What is a good garnish for butternut squash soup? Thanks so much for sharing =), Trying to make ramen for the first time says. Either way, I was a tiny bit disappointed because I had high hopes and this ended up being a lot of work and cleanup. While several restaurants in Portland offer a great bowl of ramen, most of them are not vegan-friendly. Can I use regular shitake mushrooms? This looks delicious, but with the flash frying and glazing, I can’t say that it is a simple recipe.

xoxo. I made a lot for just myself and want more tomorrow! Do you do it yourself? Thanks!

Thank you for sharing your talents. You can also subscribe without commenting. That’s so good to hear! they were really good. I’ve made this recipe a couple times and it is SO good, not to mention always a hit for the friends and fam I make it for! This blog has changed the game FOREVER. What’s not to love?! This post contains affiliate links which means I will make a small commission if you purchase through those links. It tastes as if it’s been simmering for hours, but only requires one hour of cooking time! I used Imagine Ramen Broth, simmered for about an hour and a half. For us it was too much ginger, but maybe our ginger was just thick or something. 5 stars doesn’t describe accurately how delicious this is! It was superb, excellent flavor and very reminescent of dishes from Hanoi. Although this recipe only takes 20 minutes to prep, the longer you leave the broth to sit the more intensified the flavours will become.

Thanks!! Made this today, absolutely delicious! Responses must be helpful and on-topic. Woohoo! Seriously, this is the best ramen recipe ever. Nice little crust on the outside. ramen?! However, my husband loved it and I still like the concept of it, so I think I’ll give it another go and see what happens if I put less ginger in it. I am time constrained so I matchsticked the carrots and threw them in with the noodles, threw in the bok choy and (unseared) tofu the last minute of boiling. Thanks for posting! But different ginger crops can vary in potency, so we’d recommend adjusting to taste. I cook them as directed, then drain off the cooking water, and add a little canola oil and parmesan cheese, or mix in about 1/2 cup of Salsa, especially good with fresh salsa. Thank you for posting this wonderful recipe. I used vegetable “better than boullion” to make the broth and it was too salty, added several cups of water to the broth at the end and it was perfect. terms and conditions. In a small bowl mix together the tapioca with paprika and sea salt. I hear there’s quite a few of them in London so definitely lots of opportunities to eat soup , This ramen looks so perfect for rainy autumn days!! There’s a lot going on here but man is it worth it.

Thanks for the great recipe! *If you can’t locate ramen noodles, you can also sub a similar-shaped noodle, such as angel hair pasta. I couldn’t find dried mushrooms so I used long noodle-like korean mushrooms. :), I just made this for dinner and it was delicious! I just had a bowl of previously frozen broth tonight (I pan fried some veggies to throw in) and it was delicious!

I made this. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-caking_agent, http://www.amazon.com/Vifon-Asian-Instant-Vegetarian-Noodle/dp/B0012XV4TK. Yah, I’d avoid MSG, even though it binds to magical “deliciousness” receptors on your tongue it does have neurotoxic effects, worse for some people than others… I always feel like crap after eating food laced with MSG. This dish exceeds my entire daily allowance. I misread my original package. We’ll see if we can make that more clear.

My wife and I have been wanting a simple ramen and this fits the bill. will absolutely make this again!! i made it for my roommates, i used half soy milk and half water (mixed with better than bullion) to make the veggie broth base richer/creamier!! Made this for friends last night and it was SO good!


I used 4 cups miso ginger broth and 2 cups low sodium veggie broth, I couldn’t get my hands on dried shiitake so I used fresh, I fried up the tofu using bread crumbs, I added radish as garnish and yuzu hot sauce to finish it off. Do you rehydrate the dried shitake mushrooms first? Thank you so much for this epic recipe!! Wayyyy better than packaged ramen with just a little more effort! My husband loved it too. Oops. this is one of my favourite dishes. They usually use anti-caking agents to keep the powder from clumping (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-caking_agent), so does anyone know if they can be omitted/where I can get some? This is a total dinner win!! I … Just finished making this. This was seriously insanely good.

Traditionally you eat them with lots of butter and cheese but I make a vegan version with sauteed mushrooms, black beans, avocado and salsa. Oy. I pretty much started out with your recipes and continue to come to you for great-tasting vegan recipes. It’s just wheat and salt! Yes, I’m a dork but this is a solid A+ recipe. ★☆ Just add them along with the other listed ingredients in step four. This 10-ingredient recipe starts with the broth.

