The concept of an axial period or age does not hold up. said, "That which is good for all and any one, for whomsoever—that is good for me...what I hold good for self, I should for all. . [9], He further noted that the Egyptian and Babylonian peoples “remained what they had been earlier .

Buddha, for example, had to be persuaded to allow women to join his community and encumbered them with many more precepts than he did men. Jaspers' The Origin and Goal of History was published in 1949; to Hannah Arendt, he had described his ideas on the Axial Age as 'a presumptuous project' (Arendt and Jaspers 1992: 109). The Axial-Age thesis has been much criticized in contemporary research (Boy and Torpey 2013). However, in making this point, we have to keep in mind the problem in his version of world history that it did not engage with either the Americas or Africa.

Karl Jaspers (1883 – 1969) pioneered the idea of the Axial Age. It is in Bellah's analysis of Confucianism that Durkheim and Weber were finally reconciled in a macrocomparative history of religion in the course of human history. S. N. Eisenstadt (Albany, NY: State University of New York Press, 1986). This is the language of Spengler’s Faustian Soul. Jaspers, a highly respected philosopher, argued in The Origin and Goal of History (1953), published in 1949 in German, a few years after the end of WWII, that Western culture was not uniquely gifted with ideas that bespoke of mankind generally and the course of history universally; other major civilizations, too, had espoused outlooks about humanity together with moral precepts with universal content. Humans are all the same, have always been connected through migrations, race mixing, trade, and cultural borrowings. Jaspers' legacy - the quest for the bases of the unity of mankind - was an antidote to the idea of a deep and inevitable clash of civilizations. Acharya S (1999) offers arguments in her controversial book, drawing on archaeology. The second axial shift, then, represents the collision of earlier cultural spheres, each of which imposed their own monologues onto the world. Do not post your comment a second time. .
The legacy of these great philosophers and teachers was so radical that it affected all aspects of culture, transforming consciousness itself. If there is an axis in history, we must find it empirically in profane history, as a set of circumstances significant for all men, including Christians. In the first section, his interests and approach are distinctively Durkheimian. Your email is never published nor shared. The questions that the great seminal personalities of philosophy and religion tried to answer—such as the meaning and purpose of life, the meaning of suffering, how to distinguish good from evil—were of universal interest and their answers were meant for people everywhere, not just for their own clan or even just for their own time. According to Jaspers, the period between 800 to 200 B.C.E. However, in the Indian Upanishads the atman, the transcendent center of the self, was of central concern while Buddha charted the way of individual enlightenment; the Jewish prophets preached moral responsibility individuals as well as for society. These prophets and philosophers established 'the age of criticism' (Momigliano 1975: 9). I was thinking the same thing, Lorenz Kraus. Its main effect is to denigrate Western technics and philosophy and to raise Levantine and Mongoloid claims to an equal (or superior) level. Jews, Phoenicians, and others, according to Gordon, had crossed the Atlantic in antiquity. Some scholars believe that similarity of ideas and similar developments are indicative of an early global civilization that existed, with contact and travel across much more of the globe than we usually think occurred at this early period. While Jaspers is obviously the author of the concept of an Axial Age, Hans Joas (2012: 17) proposed that Weber has to 'figure prominently' in any debate about the Axial Age, noting in passing that in Economy and Society Weber (1978 [1928]) made various comparative references to Greek and Indian parallels to the prophets of early Judaism. Young-Bruehl continues: It is Arendt’s Jewish identity — not just the identity she asserted in defending herself as a Jew when attacked as one, but more deeply her connection to the Axial Age prophetic tradition — that made her the cosmopolitan she was.

