The dogs have a life span 12 to 15 years. We all know that a dog is a man’s best friend and have always been a part of our human society. It takes the policemen to the place where the criminal is hidden. When you return home from an exhausting day at work, you see the cute little paws of happiness—your pet dog—waiting for you at the door to greet with cuddles, slobbery kisses, and some lovely woofs. Dogs are human’s best friends and a popular topic for papers at colleges and universities. Writing Dog essays, you can use all your imagination to compose a compelling piece of writing with an outstanding outline. The road to success is always under construction. We hope that you will like reading Essay on Dog in Hindi written by us. These dogs perform their duties very well, that is why dogs are used as fire dog, police dog, assistant dog, army dog, hunting dog, messenger dog, rescue dog, shepherd dog, etc. It is a very caring animal. The question should be what jobs you cannot give to a dog. There are different breeds of dogs that have different requirements. Different types of dogs are good for different types of things; like Bullmastiff, a breed of dog has great strength and good instincts. He can close doors for you, clean a room by putting all the dogs toy away, you can also ask while playing to fetch the ball, you can ask him to guard the house, he can pull the cart for you. Bio yogurt is a product of the Bio pet which has features of adding immunity to the dog.

Communicate with your dog daily, as they need your attention and what would be better than talking to them and telling them about your whole day.

Essay on Dog – Man’s Best Friend – The dog is a loving companion to a man. As and when Sasha grew up, he learned various tricks. They have fully developed canine teeth for meat-eating. In places like Himachal Pradesh, Assam, Odisha, wild dogs are seen like foxes and wolves. As soon as the doorbell rings, the dog becomes alert and starts looking at the stranger. He shows his affection for his master by wagging his tail and licking his hand or face. Different types of dogs are good for different types of things; like Bullmastiff, a breed of dog has great strength and good instincts, so people mostly keep this type of dog for their house protection. Its vision and understanding power is very fast. Because he uses his toe while walking or running. Make sure your dog’s teeth are clean and free from cavities as some breeds are more prone to teeth diseases than others and it can also be fatal. Almost every dog owner remembers each dog he or she has owned. Like you can make your dog bring things for you, train him to understand your commands so that he can help you in times of need and call for help if you ever meet an accident. Keep him fit by engaging him in regular exercises so that he stays healthy and enjoy activities. The dog often moves to ask his feelings. Having a pet is a lot of physical activities so if you think you are not an active person then own a dog, and you will see a huge difference. About Dog in Hindi ( Essay on Dog in Hindi in 100 Words ) A dog is a pet animal. Because of the quality of being loyal to its owner and protect its owner from all sorts of danger. Essay on dog about 100 words . Composing essays on dog is not a very easy task, but with the proper approach, it is manageable. The German shepherd is we all know as always considered by policeman due to their confident and bold nature and they also are a fast learner. The rich people raise dogs to guard the house. 2020 © For me the dog is a. In this article I share with you 10 fun facts about dogs! Lessons You and I Can Learn from the Life of Our Pet Dogs, Amazing Dog Facts that You Probably Didn’t Know, An Analysis of Molly Ivins' Get a Dog, Get a Knife, But Get Rid of Guns, Lessons We Can Learn from the Life of Our Pet Dogs, The Most Dangerous Dog Breed in the World, The Unforgettable Experience of Receiving My First Dog, Dogs Are not Just Companions—they Are True Bae, Difference Between Domesticated and Stray Canines, The Evolution of the Domestic Dog Through Breeding Them. Their ability to smell and hear is very good. Despite what dog lovers may believe, cats make excellent house pets. Your email address will not be published. His primary movement was annihilating rodents and snakes and he was an extraordinary guard dog and friend. Although the dog sleeps during the day, it remains active at night. There are different breeds of dogs that have different requirements. Their nature is very helpful and it is also considered to be the best friend of man. If you are not a social person and live along then having a dog pet is a good idea he will entertain you enough, keep you happy and make you feel special by showing their love to you and will never leave you if you are sad. The scientific name of the dog is Canis lupus familiaris. Being a loyal pet, the dog is always going to stick by you no matter what; he will never let any unknown enter your house. Well that is what I first assumed, however, after reading just the very next sentence of the article, I realized it was the complete opposite.... Every little puppy loved fun and playing. We trained him to follow our instructions and he even learned a few tricks. You cannot have the same king a bond with a person that you have with your dog because they ask nothing but love in return.