:D. I don’t want to know how many bags of Ramen I ate during my childhood. Thank you for the recipe! Delicious! I didn’t have any veggie stock, so I added 1cup of Braggs Liquid Aminos, 1 Tbsp sweet yellow miso, and 1 tsp chili garlic sauce to 6 cups of water instead. (no extra firm tofu please!) We never considered the impact of these actions on the animals involved. Use ctrl+f or ⌘+f on your computer or the "find on page" function on your phone browser to search existing comments! I totally shared! Ramen traditionally is made with pork stock, I think. Would fresh mushrooms work as well? I added sliced baby bok choy and shredded carrots before serving.

Thank you for everything you do. (Pressing the tofu a bit).

(Good) ramen is going to be high in sodium, in my opinion. thank you for sharing, Yay! KEY FACTS (learn about health benefits or risks) Has medium calorie density - this means that the amount of calories you are getting from an ounce is moderate (0.08 cal/oz). Just made this with some minor tweaks with the roasted carrots and tofu. I can’t believe how good this recipe is! You say the recip is for 2-4 servings, so the nutrition fact are for 1/4 of the recipe or for 1/2 of the recipe? The pressure was as tasty but still good.

Wonderful! Hope you give this one a try, Emily! Emmanuel.

I subbed raw agave for maple syrup as I was out, and added a soft boiled farm egg. Put back in pan and continued. This was amazing! Half a package of extra firm tofu, pressed, crumbled xo. Hi Katie, yes you can just add the dried mushrooms directly to the soup or if you prefer you can soak them in some water for a couple minutes and then add them in! It’s happening! Everyone thinks I am a good cook but really it is all you. I added a tbsp of tahani which also helped enhance the flavor and used a korean soybean paste instead of miso. My husband is not feeling well so what This is the BEST vegan ramen I have ever tried (and I’ve tried A LOT)!!! Because I am feeding a mixed crowd, I grilled shrimp and chicken in additon to making the tofu. Packaging says to reconstitute mushrooms. garlic powder, cumin, mixed Italian seasonings are also good to use. Go with 1 ounce for now, although I could’ve swore my package said 5 ounces. Whoop! I substituted one cup of vegetable broth with water because I wanted to make sure it wasn’t too salty but when I make it again I will use the suggested amount, it needed the extra cup but was still delicious. 10/10 would make again! We may have been too quick to dismiss neck gaiters. Thus, I made this recipe tonight, with grilled chicken chunks on the side.

Would it be ok to use normal shiitakes rather than dehydrated ones? Once my CSA starts I’ll try it with the bok choy. Will definitely make again- thank you!

It figures it would be in Athens… since there is so much delicious vegan food there. It is delicious and satisfying on a cold day.

Thank you SO much! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? This quick & easy vegan ramen is EVERYTHING. Thanks so much for sharing! I figured I would just do it as written then pressure for 30min or so? Loved the addition of the miso glazed carrots and pan seared tofu. Add the peanut butter and stir until the noodles are coated. I live in Tokyo and find it very hard to find vegetarian broth so feel very left out of the ramen club. October 12, 2018 (updated October 3, 2020), Your email address will not be published. This broth intensifies with flavour over time. Mix in the soy sauce, then squeeze some fresh lime juice over that bowl of goodness! Ah wait, what about the cooking time?

This turned out lovely. I cannot believe I have been paying $18+ for some tasteless water and boiled vegetables. I only had spaghetti on hand and it worked out perfect. It’s really all about the broth, what ever you put in it is just a bonus.

so glad to see this. We love your modifications and are so glad your daughter enjoyed it. With the toppings, I advice to also offer some small bowls with piment-like powders, iike piment d’espelette which gives a nice little throath heat at the end, or crushed paradise pepper for a more almost minty flavor to be sprinkled on the bowl the guests put together themselves. I tried googling for ramen without the packets, but could find no info on if I could buy it like this. Terms for automated texts/calls from PETA: Down-Free Vegan Pillows for Your Best Night of Sleep, What’s Hygge? :). I made this for my boyfriend last night who LOVES ramen and it was a hit! Sauté, stirring occasionally for 5-8 minutes or until the onion has developed a slight sear (browned edges). I loved the miso roasted carrot and the bok choy and the broth had so much flavour.

You list grape seed and sesame in the ingredient list and then at the beginning say to add the oil with the onions, garlic and ginger. Yum! I used Nona Lim’s fresh ramen noodles, which can be found at Whole Foods. I made this last night exactly per the instructions (well I had soba noodles so I used those) it was a bit labor intensive and I used a lot of pots and pans BUT rest assured! Really great content. This looks amazing! I used regular carrots instead of miso glazed and the tofu I seasoned with some wasabi seasoning salt I had.

I took a photo but couldn’t upload. Really it is not hard to make the seasoning of tradition ramen. It is so delicious!

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