Without a doubt one of my personal favourites out of all the great things to do in Stirling. The crisis of succession which followed that Kings death, in 1286, led to English occupation and the turmoil of the Wars of Independence. This was not the end to football in Stirling as local business man Thomas Ferguson started up Stirling Albion F.C. The famous victories of Stirling Bridge and Bannockburn were fought within sight of its defences – destroyed, or ‘slighted’, by Robert Bruce, only to be raised again by his heirs, the House of Stewart, following the marriage of his daughter Marjorie to Walter, the Steward of Stirling Castle. Wed soon after, they were quickly estranged. The majority of the stadium was damaged beyond financial repair by King's Park and was demolished. << Where to stay in Stirling - Stirling hotels, cottages, apartments, bed and breakfast, Access from Dumbarton Road / Kings Park Road. Where to stay in Stirling - Stirling hotels, cottages, apartments, bed and breakfast. King's Park made temporary repairs to the stadium and played two more games at the ground before the club was closed down. With plenty of open space to run around with the back drop of the castle no visit to Stirling would be complete without a stoll around King's Park. Forthbank park was home to King's Park F.C. His spectacular baptismal celebrations eclipsing James’s own: the roof of the Great Hall raised to house a replica Spanish Galleon. On the land below Stirling Castle, you will see an octagonal stepped, grassy mound which is the King's Knot. They first entered the Scottish Cup in the 1879–80 season. By the baptism of their heir, James, the following year – celebrated by Scotland’s first firework display, in what is now the Valley Cemetery – Mary had sought comfort in the arms of the notorious James Hepburn, Earl of Bothwell.

As he lay dying, James is said to have prophesied the failing fortunes of his dynasty, declaring: ‘It came wi a lass, it’ll gang wi a lass!’ The Stewart line had begun with a lass, Marjorie Bruce, and some thought James’s daughter, Mary -just five days old when she became Queen of Scots – might be the last of their line. The bomb fell on Forthbank partially destroying the stadium. Seventeen years more would pass before Charles II’s fleeting visit, in 1650. The King's Knot | Cup and Saucer. Overview. Smuggled safety to France, she would return to her homeland in 1561, and to Stirling the following year, narrowly avoiding death, and the fulfilment of her father’s prophesy that their dynasty would ‘gang wae a lass’, when a blaze swept through her Palace apartment in dead of night. Greyhound racing started at Forthbank Park on 11 March 1932 and the track was independent (unlicensed). She nursed her paramour, Henry, Lord Darnley, through illness here, in 1565. Kings park has a great play area for young kids and a skate park for older kids. Only after his mother’s execution, in 1587, would James’s throne be secure. King’s Park FC were the prominent pre-WW2 football team in Stirling. Coordinates: 56°06′50″N 3°55′44″W / 56.114°N 3.929°W / 56.114; -3.929. James V continued his father’s work: the centrepiece of the modern Castle, his Palace, completed by his widow, Mary de Guise, after his death at Solway Moss, in 1542. The very model of a refined Renaissance Prince, scholars and scientists, historians, poets and artists converged upon his Court, within whose walls the wordsmith William Dunbar scorned the reckless exploits of alchemist John Damian as he sought to swoop from the royal ramparts on chicken-feather wings. 1/4 mile West of town centre. Her later visits were no less eventful. The park has a great little play area for young kids and a skate park … Only in recent decades, under the ministrations of Historic Scotland, would the damage inflicted by three centuries of military usage be undone. The King's Knot is better known locally, as the Cup and Saucer. Forthbank was the home ground of King's Park F.C. Kings Park. An SFA inspection team deemed that the greyhound track at Forthbank encroached on to the pitch and as such it was removed, along with the source of income.[3]. His heir, David I, advanced its political prominence and economic standing, making Stirling a Royal Burgh in 1130. They were named for public park to the west of the town, and were based at an old ground near Kerse Road called Forthbank. Explore Stirling's gruesome history as we take you on a trip to some of our famous battlefields. Crowned at Stirling Castle, in 1543, Mary Stuart had a turbulent infancy: surviving the siege and strife of Henry VIII’s ‘Rough Wooing’, as he sought to steal the tiny Queen of Scots away – to be raised as consort to his own heir, Edward.

Around 1630, it was planted with box trees and ornamental hedges and formed part of a magnificent formal gardens. History. During his reign William I created a recreational hunting ground, the King’s Park, in the woodlands south east of the Castle – extended in the 1260s by … Forced to abdicate, Mary fled to England, and to imprisonment by her cousin, Elizabeth I – to whose throne she had foolishly staked a claim. Roam the royal pleasure ground below Stirling Castle, where monarchs once pursued their leisure interests.. Who needs money when there’s so much to see, do and enjoy in Stirling for free? With the 1707 Union of Parliaments, the privileges of the Royal Burgh were lost. Forthbank park was home to King's Park F.C. The ground was victim to the only German bomb strike on the town during the conflict. visit stirling. In recent years the Chapel Royal and Great Hall have been refurbished (the latter rededicated by Queen Elizabeth II, in 1999) and the Palace of James V has been vividly refurbished – reflecting the glorious legacy of Royal Stirling. Its appearance has probably been altered by restoration in the 19th century. During the war Forthbank was destroyed by the Luftwaffe.The ground was victim to the only German bomb strike on the town during the conflict. Shortly after the war King's Park closed down permanently. Here are some local hints and tips to make your trip run smoothly. Forthbank Park was a sports venue in Stirling, Scotland until 1940. The King’s Knot is on the grounds of the ancient King’s Park, Crown property from at least the 1100s, where Scotland’s royalty partook in jousting, hawking and hunting. Just one year old, James VI was crowned at the Church of the Holy Rude, in July 1567. Access from Dumbarton Road / Kings Park Road On the land below Stirling Castle, you will see an octagonal stepped, grassy mound which is the King's Knot. The oldest surviving sections of the fortress, the foundations of the North and South Gates, were the work of Bruce’s grandson, Robert II. Stirling Local History Society: Kings Park, Stirling - new understandings. The club was established in 1875 in the King's Park area of Stirling, although they did not stay long in this locality. until the beginning of World War II. Around 1630, it was planted with box trees and ornamental hedges and formed part of a magnificent formal gardens. This gorgeous green space is just a short walk from the town centre. It was at Stirling Castle that Joan Beaufort sought shelter for her son, the seven year-old James II, in 1424, when his father, James I, was assassinated; and here that that intemperate young monarch – whose birthmark and infamous fury earned him the appellation ‘James o’ the Fiery Face ‘ – would himself murder his treacherous rival, William, 8th Earl of Douglas, in 1452 – throwing his corpse from a palace window, into the garden which now bears his name. Keep those children entertained and occupied - it could easily be our motto in and around Stirling, there’s just so much for families to see and do. Crowd trouble at a home match against St Johnstone in October 1921 led to King's Park playing a home match against Vale of Leven at Dunblane's Duckburn Park. …

2020–21 South of Scotland Football League, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Forthbank_Park&oldid=924777775, Defunct greyhound racing venues in the United Kingdom, Infobox mapframe without OSM relation ID on Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 5 November 2019, at 21:54.

Barges were sailed along a canal which surrounded the garden. Athletic, scholarly and good-natured the boy’s death from Typhoid Fever, in 1612, was lamented as a tragedy on both sides of the border. Annfield remained the main football stadium in Stirling until 1993 when Stirling Council constructed Forthbank Stadium, on the outskirts of the town but situated about two-thirds of a mile (1 km) from the location of the original King's Park's old ground Forthbank Park.

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