With 3,100km of track the Spanish high-speed AVE trains operate on the longest high-speed network in Europe. Please try again later. This will eventually allow for high-speed travel between Granada and Madrid. Theste trains are completely remodelled with cosy, quality materials and capable of seating up to 347 passengers. Portugal – Spain Take a regional train to travel from Vigo to Porto (3hr 30min). The official RENFE website, even when translated into English is not the easiest of sites to navigate. Another great day trip option. Barcelona - Malaga lineJourney time: from 6 hours.Stops (depending on the train): Camp de Tarragona - Lleida - Zaragoza - Ciudad Real - Puertollano - Cordoba - Puente Genil - Antequera - Malaga.You can also travel to Malaga from Barcelona on the AVE high-speed train. The festival is a perfect moment to visit San Sebastian in September and one of the hot festivals to enjoy in Spain during this month. Another highlight is that it is close to the magnificent Picos de Europa mountains. Check out the proper way to cook an authentic Valencian paella. Now AVE is even coming out with a low cost service so everyone can enjoy the high-speed life style. Damian Corrigan is a travel writer who has traveled extensively throughout Spain since moving there in 2003.

And in Figueres, the Dalí Theatre-MuseumSome of the trains on this line also stop along the route in Zaragoza, Lleida and Camp de Tarragona, just over 10 kilometres from Tarragona. The AVE trains are comfortable and luxurious and the perfect way to take day trips a little out of car driving range. AVE connections and the constant development of new railway infrastructure also enable faster local trips, such as Madrid - Toledo (30 minutes). They can travel at up to 300 km/h. Most of the peninsula is connected by these trains and its the easiest and quickest way of getting around in Spain. Train Tickets AVE. Renfe also runs various other train services in Spain, such as regional trains, the Trenhotel service and suburban Cercanías services. Would you like to travel comfortably by train between Madrid and Valencia in just 100 minutes? But worry not! In the first carriage, you'll find an area suited to business travellers, families or groups travelling together. This is the first AVE connection opened in Spain. All of these monuments are UNESCO World Heritage sites. Travel by AVE Renfe train and choose from 3 different e-ticket fare options (Renfe E-Ticket Promo Fare, Renfe E-Ticket Promo+ Fare and Renfe E-Ticket Base Fare) as well as 3 passenger classes (Turista, Turista Plus and Preferente). Here you can check out the full AVEtrain network map across Spain and find the best rout for you: – AVE Madrid-Barcelona (Madrid-Zaragoza-Lleida-Tarragona-Barcelona) * algunos trenes continúan hasta Girona-Frontera francesa– Avlo Madrid-Barcelona (Madrid-Zaragoza-Barcelona). Over the years we have found that one of the most common searches people make about the RENFE network is for RENFE maps so that they can work out rail routes across Spain.
Get useful information and see Spain’s official measures to ensure your health and safety during your trip. You will find them very useful. Come see why the AVE train is one of Europe’s longest and most celebrated high-speed passenger trains! Written by. Theste trains are completely remodelled with cosy, quality materials and capable of seating up to 347 passengers. The AVE railway network is constantly being expanded, and more and more cities are being added to the list. The AVE is Spain’s uber-comfortable, high end high speed railway system. Trains Cordoba to Madrid. Sunrise seen from AVE high-speed train, Spain, Man looking at scenic landscape from AVE train window, Almeria-Granada, Spain, RENFE headphones, gift at AVE high-speed train, Luggage storage and tv screen in AVE high-speed train, Interior of AVE high-speed train 2nd class, {{translatedAttributeValidityPeriodDescription}}. Services between Spain and France are run by Renfe-SNCF, a collaboration between the two countries' national train operators. Valencia - Seville lineJourney time: from 4 hours. In Girona, you can enjoy its ancient Jewish quarter and its cathedral. After 11 centuries, this palace has a great many stories to tell and offers much for the eye to see – from its Alhambra-inspired tile and carved ceilings, to its open courtyards and gardens fit for a king! Now AVE is even coming out with a low cost service so everyone can enjoy the high-speed life style.

