:D Let us know what you decide to do and send us a review when you return. Many folks who see it passing through serene urban settings underestimate its power, venturing in unprepared and sometimes getting in trouble. However, there are additional concerns with outdoor areas that may be maintained less frequently, including playgrounds, or other facilities located within local, state, or national parks. Had been "TUBING" in a group tour through "Nana Backpackers Hostel" in Vang Vieng.We were driven in a large tuktuk to the start point of the "Tubing" adventure on the nam Song river.. At 1230 hrs .each tourist was given a inflated tractor tyre tube and launched themselves into the river. We did Dunns River and tubing.

Having your body in this downstream position can help prevent you from getting a foot or ankle wedged in rocks or vegetation which can lead to a joint strain or broken bone.

Just got back from river tubing and there are life jackets available. the flow rate on August 23 was 541 cfs, making it a much calmer and safer time to float. How to keep river tubing safe and fun. So, social distance out there, and maybe skip the tubing right after heavy rains. Thanks again. Started March 30, Copyright 1995—2020 The Independent Traveler, Inc. My answer: I like that we just take for granted the E. coli in the French Broad. Use Swim Guide to help inform where and how you recreate, but have fun on our rivers this summer.

EVERY tube does, so hold on to your gear.” Or, might we suggest, get out of the water before you hit the water park features. And then there is the factor of dilution, which would mean that, absent a significant sewage spill, the amount of the virus in river water would be minuscule. A reader asks if the French Broad River is safe for tubing during this time of coronavirus. I would definitely suggest going to the Salt River for tubing because it is beautiful and lots of fun! Save 83%. Carson works for the Asheville-based environmental organization MountainTrue, which keeps weekly tabs on the E. coli situation. Short ropes can be used to tie gear together or to a float tube, but never tie things together with a long length of rope in between. Powered by Invision Community. Good footwear can provide traction when getting in and out of the water or walking in shallow water, helping you keep your balance and keeping your feet from getting cut up.

You will get both an accurate diagnosis and a treatment plan designed to get you back to doing what you love. Always let a friend or family member who isn’t tubing with you know where you are going and when you plan to return. “I saw many people get hurt.”. We all need a good day on the river!". April and May of this year saw river flow rates (measured in cubic feet per second, or cfs) in the 4,000 cfs range. So before looking at the COVID-19 situation, let's dive right into some poopy water. The ride is just fast enough to be fun but not scary. The RFD advises to never go into the river alone. "Though they've found the virus can be passed through human fecal matter, the science is still out about whether it is still viable in that state. SusieL. Early in the season, flow rates are high, rapids are bigger, and the current is fast. ", "That said, I think our general advice about river safety hasn't changed much with COVID-19," Carson continued. They had a special guide for him that stuck with him the whole way and watched over him.

You'll be ok, just make sure the guides know that you can't swim. A May 12 article from Houston Methodist, an academic medical center in Texas, also provided a good overview. Only $5 for 3 months. Most of the river seemed to be about waist high at the time we went, though I'm sure there were deeper pools. MountainTrue consistently tests to find those sources and partners with local sewer authorities, as well as state agencies, "such as the Department of Environmental Quality, to find and fix those problems," Carson said. 9 posts laguna beach, ca. Takeaways: Skip the booze, avoidlong ropes, no glass. Michelle R. has seen what happens when people tube without appropriate footwear. i'm going to wear a life vest, but is there a chance that the tube will flip over and i'll die under water? The guides do indeed take very good care of you; ours were in the water more than not, keeping the tubes together, away from branches, the bank, etc. When flows are this high, you should only consider entering the river in a raft with an experienced guide trained in swift water rescue training and wilderness first aid. Good luck deciding upon a tour guide. The Reno Fire Department’s main concern is your safety, but they want folks to enjoy the river too.

“Every summer, the Reno Fire Department responds multiple times to persons in distress along the river. There are some deep spots, but those are located in very slow moving areas of the river. Are Rivers safe for swimming & tubing? Now, let's shift gears and visit with the life-threatening virus. The easiest way to avoid these situations is to stay within the levels of your skills and equipment. Heavy rains in late May made high levels of E. coli likely, and the microbe, which seeps into our waterways through contact with animal and human fecal matter, can cause serious problems for humans. According to the RFD, the most important item to have when tubing the Truckee, is a personal floatation device (a PFD or life vest). Turned out one had lost a ton of blood from a rebar cut and was about to lose consciousness,” she shares. “I gave a ride to four college students returning from tubing barefoot. The river is NOT shallow all the way through... and the current is pretty strong! Member since 07 February 2011 laguna beach, ca. This is the opinion of John Boyle. 09 February 2011 15:53:48.

They had a special guide for him that stuck with him the whole way and watched over him. Those include vomiting, diarrhea and infections of the skin or eyes within days to weeks of contact. They also recommend wearing a helmet and sturdy shoes – and that does not include flip-flops, which can get sucked off your feet within minutes. SusieL. How fast do you go, how rough are the rapids, do you tip over, are the guides good?

