You can do this with the guitar on your lap (which is how I used to do it) but I find it much easier if you lay the guitar flat on a table or bench and place something under the neck to lift the headstock off the table for easier access (see image above). But if you do this on your lap then make sure to still keep tension with the hand that isn’t turning the tuning peg. If the block does come out, put it somewhere safe so you don't lose it. If you counted turns when you loosened it, use the same number of turns to tighten it back up. What a really well put together article. First off, since these types of strings do not have ball-ends or bridge pins to attach to the bridge of an acoustic guitar, nylon strings must be tied onto the bridge. You'll need Allen wrenches for the nut plates and saddle, wire cutters, and a string winder. If you want to use a different gauge, you'll need to replace all of your strings, not just the one that's broken. Hold the string with your right hand and place the string so that it sits in the correct slot in the nut. Then retune the string then repeat. Copyright © 2015 - 2020 - - Privacy Policy. And then just poke the string just through the hole and hold it and wind it. Notice how the Loop Pattern 1 on the left is tighter than Loop … After playing, check to make sure they're staying in tune and the bridge is still balanced. Now your strings are in place but the guitar isn’t quite ready to play – they still need to be tuned up. The process of restringing a guitar with a floating bridge is a little more complicated than restringing any other guitar. If you prefer you can attach one string at the bridge end and then at the head-stock. Strum your guitar again to make sure it's in tune. You may also want to gather cleaning supplies so you can clean your guitar after removing the old string. Whether your hands are clean when you play, Wire cutter (or something else that will cut through your strings). Yeah I used to just do it on the lap but it’s so much easier on a bench/table – took me a long time and a lot of years playing guitar to click with that one! This article has been viewed 144,447 times. Check the balance of the bridge.

This will help keep the string from slipping. Once you tune the strings, check the bridge to make sure it's floating level.

Depending on your bridge, you'll either need to run the strings through the tail of the bridge, or from the back side of the guitar through the tone block. (see pictures for clarification) Insert it so that the groove in the bridgepin faces towards the headstock. Since the ball ends are color-coded, this is the only way to know for sure which string is next (unless you're. He has been fiddling around with a guitar for the first time this last half a year or so. And I have researched how some of the major acoustic guitar manufacturers change their strings and they also say it’s fine to remove all of the strings at once. Take care not to over-tighten the bridge, or you could damage your guitar.

Check out this post for how to tune your guitar if you aren’t quite sure or need a recap. If you use a different method let me know how you do it in the comments below. % of people told us that this article helped them. That way you won't have to worry about it poking or scratching you as you work. The long way is to start playing the guitar and keep re-tuning as you go.

You'll probably need to tune your guitar again after doing this. Make sure it's sitting parallel to the guitar with the strings tuned. Ah I remember (just remember!)

If you skip this step, your new string won't stay in tune. New guitar strings have a hard time staying in tune unless they've been stretched properly. 2. rest it atop to the ring of the string.

Arrange the machine heads so that holes where the strings will go through are facing the down the guitar towards the neck. starting out playing guitar at around that age – my restringing technique was self taught and very crude. Hey Larry. Hey Julie – thanks for visiting and I hope the site will be helpful for your grandson as her learns about the guitar.

Clip the string as close as possible to the machine head so that there isn’t too much hanging out that you could potentially cut yourself on. I prefer to do them all at one end then all at the other end but whichever you find easiest works best. Wish I’d learned properly earlier, could’ve saved some frustrations – but I figured it out over time. Last Updated: May 15, 2020 And if you restring all at once you can also clean your guitar and fretboard at the same time (though this won’t need doing every time you change your strings). [1] Really important to get practice changing strings and to get into good habits early.

"Clear, concise, accurate. When tightening the strings, hold the strings on the saddle until they are tight enough that they're not going to come off.

And at least you get to practice 6 times every time you re-string the guitar!

Make sure when you are winding the string that the string winds around the machine head from top to bottom and that it doesn’t overlap on itself – to help to do this you can hold the string on your right hand just on the machine head side of the nut so that you can guide the string down the machine head as you turn the tuning peg.

The top 3 stings (E, B & G) keep flying out from the saddles when under tension - what am I doing wrong? You won’t need too much to do this and some of the tools are optional. Press and hold the bridge pin and pull the string up to remove any slack, Now repeat the process for the rest of the strings.

Take a look at the two twists below. Press and hold the bridge pin and pull the string up to remove any slack Now repeat the process for the rest of the strings Bring the string slightly up to tension, but don't try to tune it until you've checked the bridge. This is not only dangerous but it will be really bad for your guitar’s neck and bridge.

Research source. Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. Cheers for the effort taken to produce it! String the guitar the same way you normally would. You don’t want to have to have to take your guitar into a shop or have a friend change a string any time you break one – or when those old strings all need changing. Using this technique should ensure that your strings don’t slip while you are playing causing them to go out of tune. Didn’t really have google as we know it back then (wow now I’m starting to sound really old!). You can also polish the frets using the same oil soap. You may want to play a little bit to help break the new strings in as well.

The easiest way to distinguish a Floyd Rose bridge is by looking under where the strings enter. Replace the bridge pin. Now that the guitar is string-less we want to put on the new strings. loosen the low E string, a little bit, then the A string a little bit and so on and repeat the process until all the strings are loose. You can do this either with a string winder or by hand. Check the balance of the bridge again.

Nylon stringed guitars are built a little differently that steel string guitars. Wrap each string around the appropriate capstan, and use the tuning key to tighten the string to ensure nice, even wraps. This article has been viewed 144,447 times. When and why you change your strings will depend on a number of factors including. The loop is the portion of string where the wire has been looped back onto itself and “twisted” around the ball-end. If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow.

Any change in force on one side is then counteracted by an opposing force from the other, which allows the bridge to return to its neutral position. Check out the link below if you want to know more about about why and how often you should be changing your strings. If the bridge is leaned backwards, you'll need to loosen the claw screws in the bridge cavity and retune it. We know ads can be annoying, but they’re what allow us to make all of wikiHow available for free. Your guitar likely came with a set of Allen wrenches designed specifically for this use.

When you clip the strings make sure that you hold the end of the string with the hand that isn’t cutting so that the string doesn’t go flying off. Either the strings are in individual packets or the ball-end is color coded. Another way to do it is to loosen off the string completely and remove from the machine head at the headstock end first before removing the bridge pin and this is fine as well. Whilst there are some people who warn against removing all the strings at once I have never had any problems doing this. Turn the screwdriver a quarter-turn at a time, and then check to see whether it's even. If you don't have a string winder, you can turn the tuning peg with your fingers. When it's properly set up, the net force between the two is balanced. He was talking about getting an electric guitar, but we had one that was hardly used so we gave it to him, but first it needed new strings. Please help us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your ad blocker. If the string isn't broken, you may want to stick the sharp end in an eraser or wrap some tape around it.

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