The price for 20-23 pound hams is $59/cwt. If market weight is 250 pounds, you will need 750 pounds of feed. This is not hard to do and most pigs learn quickly. Although the last couple of weeks have been somewhat negative, the market appears to be stabilizing with pork cut-out posting multiple positive days late in the week after 10 days of lower reported values. Commodity Professionals Inc. does not guarantee, and accepts no legal liability arising from or connected to, the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of any material contained in the publication. This gives a value of $13.28 per ham or $26.55 per carcass. The newsletter is sent directly to your email and it’s also free. Pricing out of Hylife declined the most, falling $18/hog, followed by values out of Quebec which dropped more than $17.50/hog. Here’s the link to the free guide: Feeders are sold to other producers or farms that want to grow them to market weight. Feeders are young pigs after weaning, weighing between 35 and 50 pounds. Should you raise hogs and sell the piglets as feeder pigs, or raise to market weight? Thank you for writing and good luck getting started with pigs! We’d love to hear your stories! If you are raising hogs to a market weight of about 220 to 250 pounds, who will be buying the carcass or the meat cuts? Because prices for the wholesale cuts are often not reported by IMPS number, it is necessary to use the descriptions from the USDA-Pork Report. Another price drop! Margins out of Hylife weakened the most from the previous week, down $17.30 to $33.70/hog profits and remain the strongest compared to other monitored markets. Strong buyer support developed in nearby hog futures trade with December contracts quickly narrowing the discount to February futures as buying interest moves into the February contract. The morning cutout value is lower. The feeder pigs will not have a considerable feed cost in them at this point. Some farms grow pigs in a wooded setting. The electric wire should be a few inches from the ground on the inside of the fence line. Have you been successful at raising pigs for profit? Miscellaneous costs include straw bedding, worming medications, and iron injections at farrowing if you choose to add that practice to your routine care. There is a bit of a gray area in the terms, feeder and grower. The wholesale cuts and their associated pork report definitions are given in Table 1. As a small producer, you’ll want to have an idea of the current price of pork. In depth view into Lamb Price including historical data from 1980, charts and stats. © 2020, Countryside - All Rights Reserved, Saving the Meishan Pig and Ossabaw Island Hog, An Academic (and Organic) Approach to the Mulefoot Hog, Raising Sheep For Profit: How to Sell Raw Fleece, Raising Lamb for Meat and Selling it at the Farmers Market, Kids and Coopworths: Sheep Camp at Owens Farm. Raising pigs for profit isn’t for everyone, but it can be a good way for your homestead to earn income. When you have farm piglets for sale, you need to move them quickly, or the feed costs will begin to eat into your profit. For this purpose, I will use three pounds of feed per pound of pig growth. Don’t forget to include transportation costs, fuel, trailer, crates, or whatever else is necessary for you to do business. The feed cost will be your largest amount per pig sold. Monitored hog margins were mixed as lower hog values were buoyed by a decline in feed costs. After reaching what could be considered the near-term high of $101.42 in mid-October, pork cut-out has declined nearly $20 US per cwt in a similar time frame where cash hog prices, as measured by the CME index have only dropped $7 US per cwt. Raising pigs for profit requires some forethought about who the buyer will be. Margins calculated out of Ontario declined $4.50 to $17.50/hog profits while the ML Sig 4 weakened $1.80 to nearly $17/hog profits. The morning cutout value is higher. The market for small farm produced pork products is good. The pigs root and feed naturally and grain is added to ensure good growth. As with many livestock business ideas, there are many ways to raise pigs. Of course, your figure will vary slightly based on the feed conversion of your pigs and the cost per bag of feed. The ability to curb recent open interest erosion through the end of the week may create significant market changes in the entire hog complex, and spark renewed commercial buying activity. The price spread graph shown here illustrates that cut-out and cash have narrowed to within $11 US, the narrowest margin seen since early April 2020. In the US, Tyson margins edged modestly stronger to nearly $7.50/hog profits while JM margins fell $1 to $0.65/hog profits. Feeding kitchen and garden scraps is a good way to add more variety to the pig’s diet but this won’t add a significant amount of calories. As your business grows, the ideal buyer may change. Butchers base their processing fees on the hanging weight of the beef, many farmers will charge costumers based on the hanging weight, price quotes would say something like: $4.50/per pound – $6.50/per pound, plus cut and wrap which refers to the butcher fees. Ask local markets if you can collect the trimmings from the produce department to feed to your hogs. Hog futures are trading mixed at midday. Eating locally-sourced food is a growing trend. Fencing can be built from pallets or boards and posts. Tyson: $ 7.44 USD X 1.3267 = $ 9.87 in Canadian Dollars, Morrell: $ 0.64 USD X 1.3267 = $ 0.85 in Canadian Dollars. If you would like to search our site, you will find a lot of valuable information on pig care. Are you growing the pigs to market weight or feeding them to sell to another farm who will grow to market weight? This figure is an estimate of course because repairs are often unforeseen occurrences. ~Ann, Your email address will not be published. Cash hog bids are expected $1 lower to $1 per cwt higher, with most bids steady to firm. I would argue one of your first considerations should be who you will market your product to. Many farmers start their livestock operations by raising pigs for profit. Our feed currently costs close to $14 per bag, making the feed cost $225 per pig. But you do need to have a working idea of how pigs should be raised in the environment you have set up. Get the latest Lean Hogs price (HE) as well as the latest futures prices and other commodity market news at Nasdaq. 