How does prolonged confinement shape our experience of time? As Executive Director of NahHO! Overview (1–3 pages) of the story, creative treatment and the director/creator’s point of view. On Friday, November 13, the day after its premiere at FICFA, Plus haut que les flammes (Higher Than Flames Will Go),, A true cinematic tour de force, this auteur essay film is an adaptation of. For all the details and to access the films, visit. Donald Bidd, ed, The NFB Film Guide: The Productions of the National Film Board of Canada from 1939 to 1989 (1991); Gary Evans, In the National Interest: A Chronicle of the National Film Board of Canada from 1949 to 1989 (1991); D.B. Ollie, is a biracial and genderqueer creator, mentored on this project by, distinguished filmmaker, screenwriter and activist, After working abroad for five years, Ajahnis returns home to Oshawa in the age of quarantine to reconnect and share some deep personal truths. Press kit:, Online Screening Room: NFB Facebook | NFB Twitter | NFB Instagram | NFB Blog | NFB YouTube | NFB Vimeo, Madeleine Blanchard, for the NFB Tel. 2 – National Co-productions. He has made numerous short films to date, with his most recent being, Follow #TheCurveNFB #LaCourbeONF to learn more about. No print of this early Canadian film is known to exist. Januar 2020 um 21:26 Uhr bearbeitet. Press kit:, Moi, Barnabé (I, Barnabé) by Jean-François Lévesque (15 min) Produced by the NFB with the participation of ARTE France. Seven new COVID-19 NFB short films premiere online at, Montreal – National Film Board of Canada (NFB), Starting October 13, seven new short films from. “You know, when I was a boy, I fell in love with the Virgin Mary. In Wide-Shots and Close Ups, distinct voices, speaking from different points on the COVID-19 map, enhance our understanding of the pandemic experience, in works produced by the NFB’s North West Studio in Edmonton and BC and Yukon Studio in Vancouver. Eine Revision des nationalen Filmgesetzes im Jahr 1950 entfernte jeglichen direkten Einfluss der Regierung in den Betrieb und die Verwaltung des NFB.

Follow #TheCurveNFB #LaCourbeONF to learn more about The Curve’s creators and get news and sneak peeks of upcoming works. The first Canadian sound feature film; made with U.S. financing. More recently it has been criticized for its increasingly commercial orientation; only one third of its budget is now spent on the production of new films. Productions, he produces works that reflect traditional knowledge, science, natural history and northern storytelling with independence, authenticity and integrity. NFB distribution rights are subject to negotiation based on strategy/goals for the production. November 3, 2020 – Moncton – National Film Board of Canada. 1938 lud die kanadische Regierung den britischen Dokumentarfilmer John Grierson ein, die Lage der staatlichen Filmproduktion zu untersuchen. Originality/inventiveness of approach and perspective; A clear understanding of the core audience the project is being made for, how they can be reached and how that relates to choices around form and platform; A thoughtful approach to ethics and representation (both on and off screen); Viability – financial, access, approach, etc. We accept proposals throughout the year. the NFB’s Canadian Francophonie Studio in Moncton. The COVID pandemic strikes a tragically familiar chord for the Inuvialuit people of the Mackenzie River Delta, whose ancestors were infected with deadly smallpox in the early 19th century by John Franklin and his crew, to be followed by other devastating epidemics later on. An overview of the intended audience: Who are they, where are they most likely to see this work, and why is it relevant to them?

In the case of an interactive work, a description of the user experience; a description of the platform(s) and (if relevant) the relation between them, as well as how they serve your subject and its treatment; the technologies you anticipate using, and the description of the levels of user engagement. University of Manitoba Press 2004. Produced by Jon Montes. 1956 verlegte das NFB seinen Hauptsitz von Ottawa nach Saint-Laurent, damals noch ein eigenständiger Vorort von Montreal. If there is interest in your project, we will reach out to you for further discussion. FICFA takes place online and in the Greater Moncton region from November 12 to 20, 2020.

You are the director/creator and the NFB is the sole producer on the project. Englischsprachige Produktionen entstehen auch in Toronto (Ontario Centre), Vancouver (Pacific & Yukon Centre), Edmonton (North West Centre), Winnipeg (Prairie Centre) und Halifax (Atlantic Centre). : 506-871-3638 FICFA takes place online and in the Greater Moncton region from November 12 to 20, 2020. Press kit:, Plus haut que les flammes (Higher Than Flames Will Go) by Monique LeBlanc (104 min) – New Brunswick big screen premier Produced by the NFB’s Canadian Francophonie Studio in Moncton. This search will return films available for online viewing.. Our Collection.

The NFB retains copyright in the project equivalent to its production equity stake. An Ojibwe filmmaker based in Toronto, originally from Nipissing First Nation, Cole Forrest was mentored on this project by Nadine Pequeneza, who has earned acclaim as a writer/director/producer of incisive social-justice documentaries. is being produced by the NFB’s English and French-language studios across the country. Produced by Allan Code (NahHO! For enquiries, contact us. Both partners agree on the human and post-production resources to be provided by the NFB, as well as the marketing strategy.

Interviewing his subjects in a novel socially distanced mode, Weiye explores the culturally specific concept of, Chinese-Canadian director Weiye Su studied cinema at the University of Regina, winning acclaim for his student film, Conor McNally is a filmmaker, photographer and member of the Métis Nation of Alberta, based in Amiskwaciy (Edmonton, Alberta, Treaty 6).

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