For example, Confucius said: "What I do not wish others to do to me, that also I wish not to do to them" (Analects, 5.11) while Zoroaster (628-551 B.C.E.) [10] As it is, Jaspers admitted that after the Axial Age the respective civilizations traversed very different spiritual pathways, which begs the question as to why they would cease to exhibit “parallel developments” despite increasing interaction. A religious or theological interpretation of the Axial Age might posit a divine or supernatural source for these teachings of ethical and individual moral responsibility. Of less importance were the essays on great philosophers that included works on Socrates, the Buddha and Confucius (Jaspers 1962 [1957]). This notion of an Axial Age, with which Jaspers came to be identified, and which has been accepted by many established world historians, historical sociologists, and philosophers, is also a claim he felt in a personal way (as a German) in the aftermath of the Second World War. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. More importantly, this world-to-come was in principle available to all human beings. . Despite criticisms, the Axial-Age thesis remains important for us today. Confucius was concerned with the ideal, humane individual as the basic building blocks of a just society. As Bellah (2011: 271) has pointed out, although it is difficult to discover overt references in Weber's sociology to an Axial Age, there is a reference to the 'prophetic age' (Weber 1978: 441-2). Nevertheless it has been in the ascendant for the past generation or so. Required fields are marked *, You may use these HTML tags and attributes:
. It was within the horizons of this form of consciousness that the great civilizations of Asia, the Middle East, and Europe developed. The fact that these civilizations had reached a common spiritual point of development, without any direct influences between them, was likely, in his view, the “manifestation of some profound common element, the one primal source of humanity.”[7] We humans have much in common despite our differences.
I hope to address this topic in a future essay. It must carry conviction for Westerner, Asiatics, and all men, without the support of any particular content of faith, and thus provide all men with a common historical frame of reference. Her goal was to create a new state of mind among Europeans in the way they viewed themselves in relation to the world. Some scholars believe that similarity of ideas and similar developments are indicative of an early global civilization that existed, with contact and travel across much more of the globe than we usually think occurred at this early period. Towards A Universal Declaration of a Global Ethic. The Axial Age points to a common origin to religions in human evolution and therefore this debate has an important moral dimension. The Axial Age was defined by a growing appreciation of the unsatisfactory nature of the empirical world and in response the prophets and philosophers conceived of a transcendental and universal realm as an alternative to the grim humdrum routine reality of human existence. Thus what we now know as 'Hinduism' was created in British India by the administrative difficulties of creating a census. We have always been part of one big family. Was the Sermon on the Mount, to take one example from the New Testament, fully anticipated by the prophetic message of the Israelite prophets, or was the vision of justice in the Qur'an fully worked out in the original Axial-Age principles ? The second issue, which is important in the work of Weber, concerns the 'religion of China' and especially Confucianism, and the status of the 'religion of India', namely the Vedic and Brahminical movements of spirituality. My understanding of the ‘Axial Age’ is that was a term created to explain the development of the more “complex” religion systems; Zoroastrianism, Jainism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism,.. The Axial Age may have started earlier than Jaspers thought. The ‘Classic Age’ saw the emergence of democracy in Athens, the flowering of philosophy (Socrates, Plato, Aristotle in Greece), and great artistic achievements. Their argument is that towards the end of the twentieth century humankind started to experience what Hans Kung calls a Macro-Paradigm-Shift—humanity now understands the world and human responsibility in global, not local terms. The aim of this political world union envisioned by Jaspers would not be absolute sovereignty but rather a world confederation in which the various entities could live and communicate in freedom and peace. It is an undisputed fact that Karl Jaspers invented the term “Axial Age” in his 1949 book Vom Ursprung und Ziel der Geschichte, but it is also uncontested that the basic idea behind the new term is much older and was not first developed by Jaspers himself. “enlarge” their minds and include the experience and views of other cultures in their thinking; to overcome their Eurocentric prejudices and encompass the entire world in their historical reflections; to develop a sense of the “human condition” and learn how to talk about what is “common to all mankind”; to learn how they are culturally shaped both by their particular conditions and the conditions and experiences shared by all humans on the planet. . The first problem is the matter of chronology. Cousins and Swidler argue that this paradigm shift is more radical than others that have occurred in history and that its profundity compares with the shift that caused the start of the first Axial Age. The constitutive principle of Weber's comparative sociology of religion is that 'religion' implies some systematic tension with empirical reality of 'the world'.

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