80-100 lbs .05 per lb 101-170 lbs .10 per lb 171-up .15 per lb Some farmers may use them interchangeably. Basic Info. Cash hog bids are expected $1 lower to $1 per cwt higher, with most bids steady to higher. We also have a free guide and a newsletter you may want to subscribe to. You can also sign up for the newsletter on that same page. There is the cost of the initial piglets unless they are gifted to you. It’s best to ask questions about the age of the piglets and their current weight, and not just accept a label. There may be only certain days the butcher processes hogs, so plan ahead. One boar can serve quite a few gilts and sows. If you have marketed your product well, new opportunities will appear. Regional and national cash generally improved for the better part of the week however mid-to-late week declines weighed on earlier gains, while CME cash by comparison fell daily. When prices fall, producers often slow up production to increase demand. The Canadian Dollar is trading lower against the US dollar at midday. Consider chefs from local restaurants, Community Supported Agriculture share groups (CSA), and independent grocery stores. This was down 0.47p on the previous week and 1.57p below the same week in 2019. Monitored Canadian hog markets generally fell on the week, excluding the BP/TC pricing which edged more than $0.50/hog higher. The end goal is important. Live Hog Prices. If market weight is 250 pounds, you will need 750 pounds of feed. I appreciate the knowledge passed hear,I would like to start this business for keeping pigs.Kindly I would like to know more in regards to where to get the grade pigs and which kind of food do they need to be feed with. Zumbrota, MN Peoria – Midwest Livestock Corporation: Peoria Union Stockyards 86 South Street, Peoria, IL (309) 673-5656 Red Oak –Farmers Livestock Auction Market 1951 G Avenue Red Oak, IA 51566 712-623-2543 Prior Day Purchased. Hogs can be an economical way to get a good return on your initial investment if you keep track of your expenses and infrastructure costs. Packers appear willing to pay for hogs heading into the back half of the final quarter of 2020 giving up some of the huge margin witnessed over the last 7 months. What type of set up do you want to use for housing the hogs and piglets? Click this link to download/play recording in MP3 format. You will need to start with secure homestead fencing. Typical Market Pig: Live weight (lbs.) Morning gains have quickly moved prices above the $65 per cwt threshold once again. “All of these numbers point to a somewhat higher supply of hogs and pork in 2020. Fencing, housing, and the electric line supplies are the fixed costs to get started. Growing/finishing hogs weigh over 50 pounds and are being fed for market weight. Your email address will not be published. For this purpose, I will use three pounds of feed per pound of pig growth. This has been the trigger point over the last two weeks that has stimulated limited but firm buyer interest moving back into hog trade. Remember that bargain prices might not be a bargain in the long run if the piglets are slow growers or unhealthy. In the US hog values also fell with Tyson values declining $2/hog while JM was down $2.50/hog from the previous week. It’s called the Countryside Newsletter. For a small producer using 50-pound sacks of feed that equals 15 bags of feed per pig, to grow to market weight. We rarely have a pig touch the wire, as they have learned where it is and that it is unpleasant. The positive move was welcomed by all producers north and south of the border as margins remained thin and sporadic for most regions for several months. However, when investing in any market product, it’s good practice to follow the trends and pricing. By PW Reporters on November 4, 2020 Analysis News, Numbers AHDB Pork’s weekly pig prices, slaughter data and commentary for Great Britain The EU-spec SPP declined further to average 156.14p/kg during the week ending October 31. Lean Hogs decreased 6.73 USd/Lbs or 9.40% since the beginning of 2020, according to trading on a contract for difference (CFD) that tracks the benchmark market for this commodity. I have heard of prices a bit lower in our area and of course, purebred piglets will cost considerably more. Commodities are based on supply and demand in the marketplace. With the US Federal election now mainly behind us and President-Elect Joe Biden expected to be inaugurated on January 20, 2021 as the 46th American President, the market can once again focus on key fundamentals of the industry for establishing the next possible move in pricing. Smaller markets are often willing to pay premium prices for a superior tasting product. Everything from feeding, housing, husbandry, and more. Conversion Lean Hog Price Price; 1 Pound ≈ 0,453 Kilograms Lean Hog Price Per 1 Kilogram 1.48 USD 1 Pound = 16 Ounces Hello Franc. Disclaimer: Commodity Professionals Inc. presents this report as a snapshot of the market using current information available at the time of the report. Our piglets sell as feeders for around $40 each. These findings are for informational purposes only and should not be reproduced or transmitted by any means without permission. Hog and pork prices have plunged since the release of data showing the biggest-ever U.S. pig herd and as the coronavirus outbreak keeps schools and restaurants closed. Prices are lower on the National and higher on the Iowa Minnesota morning reports. For example, if you spend $600 on these structural items, and assume they will provide four years of service without replacement cost, your infrastructure cost is $150 per year. Growers will bring more money but you will have already put more feed into them, so price accordingly. Zumbrota, MN Peoria – Midwest Livestock Corporation: Peoria Union Stockyards 86 South Street, Peoria, IL (309) 673-5656 Red Oak –Farmers Livestock Auction Market 1951 G Avenue Red Oak, IA 51566 712-623-2543 Prior Day Purchased.

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