You can use it under the knees, feet, or legs for elevation.

The pillowcase has a breathable and moisture-wicking design with memory foam inner and white casing. The cooling gel memory foam design helps to keep the body at a cool temperature when sleeping. Because of this, the body usually naturally stretches through the night. The cushion offers you a versatile use to place at the waist, calf, below the knee, or used as a leg spacer. If using a lumbar pillow helps your spine attain a neutral position, it will likely benefit you. When sleeping, the neck curves slightly forward to help sustain the weight and needs to be in the correct resting position. Additional back support in the form of lumbar support pillows can be very beneficial for people that need more support to achieve a neutral spine when sleeping. Back Sleeping - Back sleeping, while preferred and recommended by many doctors, physical therapists and chiropractors, can be vulnerable to lack of lower back support. Finding the right solution to support your lower back may require some trial and error, and will depend on your sleeping position, anatomy, mattress and personal preference.Â. Firm memory foam keeps it's thickness and provides the right support for side sleeping. With the lumbar pillow for sleeping, you can find a comfortable position to use the cushion to get a great night of rest. Enjoy maximum support at night when getting some ZZZs as it helps relieve pressure in your lower back. Popular types of lumbar pillows usually fall into the following categories: We’ve invested around 19 hours of research on creating this guide on lumbar pillows and how to pair them with your sleeping position. The Slumbar Pillow was designed by Doctors specifically to address spinal alignment issues while sleeping, one of the most common causes of back pain. Lastly, the combination sleeper who keeps switching from one position to another, the lumbar pillow can keep you sleeping peacefully, providing support for the body.
When it comes to sleeping on the stomach, you get many hips and lower back issues. Made from a black hypo-allergenic cotton and lined with complimentary gray piping, the pillow will look professional in any office setting. The lumbar pillow has an advanced design to help improve your spine posture when sleeping. While the lumbar pillow for sleeping has similar designs, some are different. Combination Sleeping - Combination sleeping refers to switching from one position to another often unconsciously. The Best Pillows for Back Pain. Not only does the cushion protect your waist, but it also helps retain shape with the continuous support of the body. We've also supplemented our research with an in-depth interview with a chiropractor who frequently helps patients with their sleeping positions and sleep-related back and neck pain. With the lumbar pillow, you get multi-functional support in bed for the back, knees, and legs. Then you get the triangular lumbar cushion made for lower back support. Here's a few alternatives to lumbar pillows.

- side sleeping is the most common sleeping position and one of it’s main issues is lower back support. You can use it in different positions to place underneath the calf or below your knees. You can wash the pillowcase in the washing machine, and the cushion retains shape after used for a long time. The original lumbar cushion has two foam pads, while the super-sized model has three. When it comes to pillows, there are so many options, even within the lumbar category. Best Adjustable – Ecosa Pillow. The top foam pad has a rounded shape that conforms with the body’s natural shape for added comfort. So how do you choose the correct sleeping pillow? So invest in one of the lumbar pillows today. You can use it to elevate the legs and provide comfort for pain relief. The TruContour Lumbar pillow is our top recommended pillow due to the adjustment and two thickness options. By checking out our reviews and reading, the buying guide at the end will help you find a reliable pillow to make your ZZZ so much better and comfortable. The pillow needs to be not too low/high, leaving your neck and back in an abnormal alignment, causing strain. Check Price on Amazon. We may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on our site - advertiser disclosure, Your lumbar region of your back known as your lumbar lordosis is a common area of pain for many people. So how do you pick the best one available on the list to suit your needs? You can find the lumbar cushion available in different shapes and sizes.

This is easiest to achieve sleeping on your back but it can also be done as a side sleeper and with a lot of fine-tuning even on your stomach. - Sleeping on your stomach introduces many issues with one of which is the position of your lower back relative to your hips. 2" thickness, 36" length, 3" width. Pain in this area can be caused by lack of support when both when sitting and sleeping. Relatively long length allows for movement without rolling off or compressing the edge of the pillow. Sleeping on your stomach can require you to flex your lower back, especially if your face and chest is elevated with a pillow. You can use the cushion to sleep in multiple positions from the back, stomach, to your side. This allows your spine to bend downwards and overtime can be the cause of a lot of pain. This allows your spine to bend downwards and overtime can be the cause of a lot of pain. The Vremi Lumbar Support Pillow is made from 100 percent premium memory foam that curves to the unique shape of your back, providing the support you need to maintain your posture.
You can adjust the height by adding or removing the foam pads to get as comfortable as possible. The Light Support option measures 17" long, 8" wide,  and 2" high, The Super Lumbar option measures 24" long, 8" wide, and 3" high. Furthermore, it provides a comfortable S-curve to prevent you from turning over. Sleep Jockey. To help make your selection a breeze, observe some of the helpful tips here. The cover you can remove for washing and has a hypoallergenic design with a zipper.

