Bled a universe dry, from within a pocket dimension he couldn't leave. Techincally I suppose, I recall there was a time when he arrived on Earth so starved he ended up getting felled by Thor and didn't get up. You make it that they are almost equal, which they aren't. It's been awhile since i read it, i could be missing details.


Doctor Strange is a very distinguished spell caster and there is almost nothing he can’t accomplish with his mystical might.

It's pretty hard finding combat scans on a guy who hardly ever fights, but I think this display of power, moving a galaxy with a hand wave is a pretty good feat and gives us a fair idea of just how powerful he can be. This allowed for interplanetary flight and access to other planets full of people to eat. @smoothsanta: funny, you focus one half of a sentence, and completely ignore the rest of the post. Another one of those people is Mad Jim Jaspers. Not wait it out, blast it out. i had no idea he had such limited showings.

BlotskyA 6 mo 15 d. Trigon vs Galactus #. What has Trigon destroyed on that level?

The squirrel themed hero struck deal with a man who eats planets. That's not cute, that's either pathetic debating skills, or pathetic reading skills. One of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe, The Living Tribunal is a celestial who is charged with maintaining the natural law and order of the universe. It’s an ancient entity that has been around much longer than Galactus and will continue to live long after he has died. It's going to be either a stalemate until Galactus destroys his realm. @smoothsanta: so he moved Galador? He has only appeared physically in the comics only a handful of times and he is the greatest and most powerful being in all the Marvel universe. Now, to compare power levels. I doubt Galactus will just sit around while he absorbs the universe. I'm asking If Galactus is fed, has he ever lost power during the course of a battle? The supremely powerful being was not able to repel about 15 zombified superheroes from devouring him and with that came the absorption of his powers. And again, it's immortal. Few other heroes square up against the “World-Eater” as much as Reed Richards and the Fantastic Four do. He can easily deal with Galactus in a number of ways, so for him it would be just another day at the office for him.

I think after the brief description of his abilities and capabilities that it goes without saying that if any single being is able to defeat Galactus in mere moments, it would be The One Above All. @mysticmedivh he wanted earth as a throphy for some reason (can't remember why). EmptyHand 1 … Trigon wins by default.

I'm not familiar with Trigon enough to make a decision. 1) I know Galactus hungers but has he ever been shown getting weaker while fighting? As long as Galactus doesn’t have the chance to kill him first, Molecule Man could tear Galactus apart. But I'm interested to see what Trigon can do. 5) Galactus commenting on Thanos shields doesn't mean he was using a lot of energy.

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