So far this is what I have tried. Thanks for sharing. Walking past she would raise a wrist to my mum’s forehead and at the first hint of illness Mum would be packed off to bed and checked upon compulsively. recommending high-dose folic acid; and; suggesting that people with MTHFR should go straight out and take methylfolate. Not once did a doctor think for me to take a B12 test. I could not be convinced that I was safe. So green veg is no longer part of my diet. here. I trolled the internet for weeks and found a handful of people with similar experiences (people with ER visits, long term symptoms, etc.). So it's been a while since I've visited these forums! I think anxiety can be due to numerous factors. I did used to really enjoy Niacin flushes, btw, when I had a lot of anxiety. I noticed my anxiety got a little better, too. Waking up and then going back to sleep for another 1.5 hours or so. And the good news is that the potential treatment — folinic acid — is cheap, relatively easy to find, and side effect-free. @splee I don't know if "most people here end up in ER" from folate/folinic. I still need to get a full DNA analysis (so far my doctor only tested for MTHFR, which I have). I did used to really enjoy Niacin flushes, btw, when I had a lot of anxiety. trehalose, folinic acid, niacin, reservrasol, magnesium. I am new to this site. But here’s the thing: I am far from being alone. I also break out on my face if I eat high thiol foods. I also do psychotherapy which helps as well. Thus, I was able to figure out pretty quickly that this stuff wasn't for me. Have you tried hydroxyb12? I have the same mutation (homo a1298c) and Methylb12 definitely gives me anxiety! Can't sleep at all. “Be very clear on what you want to know through the test. Yet today my beast, finally, is a paper tiger, a tiny shadow in the corner of my heart. Prof Griffiths is hoping results from Phase 3 studies will replicate what has been found in the previous two — that the C677T mutation occurs more often in people with migraine and migraine with aura and that a combination of B group vitamins can significantly reduce frequency, severity and pain. I would recommend melatonin (lozenge or sublingual one, not the kind you swallow). I have been si 1mg methylcobalamin for 6 weeks every other day. At 25, I had to move back home with my parents and didn’t leave my room for three months, convinced that I would die if I did. Anyone tried folinic acid instead of folic acid when they are on methotrexate? I stopped taking these supplements and my headaches went away. Being low on serotonin (and dopamine etc.) It is based on the theory that in diseases Kane classes as. I think it would be a good concept to share more, Sounds promissing:, Hey this is my first post on here. She says there is still not a good understanding of MTHFR mutations and their possible links with anxiety and depression in the broader medical community. He also discusses that, if you do have an adverse reaction to methylfolate (agitation, increased anxiety, headache), you can take nicotinic acid or niacinamide in 50mg dosages every 30 minutes until you experience relief. After 10 years of increasing anxiety, I discovered that my various supplements were the primary cause of my anxiety. SAMe helps because more serotonin and other neurotransmitters are produced naturally (you make too little if you are undermethylated due to SAMe deficiency). Some of the symptoms were: Darty vision, difficult to focus, vivid light, Frequent urination (like 10-12 times in 6 hrs) lasted solid for three days, Extreme crippling paranoia-like anxiety all the way to mild-can't-function-anxiety...felt like I was crawling out of my skin, Derealization and Depersonalization for about a month afterwards (one of the scarier symptoms), Depression and hopelessness (suicidal thoughts), Serious insomnia (could fall asleep but could not maintain sleep and felt very wired), Felt like my head was being microwaved or zapped, particularly at night felt very buzzed. I experimented with about 100 supplements after reading everything I could find online. This is also known as Online Behavioural Advertising. I would dream of it, obsess about it; when I closed my eyes at night I would see it appearing suddenly and unexpectedly outside my house, engulfing my baby brother or unsuspecting parents. In fact, I've been taking it now daily for 2 weeks and haven't had a bit of anxiety. The safest b9 and b12 supplements for me are folinic acid and hydroxy-b12. It wasn't until I found Freddd's posts that I began making progress. And those patients don’t only include those with anxiety or depression. Can it lead to cures? Environmental, history, diet, and even genes. Bring a child with autism back to his or her parents? A temperature can be enough to send me off into wild paroxysms of hysteria, imagining every possible catastrophic outcome befalling my bewildered, if snotty, child. I still had daily migraine headaches until I added 800 mcg of folinic acid. This probably means that you are low on serotonin. Back to the drawing board! “We expect to see a more significant response in people with a double mutation but also a response in those with a single mutation by treating them with a combination of folate, B6 and B12,’’ she says. Important to do a nutreval test if you want any shot at navigating vitamin deficiency and need as I believe most other deficiencies should be corrected before methylation is fed. I have already addressed the folic acid question in my previous article, so this article is going to talk about taking methylfolate, and why you shouldn’t rush into that! Help prevent stroke or heart attack? I have to stop the Folinic acid, as my mums MTHFR person said if I take it without proper dosage and testing I'll feel better for awhile and then 'burn out'. For me, I discovered a b1 deficiency which complicates the whole matter as pumping the other b vitamins exacerbates the b1 deficiency and b complexes include thiamin HCL which I clearly am not absorbing. Speak to a genetic counsellor or geneticist if you have questions on serious medical conditions and genetics,’’ she says.

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