Here are our answers to the most frequently asked questions about lumbar pillows and back pain. The cushion has a cooling gel cover that does not go flat with time and is easy to clean.

The need for more lumbar support from a lumbar pillow is usually based on spine position. Best Lumbar Pillows. Whether you sleep on your back or side, it offers a comfortable resting position. The unique shape cradles your  lower back unlike most other lumbar pillow designs and is a versatile design that works with many body types and sizes. However, some brands add cooling gel to the foam or the outer cover to keep the body temperature cool while sleeping. There is the foam roll pillow that has a cylinder shape offering you versatility. Before we get into detail, it’s important to consider what goes into ideal sleeping positions and setting yourself up for a good night’s rest. Both side sleeping and back sleeping positions are known at times to leave this lower back area unsupported. While a lumbar pillow may not help, we recommend trying a pillow below your abdomen to get a more neutral position of your spine. Best for Side Sleepers– Layla Kapok Pillow.

The pillow has a memory foam structure with inner and outer removable cover for washing in the machine. The roll design is more effective with side sleepers than the triangular pillows. On the other hand, it has a soft feel made with earth-friendly fabric. Mkicesky Gel Lumbar Pillow for Sleeping, 2. The cushion has a wedge design supporting the lower part of the body made with memory foam. As a back sufferer, you need the best support when sleeping.

The design of the cushions keeps the spine aligned and provides you with a great posture. Top 12 Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans in 2020 Reviews, Top 10 Best Ironing Board with Iron Rest Reviews – Buyer’s Guide, 10. The removable cover you wash in the machine. When using the cushion under the legs to elevate, it helps to prevent this from happening. Why Your Lower Back May Need More Support. Slumbar Pillow. Memory foam core with an organic bamboo and charcoal exterior cover keeps you cool and absorbs moisture. With the cushion, it provides support in that gap between your mattress and back. While elevating your legs slightly can improve support (by rocking your hips backwards) you may need to try a lumbar pillow or filling the gap between your mattress and lower back. With the pillow, you get multiple body support in different positions, and come with a removable cover. Lumbar Pillow for Sleeping and Back Pain, 6. While a lumbar pillow may not help, we recommend trying a pillow below your abdomen to get a more neutral position of your spine.

Best Memory Foam – I Love My Pillow Contour Pillow. So if you suffer from back pain in the morning, maybe the lumbar cushion can help relieve the pain, leaving you fresh when waking up. Here we have another advanced pillow for sleeping and back pain. Stomach sleeping - Sleeping on your stomach introduces many issues with one of which is the position of your lower back relative to your hips. The lumbar pillow for sleeping has a premium design of memory foam and a cotton fiber cover. When you sleep on your side, especially for those of us that are petite, have a thin waist and wide hips or are using a firm mattress, there is often a gap or low support area between your mattress and your back just above the hip. While it may be easy to find adequate support in your initial sleeping position, rarely will you roll or flip unconsciously into another supportive position. The memory foam retains shape after every use and comes with a satisfaction guarantee. When get into this position you have the best chance of reducing muscle and joint pain as well as improving the quality of your sleep. On the other hand, it comes with a full guarantee and the cover you can wash in the washing machine. Our research is supported by our readers. Your lower back flexes and, with time, lead to severe pain. You will not be disappointed. Sleep Calculator with Bedtime and Wake Up Time by Age, Sleep Statistics – Understanding Sleep and Sleep Disorders. The proper way to use a lumbar pillow when sleeping is to lie on your back, raise your knees with traditional pillows, and place the lumbar pillow under your lower back. At the highest level you should be trying to have your spine in a neutral position where it’s free of twisting, flexing or any tension.

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