By 1556 the hamlet had grown to more than 500 households, all thanks to cloth manufacture. At that time, there were said to be one hundred other places in Yorkshire that similarly enjoyed this distinctive honour. 14th May 1629 John Sutcliffe of Skircote In 1974 a 4.600 metre high non-working replica was reconstructed on the site. 20th March 1541 Richard Beverley of Sowerby 15th January 1539 Charles Haworth Unfortunately for Lacy, neither assumption was correct and he was duly executed by the gibbet without further trial. 31st March 1545 John Ecoppe of Elland 21st December 1591 Peter Crabtree of Sowerby ditto The wife of Samuel Ettall At this event a sample audio-trail will be relocated in and around the venue for you to try out. summary of Ballad Of The Gibbet; central theme; idea of the verse; history of its creation; critical appreciation. 1st January 1542 Unidentified stranger 6th January 1591 Bernard Sutcliffe of Northowram Good luck in your poetry interpretation practice! Defoe continued that the force was 'so strong, the head of the axe being loaded with a weight of lead to make it fall heavy, and the execution so secure, that it takes away all possibility of its failing to cut off the head.'. The excerpt of the song heard is from the North-English band Pendlecheek.
A curious note on the act of beheading is recorded by the Halifax historian Wright, in which he tells of a country woman on horseback who passed the gibbet while an execution was taking place.

The case to which he alludes was 'the erecting of the woollen manufacture here was about the year 1485 when King Henry VII, by giving encouragement to foreigners to settle in England, and to set up woollen manufactures, caused an Act to pass prohibiting the exportation of wool into foreign parts unwrought, and to encourage foreigners to come and settle here. Evidence of the arrival of the gibbet is recorded in Thomas Deloney's "Thomas, of Reading", a romantic and racy ballad in which 'Hodgskins, of Halifax, and his fellow clothiers are represented as having obtained the valuable privilege of the gibbet from the Crown, for the purpose of punishing those who filched their cloth from the tenters.' At that time, the newly manufactured cloth was delivered weekly to the town where it was washed and stretched out on wooden tenterframes and left to dry in the open air. In it he says that 'I must not quit Halifax till I give you some account of the famous course of justice anciently executed here, to prevent the stealing of cloth. 5th April 1589 Robert Wilson of Halifax 20th October 1629 Richard Hoyle of Heptonstall ditto Anthony Mitchell Local Gibbet Law dictated that 'If a felon be taken within the liberty of Halifax...either hand-habend (caught with the stolen goods in his hand or in the act of stealing), back-berand (caught carrying stolen goods on his back), or confessand (having confessed to the crime), to the value of thirteen pence half-penny, he shall after three taken to the Gibbet and there have his head cut off from his body'.

In the middle of this platform were placed two upright pieces of timber, fifteen feet high, joined at the top by a transverse beam. The original weighs seven pounds twelve ounces, and measures almost 260mm in length and 225mm in width. The horrific impression made by the gibbeted corpse is detailed in Victor Hugo’s 1869 novel The Man Who Laughs, in a scene describing an encounter with a gibbet by the story’s protagonist as a child. 12th February 1574 James Smith of Sowerby

Between 1541 and 1650, the official records show that some 53 recorded persons (men and women) were executed by the Halifax Gibbet. We make a grisly digression from gibbets to explore some of the ways the human byproducts of executions were made use of in folk-medicine, magic, and certain professions.
If it took place on a Saturday, he was immediately led to the market place and beheaded. ditto John Learoyd of Northowram If these acquitted him he was immediately discharged; if those censured (convicted) him nobody could reprieve him but the town. After conviction, the felon's fate depended on which day of the week he had been tried.

3rd November 1576 Henry Hunt 14th April 1632 Jeremy Bowcock of Warley 22nd September 1632 John Crabtree of Sowerby

The remains of the gibbet base were rediscovered in June 1839, several years after workmen clearing the area had found the skeletons of two men with severed heads - it is assumed that these were the remains of Mitchell and Wilkinson. Each day he was taken out and placed in the stocks as a public display of justice being served and as a deterrent to others, often with the contraband placed around him: the stolen cloth would be draped around his shoulders, while stolen animals would be tethered about him. Summary: The gibbet was a hanging iron cage used to display the corpses of criminals in 18th and early 19th-century England. It was in that first year that John of Dalton was decapitated, the first known victim of the Halifax Gibbet, although formal records of victims did not begin until 1541. That whoso more than thirteen pence doth steale, Though it was sometimes employed before 1751, its use was more widespread thanks to The Murder Act instituted that year.

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