Find information on our airports and cruise ports and discover what the flight times are from different points across the world. You have already subscribed to this newsletter! Prepare for your trip in advance with our useful information on entrance requirements, money, safety, healthcare, opening times, etc. International ferry connections to and from Spain. Linking the main tourist destinations of Madrid, Seville, Malaga, Barcelona and Valencia are the comfortable and fast AVE trains run on 3,100km of track at speeds of up to 320 km/h. In around two and a half hours you can go from the most famous monuments in cosmopolitan Madrid –such as the Royal Palace and the Prado Museum– to enjoy the culinary delights and the charm of Seville's most beautiful sites, like the towers of the Giralda and Torre del Oro.There are several stops on the way. Damian Corrigan.

Here you will find all the information you will need to choose the perfect and most fun experience for you and your family.

There is a Madrid- Barcelona plane shuttle that will get you to Barcelona in an hour, but the train is much less of a hassle and in general a more romantic experience than the plane. Renfe (the company that operates the AVE) offers promotions such as reduced-rate visits to one of the most famous museums in Malaga –the Picasso Museum– on presentation of your train ticket. Here are a few handy gui, Spain, Switzerland, Norway…What do these countri. Wheelchair-accessible train with obstacle-free access to the WC. Alhambra (Granada) Overlooking Granada in the south of Spain is the Alhambra, an ancient complex that is equal parts palace, fortress and garden. Our Spain Rail Map will show you where you can travel by train in Spain and across the border into France. With an increasing number of tourists arriving to San Sebastian every year, and with so many bars and tours to choose from, finding the best options for you may sometimes be a daunting experience. The train also stops at Camp de Tarragona, Lleida, Zaragoza, Ciudad Real, Puertollano and Cordoba. The first is in Ciudad Real, a land that was famously immortalised in Cervantes' Don Quixote.
Imagine the possibilities! The trains run of tracks owned by ADIF that manages most of the countries rails. Madrid-León lineJourney time: around 2 hours 15 min.Stops (depending on the train): Valladolid - Palencia - Leon.In Leon you can find one of Spain's most beautiful cathedrals and enjoy the nightlife in the district known as "El Húmedo". Barcelona - Granada lineJourney time: from 6 hours 25 min.Stops (depending on the train): Camp de Tarragona - Lleida - Zaragoza - Cordoba - Antequera - GranadaThe fast train between Barcelona and Granada lets you see spectacular sights such as Park Güell and the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, the Great Mosque of Cordoba and the Alhambra in Granada in just a few days. – AVE Madrid-Castellón (Madrid-Valencia-Castellón)– AVE Málaga-Barcelona (Málaga-Córdoba-Zaragoza-Tarragona-Barcelona)– AVE Barcelona-Sevilla (Barcelona-Tarragona-Lleida-Zaragoza-Ciudad Real-Córdoba-Sevilla)– AVE Barcelona-Granada (Barcelona-Tarragona-Lleida-Zaragoza-Córdoba-Granada)– AVE Valencia-Sevilla (Valencia-Cuenca-Ciudad Real-Córdoba-Sevilla). Or if you’re buying more than one ticket, consider buying a rail pass, as it can be cheaper and offers more flexibility. Home » blog » Spain train map – Ave routes. Keep in mind that trains can become full during busy times. Travel between Spain's biggest cities have never been quicker or more efficient. Running at speeds of up to 310 km/h this extensive network allows for fast connections between cities in Spain. By signing up for our newsletter you agree to our terms and conditions. The AVE is the high-speed train service in Spain.With most services running from Madrid (and a few going north from Barcelona), you can now reach Seville, Valencia, Malaga, and Cordoba (as well as travel between Madrid and Barcelona) quicker than you could fly. Routes: Barcelona - Malaga, Barcelona - Seville, Madrid - Valencia, Routes: Madrid - Barcelona, Madrid - Malaga, Power outlet, TV screen, and radio at every seat, Baby changing facilities and designated play areas, With recent optimistic news about vaccines for Covid-19, which of these tunnels would be you want to see the light…, Travelling by plane soon?

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