The power stone, while it would give Thanos insane power can't match Dormammu who has supposedly literally infinite power, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the AskScienceFiction community. @OneDoesNotSimplyWalkIntoMordor: Awesome Dormammu scans. There's nothing that indicates that Thanos could possibly beat him just using tech - and the Gauntlet is literally just a metal gauntlet, nothing special about it other than being designed to easily carry the Infinity Stones. We use a [Watsonian point of view](, versus Doylist. Dr.

That Strange was able to use the Time Gem in Dormammu's Dark Dimension is something that's not fully explained as to why it was able to work. Is Dr. Preferably both and the Time Gem as well. Next, since we know that properly used one Infinity Stone (The Time Stone) can defeat him or at least make him annoyed enough to leave, can any other Stone overpower him or force him back (In Dark Dimension or outside it). He can manipulate time and space and to a degree control reality itself. What I would like to see is some hard evidence. Strange >>>>>>>>> Dormammu, Odin, Surtur, The In-Betweener .... and so on? He has faced Eternity in Battle (Odin wouldn't dream of attempting that). ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I'm going to give Odin the win. And Mephisto is way weaker than Dormammu. Battle to the utter death/obliteration. So who can take him down? I think i might have to change my vote to Dormammu. A better match would be his father and even Odin may struggle to cope with Dormammu. When Strange uses his sling ring, he's never leaving Earth-1999999, just visiting different dimensions within 1999999. It's impossible for Odin to defeat Dormammu. It's impossible for Odin to defeat Dormammu. Odin on the other hand, would not dare of messing around with Dormammu and would quickly start devising a way too defeat the dark creature. Next, since we know that properly used one Infinity Stone (The Time Stone) can defeat him or at least make him annoyed enough to leave, can any other Stone overpower him or force him back (In Dark Dimension or outside it). Dormammu created Satanish by using a fraction of his power. Satanish is almost in par to Mephisto and Odin is about as equal as they are. At that point Dormammu was actively merging the dimensions and the rules of both places applied in a sense. I kind of feel Dormammu in a close one, although I agree that he doesn't have the greatest fight record in the comics.

The mind, reality, space, and soul stones would all be pretty useless for the most part. RELATED: Thor: 10 Scenes That Prove Hela Is The Most Powerful Among Odin’s Children. It is never ever mentioned that they even battled.

Strange has already defeated Dormammu, so that's one Thor has defeated Surtur (kind of, technically it's just that it was yet time for Ragnarok) so definitely him.
In much the same way, ... 6 CAN DEFEAT THE SPECTRE: Dormammu. In the original OHOTHMU The Living Tribunals entry even says "One of the most powerful beings in the multiverse, dwarfing even Dormammu in power".

The Infinity Gems can't affect other Universes but they still have free reign in any Dimension within their home Universe. There's a difference between a Universe and a Dimension in Marvel.

Doomsday presents a unique threat in that he can very rarely be stopped permanently, so the heroes of the Marvel Universe may have to settle for temporarily defeating the behemoth. Someone showing me feats and scans of Dormammu that far outweigh Multiversal destruction and creation.Something that Dormammu has done, outside of his realm, that has shown he has threatened everything on a cosmic scale across every plane of existence. Dormammu likes to tease and toy with his opponents, mainly due to his massive ego. Dormammu is a demonic entity with magical power that would dwarf the Odinson. The fact that Dormmamu was used as a benchmark to state Tribunals power says a lot.

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