Another common mistake is diversifying the lower ranks of employment, but there is no diversity up the ladder in the management sector. New regulatory mandates are emerging. Many governments now recognize this and are creating legislative mandates to support diversity.

Moreover, hiring staff with multilingualism is a plus for the company because it caters for the needs of people who do not understand a certain language.

Available on the World Wide Web at, Society for Human Resource Management. This could also lead to discrimination and prejudice (Kelly web). Government officers anticipate diversity can contribute to quality solutions. The push for diversity is on around the globe today. 814. Diversity has both merits and demerits. Such jobs usually require creativity and social skills.

Furthermore your income is influenced directly by the results of your work. A heterogeneous workforce translates to greater output and productivity.

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Women, colored people, people with disabilities and immigrants are normally the marginalized individuals at the workplace. In this essay, I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of diversity that will affect the society in terms of cultural, economical and social development. Most employees prefer to work in an environment where diversity at all levels is encouraged. This makes sure that heterogeneous talent is maintained because employees are not migrating from one company to the next in search of diversity. Company work groups, executive C-suites, corporate boardrooms governments and regulators are calling for action: define policies and deliver practices that get results.

Proper management of this diversity complements the workers’ weaknesses and leverages their strengths in order to enhance the impact on the workforce. Marketing strategies help bring organization to the task of marketing your products or services to the public.

A manager’s guide to solving problems and turning diversity into a competitive advantage. The merits associated with diversity outweigh the demerits. On the contrary, diversity also has some demerits. Despite the demerits, a company can forego the costs that come with diversity since it will reap the benefits in the long run. Diversity in companies mainly constitutes acceptance, appreciation and recognition of staff with different backgrounds.
Other small demerits can be complemented with the merits, and handled amicably within the company’s means.

To remain competitive, organizations and nations must invest in ways to accelerate innovation.

It must hire mature employees who are open to understanding and appreciating the many ways people may think or approach topics. However due to the intensity of the work rhythm and the diversity of the tasks, a marketing job can be considered stressful by most people. Different sexual orientation, age, religion, race, gender, ethnicity, class, mental and physical abilities are some of the factors that create diversity at work.

There are both advantages and disadvantages of careers in marketing.

Norway requires 40% of board directors on public boards must be women. “Challenges in Recruiting and Hiring Diverse Employees.”, Lieberman, Simma.

Solving such complex global issues as world hunger, environmental concerns, financial crises, health care for aging populations requires a higher order of thinking. Other countries have mandatory quotas for diversity. In order to address this problem, organizations should include all workers in the company’s strategy, mission and vision, and acknowledge their skills and areas of knowledge for the overall excellence of the organization (Lieberman web).

Focus Consultancy; Diversity and Innovation : Adams, Gray and Nowland; Does Gender Matter in the Boardroom? The critical factor for success of a diverse team is if its members truly respect each other.

Esty, Katharine, Richard Griffin, and Marcie Schorr-Hirsh (1995). Therefore, diversity should be part and parcel of all companies. This caused managers professionals in organization development to experiment with composing diverse teams to see if results improved.

1.1. Moreover, diverse executive teams and corporate boards produce higher returns on equity, improved risk mitigation, higher return on sales, invested capital and corporate revenue results (McKinsey; Leeds University; Catalyst). Human Relation Theory removes grievance among the employees.

As both team development and leadership development strengthen within well-managed diverse groups, overall company results improve. As both team development and leadership development strengthen within well-managed diverse groups, overall company results improve.

.This questions would be main purpose of this article.

Those companies which take the challenge to heart have a stronger likelihood to thrive for the long-term.

Added to these operational advantages is the value diversity brings to innovation in our global economy. This enhances communication skills within the company which may yield positive results to the company’s advantage. Therefore, adopting diversity into their system is an indispensable imperative that companies should embrace in order to enhance the company’s performance. Diversity has both merits and demerits.

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