Maybe we should start a new style: what they call "tomboy" cake with marbled cake, nothing on the outside? Swirl with a toothpick. 2004 - 2020 © Cake Central Media Corp. All Rights Reserved. That avoids any spots with two layers. (Though there is a marble pound cake recipe in that book!) An Easy Marble Cake Recipe. It's conflicted. It's conflicted. How about a vanilla or chocolate mousse or pudding. SPCOhio HOW TO BAKE MARBLE CAKE. That’s part of what makes my marble cake … It has more personality. I find the inherent variety in the batter enough for my simple palate. i like a nice mocha icing with my marble cake, this one baker i used to work with made thee finest marbling in his marble cake, it was scroll work--it was insanely detailed--stunningly beautiful. his was magic --the patterns he made were copyrightable, never seen anything like it anywhere else. 8 replies . Yes good cake is good cake, doesn't need any icing at all. Chocolate ganache works extremely well because you get a little contrast from the vanilla part of the cake. I use 2 parts vanilla batter and 1 part chocolate batter in the pan. AWhat's your go-to filling for a marble cake when your customer doesn't have a specific preference? That was fun. Updated 12 Jan 2013 , 5:13pm what source have you been baking from so far for the separate flavours? I honestly just whip up a batch of my vanilla cake, a batch of one of my chocolate cake recipes, layer and swirl. Is it chocolate? It's both. Maybe then it could be almond or peppermint or something else unexpected that the customer likes. This marble cake recipe features vanilla cake swirled with chocolate for a gorgeous marble effect. I dump the white batter into the pan. Elcee Posted 12 Jan 2013 , 2:11am. I find marble cake to be a bit dysfunctional. Easy Marble Cake Recipe - Moist, Fluffy, and So Simple To Make -K8memphis. By AWhat's your go-to filling for a marble cake when your customer doesn't have a specific preference? Is it vanilla? This recipe is years in the making– in fact, I wanted to publish a marble cake in my first cookbook but couldn’t perfect a recipe in time. After many, many versions of this Marble Cake, I’m so excited to share the final one with you. Baking Is it chocolate? The cake is covered in a silky smooth, whipped chocolate frosting. AThanks for the replies! You can also make three, 7-inch cake layers with this recipe. This small batch of my marble cake recipe bakes four, perfect little 6 inch cake layers. I chose to bake this recipe up in 3 6-inch diameter round pans, but it can also be made in 2 8-inch pans or 9-inch pans.Or you could make it in a 9×13-inch pan.Just be sure to adjust the bake times as needed, if you’re making it … If you have a good marble recipe please share....I haven't been able to make a good one yet ! I take plain unsweetened cocoa and mix it to a creamy consistency with boiling water in a small dish. Maybe you could try white chocolate ganache. Then  I drop the chocolate batter in with a tablespoon, and run a few quick zigzags with a knife. Scratch? Saves time by only mixing once. And my second job was dishing ice cream...including soft serve from a machine that had two tanks so we could make the swirly half and half cones. Good marble recipe? When you purchase a digital subscription to Cake Central Magazine, you will get an instant and automatic download of the most recent issue. And it makes me conflicted about fillings. And it makes me conflicted about fillings. Simply layer a spoonful of each batter into the cupcake wrappers, filling each only halfway. WASC? Marble Cake Sally's Baking Addiction semi sweet chocolate, buttermilk, confectioners’ sugar, chocolate sprinkles and 14 more Marble Cake Sally's Baking Addiction I personally like marble better than solid chocolate. Then I add that to vanilla cake batter to make the chocolate part. It may seem like you’re filling your pans pretty full, but this batter doesn’t rise much as it bakes. I’ve gotten lots of requests for a Marble Cake lately, so I knew I needed to share this recipe as soon as I had it right. I find marble cake to be a bit dysfunctional. I prefer and always suggest picking up one of the marble flavors...classic vanilla/chocolate marble with fudge BC, lemon/raspberry marble gets raspberry BC, chocolate/peanut butter marble with peanut butter BC. Classic marble cake is a mixture of vanilla and chocolate cake … Mix? if i did that i'd have almost chocolate cake--because i would combine it y'know? It's both. Add it to your vanilla batter until it is as dark as you like. Is it vanilla? A simple ganache works for when you have to stick the layers with something. I dose the white cake batter with the cocoa-water paste with no other adjustments   Seems to work. I think I'll serve the marble sample to her naked so she can try a few different fillings and see what she'd like to settle on. by When I eat marble cake, I don't even like icing on it.

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