina's side of the family, which pretty much butchered most, if not all of, his ties to Emma. There are friends and foes with bonds to multiple characters. Everything you need to know, FWD Home Insurance (Review): Comprehensive Cover At Low Premiums, Every Senior In United States Urged To Wear This $49 SmartWatch, Man who filmed women in toilet of Giant Hypermarket building at Tampines North jailed, COVID-19: Singapore confirms 11 new cases, all imported, Lost note from Princess Diana found ahead of Panorama investigation, Factors to consider before getting your first credit card, Best Cancer Insurance Plans In Singapore (2020). What's next?

The ties between the characters run deep.

That took Henry by surprise. by fifistevo2005 Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle . Having seen him get the hang of it, Emma decided she wasn't needed for that particular assignment anymore but stuck around in case he needed help with the others. I can say right now, you went above and beyond. Let’s look at how these departures will affect the relationships of OUAT: Nearly all of the Charmings are out of the picture: Emma, her parents, her baby brother, and her biological son. After Queen Eva died, King Leopold married Regina, which makes her Snow's step mom. "Well, on Grandpa's side of the family, we have his parents Ruth and Robert. Well, King Xavier is the father of Prince Henry, my namesake. After Eva's death, he remarries to Regina. There's my twisted and overly complicated family tree. In the Once Upon A Time universe, almost everyone is related. "Now, my step grandma's parents are Sir Maurice, or Moe French, and Collete. ", Henry smiled, and Violet asked, "Why? "Whatever pleases you, milady.".

Once Upon a Time isn’t just a story about fairy tale characters — it’s a story about one big, sometimes happy, sometimes conflicted, sometimes treacherous family.. "I know, that's why I saved you for last.". "I guess we'll start with my dad's side. They just had a son, who's my half uncle Gideon. ", "My mom," Henry said, then clarified, "Emma.

His parents, my paternal grandparents, were Rumplestilskin and Milah. Henry got the idea. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. R&R! The miller's daughter is Cora, who laid with Jonathan, which led to Zelena, she later marries Henry and bares him Regina, my other mother. Needless to say, the book was finished, nothing to add on except "And They Lived Happily Ever After" or just a plain old The End. "I think the teacher wants the real names.". She truly believed she could take notes on his family tree? James died, and David went to live with George, and took on James's name. "So, what's the problem? However, Henry knew his family tree was pretty screwed up. ", "Well, my mom, Emma's, parents were Snow White and Prince Charming.

Ever since the final battle ended, everything just sort of stopped, like it did with the very first curse before Emma broke it. When they were finished, Henry asked, "In all seriousness, though. Now, Malcolm and Fiona give birth to Rumple. Emma inquired. What do you think?"

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