3. Instead, identify the investors you most want and the investors who are most likely to say yes. Would you have invested in the vision they were pitching? This is when emotion-driven stories delivered start to finish make more sense. Dive into the current inefficiencies, areas for significant improvement, and insights into the market. Yammer’s deck jumps right into the ways the modern workplace is changing and how it addresses these issues. Reid Hoffman has actually released the Series B pitch deck that they used to pitch the idea and also gave advice to entrepreneurs about what each slide should cover. And, David had the vision to invest in LinkedIn when it looked to most of the investing community like an odd niche. Persuade investors that your investment thesis is intriguing, then show who can make it happen. In March 2018, the, raised a $125M Series D round at a unicorn valuation of $1.28B —, Greylock Partners dug up LinkedIn’s Series B pitch deck from August 2004.

Show a focus on bottom-up tactics for your strategy. You have the most attention from investors in the first couple slides. This deck from MySQL’s 2003 Series B comes to us courtesy of MySQL’s former CEO. One way to approach it is to call one of your investors every other week, i.e. In order to believe that LinkedIn was a good investment, our investors would need to believe that there was a broad trend of moving from directories to networks (1.0 to 2.0), that networks could become hugely valuable, and that a LinkedIn people search application on a network would be a valuable asset.

Greylock invested in LinkedIn at roughly $0.60 per share. In its early pitch deck, Airbnb named Couchsurfing, Craigslist, Hostels.com, and Hotels.com as competitors. Email. To finish off the calculation of the market size, you should then show how your business model can specifically produce significant revenue at some point in the believable future: Between this slide and your market size slide, investors will be given enough information to consider the reasonableness of the numbers - and whether you are the right person to execute the plan - when making a decision about whether or not to invest. Your submission has been received! So we only got to doing self-service advertising much later. We argued that the way professional people search was done at the time (“1.0”) was inadequate.

Something went wrong while submitting the form. In March 2020, the website claimed more than 1.2B unique page views across its websites for the month and saw a 41% year-over-year (YoY) jump in unique visitors, though it had to institute pay cuts and laid off nearly 6% of its US staff following the pandemic. And instead of waiting until investors ask about your risks, share them proactively so you build trust. At the end of the day, the early stage VC firms in your startup community (or region) should be your first stop in your fundraising journey (outside friends and family) for early rounds.

Second, understand the broader financing climate. In fact, when I’m the investor listening to a pitch, one detail I consider is whether the entrepreneur is being too deluded by their analogies and not thinking hard enough about exception cases. Since we didn’t have data to back up various assertions about our product-market fit, we had to rely on quotes from customers and press sources, which weakened our pitch. In our third example, we contrasted Altavista and its search algorithm versus Google and its search algorithm PageRank. But these are only rules of thumb, which means you can violate them if you have a good reason. This pitch deck saw Pendo looking for a $15M Series B; it has since raised $209M as of September 2020. In old-school resume databases, most talented professionals didn’t want or need to participate. It devotes a few of its 31 slides to accolades, awards, and testimonials from happy users, plus a little bullet point about having already raised money from top-tier VCs. eBay has a network. Improving the quality of hires or increasing the speed of the hiring process saves professionals time and money. In order to achieve real success, you need to be contrarian and right. Pitch Deck Template #1: Explainer + Kitchen Sink Appendix The first template you’ll encounter is designed for a discussion-based pitch. It wasn’t for every professional; it was for professionals with outbound needs. Enterprise social networking platform Yammer was acquired by Microsoft in 2012. But the feedback we received was that those decks (a) are somewhat generic and not built specifically for seed-stage startups, which often require more art than science during the pitch, and (b) lack storytelling components and design and layout sensibility. The beginning is when you have the most attention, and the end is when you should return to the most fundamental topic to discuss with your investors. If investors agreed, their next question was usually “What’s your competitive strategy in each case?” We thought we had a viable competitive strategy in each of these cases.

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