Place your debit card into the PINsentry card reader and press ‘IDENTIFY’. Find out how Barclays Online Banking Guarantee, PINsentry and free security software protects you and your money. Take a look at your contact options. Instead of being asked for one factor of identification like a password, SCA provides more protection as it uses two factors of identification (sometimes referred to as 2 Factor ID)  to confirm it is you making the payment transaction online. Select the account services menu and choose ‘Upgrade to PINsentry’. Card error? How do I use the audio PINsentry card reader? Do I need PINsentry every time I use Online Banking?

Barclays Bank UK PLC and Barclays Bank PLC are each authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. Tap on your account management menu in the top left-hand corner of your app. %%EOF

Go to your Online Banking login page and select the ‘Log in with mobile PINsentry’ option. With the new way banks are helping protect you from fraud, you’ll sometimes need to confirm it’s you when you pay for things online. Hi, I have been downloading transactions by connecting to Barclays Business Banking using the mobil app pinsentry. Accessible PINsentry comes with a user guide, available in a variety of formats, which details its functions and how to use them. Page 6 1 – Go to and click Log in.

Since the feature is provided by Barclays, you’ll have to contact the bank for help in configuring the authentication method. 445 95 If you want the feed to update automatically/stay connected (not sure why you would want anything different), make sure you connect using “passcode and memorable phrase”. It’s a device that generates unique eight-digit codes, keeping your Online Banking transactions secure. Accessible PINsentry is a voice-and-sound version of our standard PINsentry card reader with a larger display and an ergonomic key pad. Because I hadn’t created a passcode and memorable phrase at Barclays BEFORE linking our Quickbooks account to our Barclays Bank accounts, Quickbooks only showed me the option to connect using the 8 digit Barclays two factor authentication ID (and this authentication expires after a while, so you have to keep authenticating to refresh the feed, which is a pain). Won't turn on? 0000809678 00000 n A PINsentry card reader is a small handheld device that you can insert your debit card or authentication card into. 0000067414 00000 n We’ve created an accessible PINsentry card reader to help you access your Online Banking account. 0000029052 00000 n 0000734749 00000 n

0000391024 00000 n Since the feature is provided by Barclays, you’ll have to contact the bank for help in configuring the authentication method.

<]/Prev 1471011/XRefStm 2704>> 0000034164 00000 n You’ll then need to slide your card into the top of the PINsentry, chip-end first, and press Respond. 0000878256 00000 n Barclays Bank UK PLC is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority (Financial Services Register number: 759676).

To use Mobile PINsentry you’ll need to be registered for Barclays Online Banking and have already been issued with a PINsentry card reader.

0000017550 00000 n 0000018137 00000 n No, you can't opt out. 0000105169 00000 n No, but we do recommend that you remove the warning labels before using your PINsentry card reader. Upon connecting your Barclays bank account to QuickBooks, the security questions are set by the bank and these won't be changed. If you’re unsure of how to use PINsentry, our Online banking demos will show you how to set up and authorise payments in Online Banking. PINsentry is a more secure way to verify your identity when you log in to Online Banking. Hi, I am going round in circles with this issue too. When you plug in your card machine, it beeps and the screen lights up. 0000134031 00000 n ��8�� �U7+�hQ�&ɄT�5I��i�!l�3պ�Li���� J�6�º�D�#�������^� �ǩaND7ٕۜ���X��5D8__R�%�!�_� w�x��G[P����$�=F.e�5F��=��@�|X�fl�{��Sb`�]D��D(-a�(��|z,Un�G3�ٲufR��{���ŝwm[�K�)���x�5����о�` ��} Find out how to use the accessible PINsentry card reader with Barclays Online Banking. 0000004230 00000 n

Non-BT customers and mobile phone users should contact their service providers for information about the cost of calls. a fingerprint or facial recognition. Please note that it can take up to 10 days after you’ve registered … 0000731680 00000 n 0000018408 00000 n 0000139155 00000 n When I originally created/configured our Quickbooks account and linked it to our Barclays Business Bank accounts, I was unaware that for Quickbooks to automatically update the bank feed on a daily basis (without having to manually re-authenticate each time with an 8 digit Barclays two factor authentication ID) I would need to configure a passcode and memorable phrase with Barclays and connect using these details (as detailed here I've forgotten my card's PIN.

Posting a bit late, but see my post here. If you have difficulty with words and numbers, we’ve got a range of services designed to help. 2) Slide your card into the PINsentry, chip-end first. TUm����"щ�v�7��hU���F��v�����2F�Cε�|. Then depending on what process you’re trying to complete in Online Banking, you’ll be asked to type in your details to generate a unique eight-digit code. 0000002196 00000 n Barclaycard is a trading name of Barclays Bank UK PLC. 0000133769 00000 n 0000030784 00000 n Check that we have the right one using online servicing, the Barclaycard app or by calling us on 0800 151 0900. a password or a PIN, something you have – e.g. Instead of using your PIN to verify your identity, Mobile PINsentry uses your unique app passcode.

0000002704 00000 n

You’ll be asked to use ‘RESPOND’ to: Log in to Online Banking with a speaking PINsentry. 0000034578 00000 n 0000382218 00000 n For example, you’ll be asked to use ‘IDENTIFY’ for: This is used to sign for payments – like a virtual signature. 0000013942 00000 n 447 0 obj

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