), The Piglet (Newer updated version broadcast on BabyFirstTV on March 7, 2012. ), The Caterpillar (Rebroadcast on BabyFirst TV on February 28, 2012. ), The Kangaroo (An updated version was rebroadcast on BabyFirstTV on February 1, 2012. ), The Tortoise (Remake of the original 1970's version. The educational children series was developed for television by Douglas Wood who created the concept and characters, and a subsequent team headed by Emmy Award-winning director Olexa Hewryk and JoJo's Circus co-creator Eric Weiner, and produced by Curious Pictures and The Baby Einstein Company. ), The Owl (Rebroadcast on BabyFirstTV on February 11, 2012. The Twisted Whiskers Show is a 2010 Canadian-French-American animated comedy series based on the Twisted Whiskers greeting cards created by Terrill Bohlar for American Greetings. programming block. The channel's programming is primarily targeted at families, and features a mix of television movies and miniseries, original and acquired television series, and lifestyle programs. In the United Kingdom, the episodes are narrated and the characters are voiced by Derek Griffiths.

). ), The Spider (Originally aired on 13 December 1973. Hyperion Pictures is an American film production company founded by Thomas L. Wilhite, who had previously been the head of motion picture and television produced for and owned by Walt Disney Productions, and writer/director Willard Carroll. “Modern tourist guides have helped raised tourist expectations. ), The Dog (Originally aired on 22 November 1974. Cosgrove Hall Films was a British animation studio founded by Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall; its headquarters was in Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester.

The kittens go to investigate alone, and return scared, before watching from a distance and finding that the scary item was either a friendly animal or a fun object. It began airing as the first program of the Hasbro/Discovery TV network, Discovery Family on October 10, 2010. block in 2006 and 2007. ), The Crab (Remake of the original 1970's version. Gracious, the animal or object follows them as they tumble and run back to the other side of the garden, posing together and looking at the viewers as the episode draws to a close, with the words "THE END". ), The Hornet (Rebroadcast on BabyFirstTV on February 22, 2012. This was the first, The Elephant (Originally aired on 29 November 1976. 26 episodes were produced. It was post-produced by a Canadian animation studio, Animation City Editorial Services. It is aired on the CBeebies channel and is currently the longest running CBeebies programme and the longest running preschool series in Britain. The film matched animated zoo animals with a soundtrack of people talking about their homes, making it appear as if the animals were being interviewed about their living conditions. Tots TV is a British children's television programme, produced by Ragdoll Productions and Central. Clang Invasion is a Canadian-Singaporean-Australian animated television series produced for the Canadian children's programming channel YTV. 1936), The Ants (Originally aired on May 7th, 1971. Each episode is approximately five minutes long and focuses on two playful kittens, the brothers Mio and Mao. D&D Beyond Life and career. The Adventures of Blinky Bill is an Australian animated television series based on Dorothy Wall's books about Blinky Bill. An American version of the series was also made. Something Special is a children's television programme presented by Justin Fletcher. As they roll, run, squish, bounce and tumble across a clay garden, they discover a variety of mysterious animals and objects on the other side. ), The Hedgehog (Originally aired on 27 December 1976. 1914), “Religious literature has eminent examples, and if we run over our private list of poets, critics, philanthropists and philosophers, we shall find them infected with this dropsy and elephantiasis, which we ought to have tapped.”—Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882), “Twenty or thirty years ago, in the army, we had a lot of obscure adventures, and years later we tell them at parties, and suddenly we realize that those two very difficult years of our lives have become lumped together into a few episodes that have lodged in our memory in a standardized form, and are always told in a standardized way, in the same words.

In the past, it was also broadcast as part of the CBeebies programme strand on BBC One and BBC Two.

It was created by Nick Park and Aardman Animations.

