Plus, it’s a fairly quick and inexpensive fix.

I was planning on buying one of those omni-directional antennas with approx. SuperUser reader Searock wants to know how much Wi-Fi signal strength is lost per foot of antenna cable length: I am thinking about buying an antenna for my router so that I can extend the Wi-Fi range in my home. It is a brick-concrete construction (walls and floor slabs). So if you have the antenna at the attic peak so that there is minimal wall/ceilings for the signal to pass through to wireless devices, you are likely putting a lot of the devices outside of the optimal beam pattern.

Linux file manager similar to Windows File Explorer (directory tree + file list)? Home internet: ISP-->Switch--> WiFi Router, Is it possible to connect two wifi routers to same fiber modem, Multiple routers on the same network over coax. Slimline Cat6A cables, shielded vs unshielded. The extra router in the shop covers the entire back yard so when we are outside, we can stream movies onto the side of our shed for movie night with friends.

I'm assuming the coax you are talking about is for a Cable service.

The characteristics of that coax are likely not compatible with the characteristics your router is designed for. 3.

Wireless mesh WiFi options, such as Xfinity’s xFi Pods, may seem similar to wireless signal boosters, but they behave differently.

It depends on your router, but generally the high frequency waves of wireless services passes through standard dry wall fairly easily its denser and conductive materials like concrete or metal siding [the chicken wire used in laven plaster, etc..] they have trouble with. The extra antennas are 802.11n and 802.11ac gear are usually hooked up to separate radio chains of a MIMO radio, which means they're designed to work together as a kind of small antenna array. Can I use a wireless router as a repeater? Something like a 5dBi antenna is going to have a pattern that results in roughly half the signal gain around 30 degrees off vertical.

The best WiFi range extenders use multiple units that communicate with each other and create a mesh Wi-Fi network.

You only need one router in a home or building, so purchase an AP instead of a router when you want to extend your Wi-Fi coverage. Well maybe in the short term. As mentioned in my previous post, the maximum distance an antenna can cover (transmit or receive) depends upon the power gain of the antenna, which will be constant for a particular antenna.

Started 18 minutes ago Whether you’re streaming videos, using social media, or running your businesses online, a strong and steady WiFi signal is incredibly important. Posted in Troubleshooting, By Thanks for contributing an answer to Super User! Greadwan Using a Linksys Wireless- G Broadband Router for a Wireless Antenna/Adapter? Yes you can, but remember, each bit of cable has some attenuation to it and the longer you run it, the less power that is left to send out to clients, same goes with the return, if you have a client that is able to get a marginal signal to the antenna, the cable could be enough to lose more signal to the point of lowering speeds and or killing the connection.

We've partnered with two important charities to provide clean water and computer science education to those who need it most. "I used this article to run an extended wireless network out to my shop, about 150 feet from my house. Posted in CPUs, Motherboards, and Memory, By If you can’t find a compatible high-gain antenna for your router model, consider a booster antenna. Necessity of sudo while installing with dnf. And anyways, the most "expensive" part of running Ethernet is the time required to do it.

It looks like you could stay above -65 dBm out to about 120 feet on a single RG-6 run, and considerably farther using LMR cable. Is these RP-TNC cable for WiFi antenna only?

Is your option cheaper?

You could in theory attach the antenna extension cable to the router, run the cable, then connect the antenna there, but doing so would cause sever signal loss depend on the precise length. Coax cable running 2.5GHz attenuates the signal even with short runs. The problem with these systems is the loss in the antenna cable.
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The suggestion in this answer is your best solution to the problem you describe.

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Home CATV/antenna coax is usually only designed to be good for traditional broadcast TV or CATV frequencies, which rarely go above 1GHz, unless your home was (re)wired for digital satellite TV service, in which case you may have cable rated for frequencies up into the 2GHz range. Abd__

This router has two antennas.

That wouldnt work.

Can you please tell me what are these connectors (some type of RF connectors)? By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you agree to our terms of service, privacy policy and cookie policy.

Gain unlimited access to on-demand training courses with an Experts Exchange subscription. Modest gain antennas are omni directional, but only on the horizontal plane, NOT the verical plane.

Posted in General Discussion, By Wi-Fi products use 50Ω coax for their antenna cables, whereas home CATV/TV antenna coax cable is 75Ω (RG-6, RG-59). At a minimum, you will reduce your theoretical maximum bandwidth by half as each packet has to be sent twice using the same resource. Super User is a question and answer site for computer enthusiasts and power users. As has already been mentioned low loss cable is a must, the lower the better, its worth the £3 - £4 /m. @Joe - Because of the quality of the signal will be so poor your router won't be able to compensate. WiFi signal boosters take your existing signal and amplify it so that you have a better signal further away from your router. Started 10 minutes ago (Most of the other 99.5% radiates out around the dipole in a tall donut pattern.) Which drive do you normally install games too?

Posted in Power Supplies, By I am not sure if the antennas are dependant to be close to eachother but if you plan to run wires to place them in different parts of your house then better option to consider is just running ethernet cable to the router. any benefit to using ethernet cable higher than cat6 or cat6a ? Finally, I would consider a repeater, or range extender, a last resort. Place your router in a central location; walls, fireplaces, and other architectural elements can impact the signal.


This approach might not make the best usage of MIMO if only one antenna port is used, but it does let you distribute antennas throughout the house, and lets you roam seamlessly from one antenna to the next at full bandwidth without any extra processing necessary. I believe most WRT54G's had an RP-TNC antenna connection. To learn more, see our tips on writing great answers. How do open-source projects prevent disclosing a bug while fixing it? Mesh systems like the xFi Pods pair up with an existing router, while others are stand-alone systems with a built-in router. Most of the higher end access points/routers on the market get those high numbers by adding bands together. This would ensure that only one "wall" (the ceiling) was in the way, which is an improvement over the 2-3 walls I have now.

READ MORE. 1. This router has two antennas. Do adapter exists that will let you connect a coax cable to a wireless router's antenna connector? Powered by Invision Community, While playing online multiplayer games on any device, 8-10 second major lag spikes every few minutes.

If you were able to access the network, I wonder how the speeds would compare to a standard ethernet connection.

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These antenna are screw into the back of the router unit. To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. While this increases your WiFi’s bandwidth, it does require your device to switch between routers as you move throughout your home. just an idea, but if your thinking of running cable anyways to different parts of your house, why not run cat6 and plug it into a couple wifi access points. Can you please tell me what are these connectors (some type of RF connectors)? It is like having another employee that is extremely experienced. I'm trying to think of better ways I can manage my cables to minimize clutter, especially considering the number of devices I have that are connected to the desk which includes 6 mounted displays, a mounted tablet, amazon echo, router, keyboard, speakers, microphone, webcam, LIFX Z controller, and an HTC Vive Lighthouse. To clarify I wasn't intending to actually test this whole-home implementation but the idea interested me and wanted to know if it was even possible.

Your device doesn’t have to change connections as you move around your home, so it’s a completely seamless experience.

Will it work? Started 8 minutes ago A coax cable? (Unlock this solution with a 7-day Free Trial), Well, I tried the powerline buds without success and they went back to the store. Mesh WiFi uses a set of devices that share a signal and work together to blanket your home with wireless coverage without appearing as multiple access points. Works best: When one or two parts of the home need a signal boost, especially for devices that are stationary, such as smart TVs, game systems, and desktop computers. Fools think they know everything, experts know they know nothing, You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Also the way most routers are wired up the WiFi portion is actually connected internally to an Ethernet port.

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