Like we mentioned before, there are a few specific instances while child support may terminate before the agreed upon end date: References: Termination of a Support Order. When you cancel a case, you should generate a "Notice of Cancellation" that will be sent to both the client and provider. person and make sure support terminates. If a child is still in high school, support is extended beyond the 18th birthdayto graduation or the 19th birthday. Illinois’ laws for emancipation – the point at which your child legally becomes an adult so support is no longer required – mirror those in many other states. Contact your state's child support enforcement agency. If you want to just wing it without an order and can convince the employer to stop the withholding, bully for you. The end of your support obligation doesn’t mean you no longer have to pay off arrears if you fell behind with payments at some point in time. Address changes must be done in person in room 110 of the Circuit Clerk's Office with a goverment issued ID. You’ll need a court order stating that she is indeed emancipated, and that support therefore ends. If a child gets married they're considered independent and no longer eligible to receive aid from child support. Which documents should I generate and when once I set a case to be cancelled in the future? > Allowable Deductions from Gross You must go back to court and ask the judge to order termination of your child support obligation. Important! You must include your Winnebago County FIPS number 17201 or reference Winnebago County and case number with your payment. Winnebago County 17th Judicial Circuit Clerk, General Disclaimer|Privacy Policy|FAQ|Contact Us|Site Map, Mailing Address: 400 West State St., Rockford, IL 61101 If a child gets married they're considered independent and no longer eligible to receive aid from child support. | Site Design & Developement by, Upon completion of the forms necessary, you will need, You may file with the provider of your choice; however, the Winnebago County Circuit Clerk's Office staff has been trained to assist with Odyssey eFileIL. The Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services provides the child support guidelines, which includes worksheets to help with child support calculations and a table that shows the percentage of combined net income that parents living together usually spend on their children. The age of majority is 18, but if your child is still in high school, support can continue until she graduates or her 19th birthday, if this happens first. In such a case, you must continue making payments even though your child has graduated -- or has otherwise met the rules for emancipation -- because a valid support order is still in effect. There may be a, Speak directly with an experienced divorce and family law attorney Please note that you will first be required to register and set up a payment option. Answer: The $36.00 annual Support Service Fee, that is assessed pursuant to Illinois State Statute on all Child Support cases, must still be paid to the Circuit Clerk’s office. If a non-custodial parent stops paying child support under a child support order, there can be major consequences.. }); Find out how simple the divorce process can be when you work with a law firm that puts you first. If you have any questions about the website, please email, © 2020 Illinois Department of Human Services, Family & Community Services Provider Information, Child Care Management System (CCMS) Training. Please notify Health and Family Services of your new address by calling 1-800-447-4278 or visit their website at Paying child support is an important obligation. IL State Disbursement Unit In Illinois, the method used to set the amount of child support is income shares based on both parents' net income and the number of children included in the child support order using the Illinois child support guidelines. • Refer to the Generate and Print a Document wizard to learn how to generate documents to send to your clients and providers.

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