The municipality has a dependency ratio of 64.7 which implies that there are about 65 persons in the dependent age for every 100 persons in the working age group. Your email address will not be published. Animals mostly reared are sheep, goats, cattle, pigs, poultry and snails.

The municipal area is drained largely by the Densu and its tributaries, the Bompon, Obopakko and Afena which serve as the main source of drinking water. Poultry production is fast growing with over 50,000 birds produced annually. It is estimated that 26.1% of the economically active population is engaged in the agricultural sector. Spraying machines and pruners are also increasingly used.

The second runner-up, Afi Adwodi, won a mountain bicycle, a spraying machine, some bags of fertiliser and a pair of safety boots.

The Densu River Basin is located in the south-eastern part of Ghana with a total land area of about 2,488 sq.

The vegetation is characterized by tall trees with evergreen undergrowth and rich in economic trees including Chlorohorae excelsa (Odum), Ceiba pentandra (Onyina), Antaris africana (Kyenkyen), Triplochinton scleroxylon (Wawa). Major institutions involved in this crusade are the Environmental Protection Agency and the Water Resources Commission. Addressing the farmers and people of New Juaben North at the 36th Farmers’ Day celebration, the Municipal Agriculture Director Mr Courage Narh said the flagship Planting for Food and Jobs programme which was introduced by  President  Akufo-Addo is the reason there are plenty of foodstuffs in the market during the time of COVID-19. A 42-year-old carpenter, Mr George Kadedji, has been adjudged the overall best farmer in Asikesu, a village in the New E/R: Carpenter wins best farmer in New Juaben North About Us

A 42-year-old carpenter, Mr George Kadedji, has been adjudged the overall best farmer in Asikesu, a village in the New Juaben North Constituency in the Eastern Region.

A 42-year-old carpenter, Mr George Kadedji, has been adjudged the overall best farmer in Asikesu, a village in the New Juaben North Constituency in the Eastern Region. The Adawso-Bawjiase/Nta-Ofin Compound Association, which forms the smallest group of soils are characterized by grey-brown loamy humus horizons which are most economically utilized for the production of annual and semi-perennial food crops such as plantain, cocoyam and bananas.

The first runner-up, Clement Owusu, was also given a motorcycle, a spraying machine, a pair of safety boots and some bags of fertiliser.

Addressing the farmers and people of New Juaben North at the 36th Farmers’ Day celebration, the Municipal Agriculture Director Mr Courage Narh said the flagship Planting for Food and Jobs programme which was introduced by President Akufo-Addo is the reason there are plenty of foodstuffs in the market during the time of COVID-19. The major activities which have been carried out recently include the following: As part of efforts to strengthen capacity for managing the basin training needs assessment of various stakeholders have been carried out in the following areas; The three predominant soil types found in the municipality are the Nankese-Koforidua/Nta-Ofin compound, Fete-Bediesi Complex, and Adawso-Bawjiasi/Nta-Ofin Compound Association. Former President Jerry John Rawlings is dead. Table 1.3 below depicts a comparison of the stock of houses and households in the municipality and the region.

For over three decades a number of management problems have emerged to negatively affect the development and use of the water resource. Inappropriate farming activities on the banks of the river and at the source; Use of agrochemicals in mechanized farming and harmful chemicals in fishing; Dumping of liquid and solid waste material from domestic and industrial sources into the basin; Indiscriminate harvesting of wood from the source to the midstream; Formation of committees to tackle land-use management, waste management, awareness creation and education; Establishment of strong links with Municipal/District Assemblies, Non-governmental organizations, CBOs opinion leaders and Traditional Authorities in the implementation of action programmes; Instituting interventions to improve water quality of the river; Embarking on systematic public awareness campaign in schools, district assemblies, radio and in communities; Collaboration with CBOs, NGOs and community groups to plant trees in response to educational programmes; Construction of 560 boreholes in the basin for domestic purposes; i. Table  shows that farming is still not attractive to the youth who form the majority of the economically active population.

About 1.7% of households live in kiosks and other improvised dwelling units. Sustainable Livelihoods from other sources (Complementary/ Alternative Livelihoods), iii.
A huge proportion of the employed population are engaged in the public service, industrial, service and education sectors. The strategic location of New Juaben, sharing boundaries with districts that are famous in agricultural production, provides an opportunity to develop agro processing facilities to make use of raw materials from these areas. Mr Kadedji emerged overall winner out of … A group of young people started the production of silk from silk worms that feed on mulberry leaves.

–  Management of the Densu Basin Water Resource. About 95% of farmers use cutlasses, hoes, axes and mattocks.


The remaining 52 settlements have smaller population sizes which do not normally measure up to the population thresholds required for the provision of essential socio-economic services. and spanning 12 districts including New Juaben. New Juaben North Municipal.

The farms are located at the slopes of Oboutabiri Mountain. The 2000 Population and Housing Census put the population of the Municipality at 136,768 with a growth rate of 2.6% which is lower than the national average of 3.1. The municipality’s household size of 10.9 persons is the highest in the region. The Ofin series is particularly suitable for the cultivation of dry season vegetable crops as vegetables, sweet potatoes, sugar cane and rice. Processing as a means of conserving bumper output is very limited.

The district however has 11.3% of households living in separate houses which are the least common in the region.

These young people need to be encouraged with funds. Municipal District in Ghana.

The municipality on the other hand is predominantly Christian, constituting a population of 82.8%, Moslems 6.1% and traditional believers 2.4%. A 42-year-old carpenter, Mr George Kadedji has been adjudged the overall best farmer in Asikesu, a village in the New Juaben North Constituency in the Eastern Region. He also indicated that due to the Planting for Food and Jobs programme, the country’s agriculture has not been affected by climatic change in recent times. The rock formation has significantly contributed to the growth of the quarry industry serving as a great potential for the production of chippings for road construction. The underlying rock formation is mainly metamorphic which is known as the Akwapim/Togo rocks. The effects of destruction of the surrounding environment  of the river basin is however impacting negatively on the sustainability of this natural resource and causing perennial water shortages particularly in the dry season. The spatial distribution of basic infrastructure and services, namely, water, electricity, educational institutions, banking and postal services, police, health facilities, markets and allied utilities are depicted in the maps below.

A number of baseline studies have been conducted to collect, collate and generate information to address the current situation. The Member of Parliament for New Juaben North constituency,  Nana Agyei Boateng, who doubles as Deputy Minister of Local Government and Rural Development also said “we would have died out of hunger if not for the sake of farmers in times of coronavirus” while commending farmers for their good work. There is a fair mix of Asantes, Kwahus and Akims with a sizeable number of Akwapims. This is a project initiated by Cadbury, now known as Kraft Foods. Community- centred Development, and. The age structure of the district shows a relatively large proportion of children and a small proportion of older persons, i.e.

This is part of the Akwapim ranges that stretch across the north-eastern portion of the municipality. The age and sex distribution of the municipal population is shown in Table 1.2 below: The proportion of the urban population in the Municipality is 88.4%. more.

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