), The Parrot (A cockatoo appears in this episode as well. Franklin is a Canadian/French children's animated television series, based on the Franklin the Turtle books by Brenda Clark and Paulette Bourgeois, and produced by Nelvana. is an American animated children's television series created by Josh Selig for Nickelodeon's Nick Jr. block. Also, Mio and Mao's voices were both done by a male voice actor.) Some long-running productions list "production babies". The series is produced by the Yoram Gross companies: Yoram Gross Film Studio and Yoram Gross-EM.TV, with the main co-production of EM.TV and WDR. Wonder Pets! ), The Dragonfly (Rebroadcast on BabyFirstTV on April 8, 2012. ), The Crocodile (Newer updated version rebroadcast on BabyFirstTV on March 11, 2012. The Littles is an animated television series originally produced between 1983 and 1985. ), The Piglet (Remake of the original 1970's version. [1]. ), The Raccoon (Originally titled "The 'Coon", but the title was changed when the episode aired in the United States. Citizen Smith is a British television sitcom written by John Sullivan, first broadcast from 1977 to 1980. Nowadays Mio Mao airs on BabyFirst in the USA. Mio Mao (pronounced me-o mow), also known as Mio and Mao, is an Italian stop motion children's TV show created by Francesco Misseri in the 1970s, produced using Claymation animation. A full set of credits can include the cast and crew, but also production sponsors, distribution companies, works of music licensed or written for the work, various legal disclaimers, such as copyright and more. Do not translate text that appears unreliable or low-quality. 67 episodes were produced. ), The Koala (Rebroadcast on BabyFirstTV on February 1, 2012. All three seasons of the series and the TV movie were animated overseas by Colorland Animation Productions Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong. It was mainly known for its series Danger Mouse and Count Duckula. Often, near the end of the episode, the animal or object will need help, and Mio and Mao come to their rescue, then invite the animal or object to come play with them. ), The Tortoise (Updated version broadcast on BabyfirstTV on March 22, 2012. Mio Mao (pronounced me-o mow), also known as Mio and Mao, is an Italian stop motion children's TV show created by Francesco Misseri in the 1970s, produced using Claymation animation. Nowadays Mio Mao airs on BabyFirst in the USA. 1971 Cose di Cosa Nostra (dubbing mixer) 1970 Many Wars Ago (sound mixer) 1970 Mio Mao: Fatiche ed avventure di alcuni giovani occidentali per introdurre il vizio in Cina (sound mixer) 1970 The Pizza Triangle (sound mixer) The Hare (Rebroadcast on BabyFirst TV on February 13, 2012.) The series was produced for the American broadcast network ABC by the French/American studio DIC Audiovisuel. In Europe, the second season of the show premiered on the Disney Channel around Christmas time, and in Japan, it aired on October 8, 2007, on Playhouse Disney Japan. The Egg (Originally aired on 20 December 1974. https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Mio_Mao&oldid=980306717, Channel 5 (British TV channel) original programming, Italian children's animated television series, Articles needing translation from Italian Wikipedia, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. ), The Cicada (Rebroadcast on BabyFirstTV and BabyTV on February 5, 2012. ), The Hippopotamus (Rebroadcast on BabyFirstTV on March 26, 2012. And they have provided the natives—from Kaiser Wilhelm down to the villagers of Chichacestenango—with a detailed and itemized list of what is expected of them and when. ), The Cricket (Rebroadcast on BabyFirstTV on February 15, 2012. Do not translate text that appears unreliable or low-quality. The company was wound down by its then owner, ITV plc, on 26 October 2009. ), The Polyp/Octopus (Rebroadcast on BabyFirstTV on February 7, 2012. It is broadcast by the BBC. ), The Mole (Originally aired on 15 November 1974. Each episode is set to original music by a 10-member live orchestra. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The trio created, wrote for and performed in their eponymous television comedy show from 1970 until 1982, combining sketches and situation comedy. ), The Cow (Newer updated version rebroadcast on BabyFirstTV on February 23, 2012. The series, which combines surreal sketches and situation comedy, was broadcast by the BBC, initially on BBC2 but soon moving to BBC1, from 1970 to 1980. It also aired on Canal Panda, Gloob, Nickelodeon, ABC Me and Pop.

), The Crocodile (Remake of the original 1970's version. ), The Koala (Remake of the original 1970's version. Reruns were then moved to Playhouse Disney's successor, Disney Junior.

The first episode of the Little Einsteins series premiered on Playhouse Disney in the UK on October 3, 2005, in the United States on October 9 and in Japan on TV Tokyo on February 14, 2006. Cosgrove Hall was once a major producer of children's television and animated programmes; Cosgrove Hall's programmes are still seen in over eighty countries. The original series was produced by PMBB, CineMac2TV and HDHFilmTV and aired on Programma Nazionale in 1974. After Francesco Misseri's production company Misseri Studio acquired Mio Mao in 2000 and remastered series 1 in 2003, Misseri Studio and Associati Audiovisivi created two more series for Channel 5's Milkshake! 26 half-hour episodes of the CG series were produced by American Greetings, DQ Entertainment, MoonScoop Group and MoonScoop Entertainment. ), The Hare (Rebroadcast on BabyFirst TV on February 13, 2012. Mio Mao (pronounced me-o mow), also known as Mio and Mao, is an Italian stop motion children's TV show created by Francesco Misseri in the 1970s, produced using Claymation animation.[1]. The company produces both live-action and animated productions such as The Brave Little Toaster and The Runestone. It is by Misseri Studios.

This was the first Mio Mao episode ever produced. ), The Cow (Remake of the original 1970's version. ), The Beaver (Rebroadcast on BabyFirst TV on February 12, 2012. ), The Chameleon (Rebroadcast on BabyFirstTV on February 5, 2012. If possible, verify the text with references provided in the foreign-language article.

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