And to enhance its productivity, proper maintenance and care is a must.

If you are baking for a small family and if you do it occasionally then go for a smaller oven. Many ask me whether to buy an OTG or a MW Convection. The first one is a square. I am a new reader to your blogs and all your recipes look delicious.

Clean the door, cavity including outer edge with help of water and mild detergent (as suggested). If you love reading, read on, but if you like visual presentation, then view the video below. Place the tray on the top rack and select this function and you can grill all your dishes. and what else ? Do not use abrasives such as scouring pads. Change ). This is the most important point I can give you. 1st one is blank, 2nd one is with one line in the top , 3rd one is with two lines and the last one is with again one line in the bottom of the square. Please send me the photos of the dials to I can guide you better if I see. If there is no other temperature mentioned in the recipe, the baking temperature is also the same as the preheating temperature. So now you know how to take care of your OTG, start preparing your favourite cuisines without worrying . But during halfway through baking you need to interchange the trays so that the cakes bake evenly.

thanks!? Mam plz tell me temperature and timing for baking bread i have an bajaj otg. Please check whether both filaments are heating while baking. No need to switch off the oven.

But the results may vary and here is the reason.

I had a 25L oven, where I used to place the cake on the top rack and bake using the lower rod only. That way, the cake gets heat from all directions and will be baked perfectly. Per consentire a Verizon Media e ai suoi partner di trattare i tuoi dati, seleziona 'Accetto' oppure seleziona 'Gestisci impostazioni' per ulteriori informazioni e per gestire le tue preferenze in merito, tra cui negare ai partner di Verizon Media l'autorizzazione a trattare i tuoi dati personali per i loro legittimi interessi. What to do? Try to call for service. You can always buy a solo MW for your cooking needs (that is what I have done). How does the end product differ from the actual one when i bake the same in my oven,. So now you know how to take care of your OTG, start preparing your favourite cuisines …

Do try it.

It would be easier for me to clear your doubt. I thought since its a bigger oven, temp above must be lesser, so I moved the cake to the middle rack (still using lower rod function) .. and my cake got burnt within 20 minutes.

for 4 kg eggless cake,is it enough the multiple of 4 of ur receipe. But your oven may not be the same and it may work differently.

Next is the function selector. Always switch on both filaments for general baking. Whenever I make cookies my cookies got burnt from bottom n remains uncooked from top. Ma’am I have a Wonderchef 19l OTG.How can I use it for baking,grilling and toasting. If i want to check with a toothpick whether the cake is done or not, can i open the otg directly while its on..or should i switch it off first then check and switch it on again..because i dont want to overbake and my oven seems to do that often. ( Log Out /  I use baking powder in my recipes and not baking soda. However, there are few metal cookware’s which are specially configured for OTG for safer use with proper instructions.

If it is there, then fine. Would definitely will follow your advice. Cant wait to try some.

Every oven is different.

It does not have racks. and should i on both the rods with fan for baking cakes,bread and cookies will it be same for all? Hi mam i have Croma 33liter otg baking cake can v on both rods or only lower rod n cookies bread also which rod is perfect please help me. Then open the oven, place your dish and close it immediately. Per saperne di più su come utilizziamo i tuoi dati, consulta la nostra Informativa sulla privacy e la nostra Informativa sui cookie. Follow the manufacturer’s instruction manual for recommended operating procedures and safety precautions. Also reduce temperature to 170/ 160C and see how it works. and Finally either set the timer to stay on or add the preheating time and the baking time and set the timer. I need a help from u Gayathri.

Which utensils can use for cooking in OTG other than cake recipes. You also get to buy baking trays and vessels which can … I changed my OTG thermostat from technician but the problem continues.In that OTG I am making cookies on bake mode bottom rod on n fan on…temp 150 around for 10-15 min.pls guide me how to use this. And if you are aiming to start you home bakery go for a larger one. There is one issue though… it doesn’t have option to for upper or lower filaments.. instead it show toast bake broil and rotisserie options. Ofcourse I preheated. Yes, you can do it Rekha.

But if not mentioned, you need to set the temperature, switch on the oven and give it some time to get to the required temperature. Use Glass for fatty foods as it is good idea but remember not all glass and ceramics are OTG safe. So I decided to write a new post with my new Sunflame oven ( though it is one year old) Many like my videos so I also made a video explaining the interiors and functions of my OTG.

If you observe some signs of rusting inside the OTG get it rectified.

Hi ma’am.i owned prestige otg 28rc 2 days back.i baked the cake using both filaments on .when I preheat the oven Both filaments up and down were red hot but when I kept my cake to bake.once d preheat done,the down filaments was not so red like it normal or any defect.i also noticed my cakes was not baked from down as it was baked well from above.what should I do? Higher temperature causes cracks.

It is not good to use metal pans made for conventional ovens or aluminum foil because reflected OTG cause uneven cooking and even damage it. First set the temperature needed.

At first it may be quite frustrating if any dish fails, but once you get the hang of it, you will enjoy.

Hi Gayathri Can I use ..both the trays I mean the baking tray and the wire rack tray to bake the cakes .I mean four cakes at the time ..2 cakes up and 2cakes in 2nd tray ..will all the cakes will bake properly pls help Gayatri ji. When you select it, it just switches on the light inside and keeps the oven … ( Log Out /  I ve been left my mother’s oven which is of Cornell brand.. the function selector knob is different for me.. there are 3 options, upper filament on or the lower filament on or both.. can you tell me which settings I should use each for baking cakes, pizza, chips etc.

If it says Pyrex or Corning ware on … But every recipe suggests some temperature for that particular dish. Do not use it for deep-frying, canning, or heating baby bottles as OTG doesn’t allow adequate temperature control for safe results.

If it is done, remove the cake from oven immediately. Next set the function as per the recipe, whether it is baking, toasting or grilling. I guess it can be anywhere.

In India it is mostly in degree Celsius, but some may be in Fahrenheit.

Nowadays the OTGs also have the fan, which circulates hot air inside. But when I set timer knob for 40 minutes it actually switches off in 20 minutes. So the oven takes some time to heat up to the required temperature. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Metal oven safe pans are made from non-reactive metals (like stainless steel) or reactive metals with a protective layer (e.g. Relevance. I bought a Reconnect 28L OTG… used it a couple of times for baking and grill works fine. Hi Gayatri, thanks for informative blog. Let me explain. Go for it.

You can use OTG for so many functions such as baking, grilling, toasting and rotisserie. But ma’am that is called broiling. ... You can use aluminum, silicon and oven safe glassware. I have a doubt that, which function to set while pre heating the oven, when I supposed to bake cake or breads.

Don’t dry or sterilize clothing or other articles in the OTG as it might risk of catching fire. It showed a temp of 150.

You can use this to prove your bread dough if the climate is too cool.

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