This ranges from people caught in rapids, to severe lacerations from broken glass. I am a decent swimmer, but my tube tipped over and i took a plunge... and the spot where I tipped the water was close to 7 feet! I am sure you can book just the tubing with him as well. More: Answer Man: French Broad River 'closures' likely this summer? The Cruise Critic Forums App is Available for Apple and Android. SUBSCRIBE NOW. ", Further, the CDC states, "If a park, beach, or recreational facility is open for public use, visiting is OK as long as you practice social distancing and everyday steps such as washing hands often and covering coughs and sneezes.". This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. I tipped at the worst possible spot (one of the few spots where the flow is very strong AND its deep) there was a good chance of injury because of sharp rocks in the water... Luckily there were no accidents... jut managed to get a couple of scratches on my back!

Q&A with Chris Prelog, President of Windstar Cruises! ", More: Boyle column: Kayaking backwards down the poopy French Broad River. Our recreational activities require more planning and vigilance today. © 1995—2020, The Independent Traveler, Inc. River tubing safe for non-swimmer - please help. Because you’ll be exposed to the sun for hours, wearing sunscreen is a must. Come on, this is fun: Cruise Critic Coloring Event! Broken glass can cause severe bleeding, to you and others recreating in the water.

"The larger the body of water, the better the chance that any coronavirus contamination that may occur will quickly become diluted to a level where infection is unlikely," the article states. :). thank you for responding. Did we mention the Truckee is snowmelt? The guides will take excellent care of you - they race back and forth helping the tubers and you will be fine.

A rash guard-style shirt is another great option for protecting your skin and doesn’t need to be reapplied every few hours.

By contrast. My father is partially disabled, he wears bilateral braces and had no problem with tubing. South Reno9480 Double Diamond PkwyReno, NV 89521. Salt River Tubing: Stay Safe and Stay Home - See 439 traveler reviews, 126 candid photos, and great deals for Mesa, AZ, at Tripadvisor.

You could ask, or bring your own.

Titled, "Can Coronavirus live in water?," the article notes that, "Oceans, lakes and rivers aren't treated to kill germs like public water supplies are, but the movement and size of these natural bodies of water may make up for that. They ask if anyone needs a jacket before going. “I’ve kayaked the sections from Farad pretty much all the way to the Patagonia warehouse,” says Karl M. “Other than the normal hazards of whitewater boating (rocks, holes, strainers, pinpoints) the other hazards are the diversion dams. Can you recommend a tour company to make reservations with? Proper operation, maintenance, and disinfection (for example, with chlorine or bromine) of pools, hot tubs or spas, and water playgrounds should kill the virus that causes COVID-19. Thanks so much for the help. Real answer: On May 20, French Broad Riverkeeper Hartwell Carson emailed me back about the river and its condition, saying they were starting Swim Guide testing that week. "Check swimguide.org and avoid consuming water, getting it up your nose or into a cut when the river is running muddy after a storm. The tubing was a great part of our tour (we used http://www.KnowJamaica.com with Marva as our guide). If there are significant obstacles, plan to get to shore and portage around them (a portage is section where you get out of the water and pass on land). While it can be great fun, river floating can also result in serious injury — or worse — if you don’t take some commonsense precautions. "Because of the flow of the water and the amount of dilution in a larger body of water such as a lake or river, the virus would not be a concern,” Lavin told U.S. Masters Swimming. Since all the adults in our group were good swimmers, we didn't ask about life jackets, but maybe they are available. Put drinking water or other hydrating beverages in plastic, watertight bottles for the trip. "Other experts believe the sheer volume of H2O in large bodies of water means there’s little risk," the article continued. Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. Most debris has been cleared from the Comal River, but the Guadalupe River remains closed to tubing. Really wnat to try this but am worried as one is a non-swimmer.

a friend of mine is going tubing to celebrate his birthday, i dont want to miss out on his special day, and i have contacted the recreation office. Great Basin Orthopaedics complies with applicable Federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex. It was the best.

I suppose it is possible to tip over, though no one in our group did. One expert suggested that swimmers who put their faces in untreated waters such as rivers may release some of the virus into the water, so it's a good idea to social distance. By late July and August, temperatures tend to be in the mid to upper 60s, not exactly bath water, but no risk of hypothermia. "E. coli spikes after rain events from sediment being resuspended, but also urban and agricultural runoff, sewer overflows, septic failures.". There aren't any real rapids, just some ripply areas. New member. We know about E. coli, but what about the COVID-19 danger?

His website is http://www.phil-lafayette-tours.com/, If you have any other questions let me know. It’s also recommended that you preview your route to learn what obstacles lay ahead in the section of the river you’re tubing by walking it or driving it.

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