When a butterfly is not flying, its wings are usually folded over its back. [5] In some species, there is a movable body part on the tibia that is used to clean the antennae. A monarch butterfly, with closed wings, feeding on nectar from a garden flower. The caterpillar will find a special place to pupate (pupate means to turn into a pupa). Sentence a Day Vocab Yr 6 Please note that these pages contain a work and to activities to support and enhance classroom teaching and learning, written and created by Steph Westwood. The life of butterflies is closely connected to flowering plants, which their larvae (caterpillars) feed on, and their adults feed and lay their eggs on. When a predator tries to eat the caterpillar, the caterpillar will release the osmeterium. An adult butterfly represents the last stage of a butterfly’s lifecycle in which a butterfly becomes ready to fly. Caterpillars use silk to make nests or cocoons. Some butterflies may be in trouble because of habitat loss. In this activity you have to put a text in the right order. 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Meet the butterflies from 200 million years ago. There were individual medleys, as well as backstroke, A manta ray flashed, scattering a school of, As I sat in the garden one warm June morning, a painted lady, The vibrant, benign energy in nature, represented by the white, Both the vibrant colors and the nectar supply of the heliotrope are excellent attractants for the, One piece strapless delustered satin, A-line, small train, embroidered in mauve and silver, White and purple alyssum, with its honey scent, is a great, Dig out that hybrid tea rose that suffers from black spot and replace it with an easy-going, Besides badminton, sister pursuits of poetry composition today might include, The entry to the conservatory at the north will be flanked by the, The shoulder can be put into a precarious position during the recovery and entry periods of the crawl and, Another drill that can aid in the acceleration for recovery is swimming. They may have spines, bristles, or soft body extensions. Some caterpillars (in the family Hesperiidae and the subfamilies Parnassiinae and Satyrinae) make shelters out of silk and leaves to protect themselves when they become pupae. These flying creatures are made up of slender body structures, and the wings are not connected to the main body structure. [5], Most caterpillars feed on leaves of plants or trees. A butterfly has four stages of life, which include egg stage, caterpillar stage, pupa stage, and the adult butterfly stage. There are many different kinds of butterflies. As the caterpillar grows inside its skin, the skin becomes too tight.

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