The router resets and returns to the factory settings. Reset Router to Factory Settings You can return the router to its factory settings. Use a paper clip or similar object to press and hold the Restore Factory Settings or Reset button for seven seconds. Use a sharp object such as a pen or a paper clip to press and hold the Restore Factory Settings button, located on the bottom of the router, for over 5 seconds until the Power LED turns to blinking amber. Use the end of a paper clip or a similar object to press and hold the WPS/Reset button on the back of the router for at least four seconds. To reset the Netgear WNR2020 to its default settings, you have to do the following steps: Switch on router Press WPS/Reset button and hold for at least 4 seconds Restart of the device is automatically executed Router has been reset to factory settings On the back of your router, locate the Restore Factory Settings or Reset button. The Power LED blinks. To perform a factory reset: Verify that your router’s Power light is on. Release the Restore Factory Settings button, and wait for the router to reboot. Support Thank you for selecting NETGEAR products.

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