Recently, Jeff Atwood asked Should Competent Programmers be “Mathematically Inclined”? It will be very difficult if not impossible to write such programs if you are completely green in the field of mathematics. Well, Jeff mainly… Now that I’ve worked a bit as a professional programmer, I can safely say, that’s true. The initial reading of Jeff’s article made me feel indignant (goes off to check that I indeed write about math and programming). For Example: Creating a blog on food does not necessarily require any knowledge of mathematics.

It provides a basis under which any program or application should be created and implemented.

In this article, it is crystal clear that the theories of mathematics are practical. There's a problem with websites such as HackerRank: they only test things that can be automated. I started to solve problems elegantly, be they math or programming. How Important Is the Fed for the S&P 500? Programming and mathematics go hand-in-hand.

I would have said that programming was a subset of (applied) math. As in quantities in the 10 digits range, with values also in the 10 digits range. Also having been a dev for ~17 years, I agree with you that for some problems, a mathematical solution is superior to an algorithmic one. That’s how different the questions became. Many people study it with the hope of being the next big computer programmer, become a hacker, system administrator among other lucrative careers. Math is a large field of study.

Sign up or log in to Magoosh Data Science. For years, the importance of mathematics in computer science has been quite a controversial topic. Math solutions became a little fuzzy. It will equip you with deep knowledge about algorithms, computability, and complexity which you will use in programming. | 4707 Views, Posted 178 days ago We use cookies to ensure you have the best browsing experience on our website.

And for me to find elegant solutions, I needed to think more. What you have to be good at is solving math problems . 0. Programming borrows several concepts of Boolean Algebra from mathematics. I don’t agree with “good developer is not good at math”, Good Maths base is a must, but you don't have to be THAT good. Long Live Business Science

While Boolean Algebra is used in Logic Gates, Relational Algebra is used in Databases.

A very nice and entertaining read. If I don’t aim for elegance, I’ll never reach it. And guess what…Mathematics is required for all of this. If we restrict “math” to techniques dealing with quantities, then my answer would be “Math may not be necessary to programming, but it is certainly is helpful.” I have encountered a number of programmers in during my career who understand only the small number of software tools which they have learned to use. They are characterized by syntax, well-defined processes, symbols, single words, and even visuals. Because you're hardcore and want to write the code from scratch yourself. Some of the notable ones are Dijkstra’s algorithm, Depth First Search, Breadth First Search, Topological Sorting, etc. For instance, if the difference in distance between the two kangaroos becomes greater after one step, they're never going to meet.

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