Praktisch: Das Tool braucht nicht installiert zu we... Dieser Download richtet sich speziell an Windows XP Nuzter. It is effortless to use Cinebench as it runs only 3 tests on your laptop: LuxMark rendering, Handbrake h.264 compression, and GIMP Image Editing. User bench mark is so inept it has been proven to favor only Intel CPUs I mean how can they state that an I3 is superior in perfomace to a 3900X, their answer is that people do not use more than 4 cores. However, it is a value for money product. The paid version comprehensively evaluates the hardware and software components and provides a detailed analysis with a solution. Prime95 ist ein kostenloser CPU-Stresstest für Windows. If you’re looking for a comprehensive (as in cross-platform/real-world) test suite, Cinebench has your name on it. So for testing they are pathetic. Der ultimative DirectX 11-Benchmark für Ihr Grafiksystem - 3DMark 11 steht in einer aktualisierten Version zum Downlo... Mit dem "PassMark Performance Test" unterziehen Sie Ihren Computer einen umfangreichen Leistungstest. If you’re a pro gamer looking to overclock your GPU, the MSI Afterburner has your name on it. If you want to test your CPU/GPU combo, as well as your hard-drive/SSD and RAM, well, NovaBench is a one-stop software which is designed to provide you with detailed specs, and it’s capable of assessing both processing and graphic abilities; moreover, this software will even assign you a “personal” score. MSI Afterburner is free software. 3DMark provides detailed charts of GPU/CPU temperatures, showing how clock speeds and frame rates change during the tests. Zusätzlich lief... DNSBench hilft Ihnen beim Finden eines schnellen und zuverlässigen DNS-Servers. Website: There’s no faster way to assess and/or evaluate your PC’s hardware performance than running a benchmark test, hence today’s article is going to address the best benchmark software issue. With each new-gen, SiSoftware Sandra Lite gets better and better, and as far as benchmarking software utilities go, this one runs with the best, as it’s capable of assessing both the hardware components and the software environment. FurMark ist ein kostenloser 3D-Benchmark, der die OpenGL-Schnittstelle verwendet. It will also reflect the voltage, temperature, and health of sensors. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. 3DMARK illustrates the GPU/CPU temp, clock speed, and frame rates by the graphical presentation. Now, since you’re a reader of our website, let’s suppose you already own a mean gaming machine. Testen Sie, wie schnell Ihr iPhone oder iPad wirklich ist: Mit dem Grafik-Benchmark 3DMark für iOS. With the comprehensive tests, the Novabench … Für PC-Tuning benötigen Sie neben diversen Tools auch ein solides Basiswissen. this is as real-world as it gets. Mit "System Information for Windows" (kurz SIW) erhalten Sie detaillierte Informationen über Ihren PC. Besides benchmarking, you can also conduct surveys across the network with this baby, or even remotely access smartphones, computers, tablets and anything in between. Hwmonitor is considered as a part of CPU-Z. Speccy is the brainchild of Piriform and it’s basically a free system information tool with a smart UI and portable support. MaxxMEM2 ist ein Freeware-Benchmark für den Arbeitsspeicher. CPU-Z is basically freeware at its best, and once you run it on your machine, you’ll get very detailed info on your CPU name and number, process, codename, cache levels, mainboard and chipset type, memory size, type, timing, including SPD (module specs) and real-time measurement of each core’s memory frequency and internal frequency. The benchmark software allows you to push the limit of clock frequency and check for the maximum overclocking frequency and the graphics card limit by 4K/FHD resolution. So, there’s zero marketing in this enterprise; all UserBenchmark does is help you choose the best hardware possible, and that’s it. Any prices, ratings and product availability from other Amazon local marketplaces such as,, and others may be different from the ones shown at So, you can know the extremity of your laptop or personal computer. There are two versions of this tool.

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