Harlequin is a clone-only strain, meaning that in order to cultivate it, prospective growers need to obtain clippings from a mature plant. Also, please feel free to – Contact Us – at anytime. Our Harlequin Cannabis Clones have an average THC level of 7-15% and a CBD of 6-10%. THC: 4.45% | CBD: 7.67%, Euphoric, Uplifted, Creative, Happy, Focused, Stress, Pain, Fatigue, Joint Pain, Inflammation, Speedy Delivery Worldwide Charlotte’s Web, developed for a young epilepsy patient, has sparked international attention and even drawn families to Colorado, seeking treatment that doesn’t come with a high.

It can also have powerful anti-inflammatory properties, making it beneficial as a medication for fibromyalgia and neuralgic pain. Let us add value to your next sale! What's in Stock: Live Clone and Teen Menu. Pre-Rolls

Harlequin is a 75/25 sativa-dominant strain renowned for its reliable expression of CBD. These clones are often available at cannabis conventions and expos, or could be obtained from a fellow grower. Its leaves are medium green with pistils that vary in color from orange to vivid red.

MORE THAN 20 STRAINS OF CLONES AVAILABLE TEXT 669-257-4864 TO ORDER. That's why in 2017 we decided to shift our flower operation to full scale clone production. Flowering time averages around 9-10 weeks. It can alleviate the aches associated with joint pain and stiffness.

Located near Eugene, Oregon, Kaprikorn is dedicated to providing you with the best supply of clones and teens for your budget. Interested in doing business with us? Kaprikorn cannabis clone nursery, OLCC clones for sale from Oregon's Willamette Valley. *Do not operate heavy machinery under the influence of this drug. The smooth smoke is not known to induce coughing, and it finishes with a rich, hashy aftertaste. Clone and teens available we have over 20 different high-~~~~~ strains of clones. Flavors and Aromas include: Citrus, Herbal, Sweet, Spice, Mango, and Woody. Send us an email and let us know your OLCC recreational license number and business name, or your full name.

Let us know what your farm is missing and we'll help you find a great strain out of our extensive strain library. Harlequin’s desirable properties have also been used to yield child strain Pennywise, another CBD-heavy (albeit indica-dominant) strain. The clones are grown on site and are ~~~~ of pests and Sativa-Dominant Hybrid “Columbian Gold” x “Thai” x “Swiss Landrace”. Expect a focused and alert high, perfect for day to day use and tackling any projects you have. Like Elysian, Next Gen Nurseries is a wholesale plant provider that’s in the business of stocking dispensaries with living genetics. We are actively networked with growers and dispensaries, and everything in between, throughout Oklahoma. Indoors, plants flower within 9 to 10 weeks; if flowers are harvested after the 10 week period, THC content may increase so that it equals or exceeds the desired CBD content. CBD inhibits the growth of cancer cells.

All of their genetics are from seed, verified and cloned. If you are a medical patient please text or email us a photo of your patient card prior to ordering. Developed by Sheldon Cooper, Be the first to review “Harlequin Strain”. Harlequin weed can be grown by newcomers or by those with significantly more cultivation experience. Harlequin strain has an amazing mango and earthy smell with a flavor to match.

Cannabis lab Analytics 360 has measured samples of this strain at between 4% to 10% THC and 6% to 15% CBD. These patchwork genetics may account for the strain’s name — “harlequin” originally referred to the brightly-patterned costumes of traditional Italian clowns of the same name.

Call today at 405-626-1370. Weed Wax The spread of medical and recreational cannabis legalization has brought new attention to CBD as an instrument of health. Humboldt Seed Co Seeds available! Required fields are marked *, Weed Buds When properly cured, the buds smell musky with traces of tropical fruit underneath. Because its THC content is so low, and because its high CBD counteracts the psychoactive effects of that THC, Harlequin is not likely to get the user particularly high. Instead of a potent high, Harlequin strain is known to offer pain relief from both mild and chronic conditions. Harlequin landrace heritage has given it genetic heartiness and stability, while selective breeding by cannabist botanists has boosted the valuable concentration of THC. They deliver rooted, healthy Marijuana plants all over California! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It’s the foundation of your entire enterprise! Harlequin Strain Origins. Its uplifting but functional high allows the user to perform work, errands, and even exercise. However, growers cultivating outdoors should watch out for environmental threats, as Harlequin is not particularly resistant to pests or to fungus. We offer tours to interested farms and are happy to share all aspects of our integrated pest management program. Our clones come from the … As a hybrid, Harlequin carries all types of superpowers, thanks to its ultra-diverse origin. BUY FEMINIZED, VETTED HEMP CLONES. We are an OLCC compliant business and as such we work with other OLCC compliant companies ONLY. Once we know you can legally purchase from us we can move on to the ordering process! It is also good for pain relief, nausea and appetite stimulation. Cut weeks off your veg time with our large clones and vigorous teens.

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