, you can take care of your dog by doing these simple things that will also be in your budget. They show their happiness by waggling their tail and licking your face. Essay on Dog in 300 Words. It always supports the person with love and honesty. Its size also varies.

I have seen many people owning a dog, and the way they communicate with their dog is just amazing, it feels like they are the part of the family and not a pet. Let academics write a perfect Dog just for you! The relationship with the dog is not the relationship with any other pet. If you have a dog, it means you will have a best friend for life. Some people are very fond of dogs so they keep one with them just to love and nurture them. The pet dog can also be omnivores. It is a very useful animal for people who are handicapped as dogs can do a lot of work for them, like fetching a thing, taking them to places, finding things and guard the house, etc. Due to its observant nature and intelligence, it is most commonly used by police, army or other investigative departments to catch murderers and criminals. This will help you know that the food is high in... Inquiry question How can human activity impact on an ecosystem? These dogs wander from door to door in search of food. On the other hand, a large number of stray dogs are found in the streets. Bathing and feeding them on time. But they are a very attention seeker, they want your attention more than anything, and they will do things to grab your attention.

The dog is the most common pet because … It very faithfully follows all the orders of its owner. They were known as “truck following canines”, yet the name was changed because of the unmistakable edge of hair on their back like the Rhodesian. There are many breeds of dogs.

It’s going to stay loyal to you, become your best buddy and often will sleep cuddling you and going to bark whenever he sees a stranger or someone that he feels is dangerous for you. Cook him his favorite food, bath him, take him to a parlor for proper grooming, and make a small doghouse for your dog where he can rest.

If you are having a bad day, then try talking to your dog, although they won’t understand a thing, the way they will stare at your and nod like they know what you are talking about will make you happy. Komodor dogs can be used to protect sheep as its fearless and courageous pet. She also loved Lily, her little owner very much. A dog is a pet animal. The scientific name of the dog is Canis lupus familiaris. For this reason, it is also called a faithful animal. It has proved faithful to humans many years ago! It plays faithfully with man all his life. Personally, I remember the exact day I received my first dog, even though I was only about five years old. How do the selection pressures that humans inflict on domestic dogs influence their evolutionary change? While at the same time generally obscure, the Thai Ridgeback is really an old breed from Thailand. The dog is placed in the category of mammals, as it gives birth to children and feeds itself like other mammals. He is happy to go everywhere with his master. Read the label of a prospective food. I hope that all you dog owners enjoy this article, and learn something new while you’re at it. They are given a piece of flesh somewhere, then they are beaten up and driven away. Dogs are such a concerned pet, they if you feel sad they will come to you and make you happy. Feeding a Dog Feed your dog a high quality dog food. So let us know about the dog in detail now and let us see Essay on Dog in details.

2 Pages. But to get even better mark, you should study the online samples on this topic and take advantage of their structure, as your article must have an excellent introduction to grab readers’ attention and conclusion to end it. A dog has sharp teeth so that it can eat flesh very easily, it has four legs, two ears, two eyes, a tail, a mouth, and a nose. Like grooming your dog by keeping him clean, trimming his nails. Dogs are not called man’s best friend for nothing. By continuing we’ll assume you board with our cookie policy. The dog is a famous domestic animal.

Neighbours are all worry as soon as they get a thief’s call at night and due to this, the thief is forced to flee. For me the dog is a perfect pet, it is more like a friend who stays with you and protects you. For this reason, it is also called night animal. The dog is a pet animal. Required fields are marked *. Furthermore, my siblings and I took on the responsibility of keeping Sasha clean. Dogs can be a lot of help. Your email address will not be published. No man can feel lonely when he has a dog for company. Example Of Business Plan On Marketing Plan. Essay on dog For Elementary level (300words). you will see a huge difference. When you return home from an exhausting day at work, and you see the cute little paws of happiness—your pet dog—waiting for you by the door to greet with cuddles, slobbery kisses and, some lovely woofs.

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